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“Stop, you don't have to continue. I know what you want to say. Isn't it just a carving technique? I'll teach you, alright?” Huo Yuhao immediately continued. He was very intelligent! How could he not know what Xuan Ziwen wanted?

Xuan Ziwen was delighted when he heard that. However, his face also turned serious after that momentary delight. He took two steps back and widened the gap between Huo Yuhao and himself before bowing to him.

Huo Yuhao was shocked, and quickly jumped to one side. “Teacher Xuan, what are you doing? I don't deserve such good fortune.”

Xuan Ziwen replied, “This is only right. Even though I don't know where your carving technique came from, I'm certain that this technique of yours has set a precedent in the world of soul masters. Although we can't exclude the importance of your magical carving blade in your completion of the core formation, we also can't deny the fact that your carving technique is very important too! It's not going overboard to call it a G.o.dly skill. If you are willing to impart this carving technique to me, I'll even call you teacher in the future.”

Teacher Xuan is indeed mad! In terms of martial soul cultivation, Ji Juechen is the craziest. But in terms of soul tools, Teacher Xuan is the craziest.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Teacher Xuan, don't say things like that. You'll always be my teacher. Honestly speaking, I only attained this carving technique unintentionally. It's very profound. I've not fully comprehended it yet. If you want to learn it, I won't keep it to myself. You can learn it with second senior. I'll impart it to both of you. However, it'll depend on how much both of you can understand.”

“Alright.” Xuan Ziwen acknowledged. He didn't express any further words of grat.i.tude. He was dragged to the Tang Sect by Huo Yuhao. How much had he contributed to the sect since then? When Huo Yuhao agreed to impart this carving technique to him, he decided in his heart that he was going to dedicate the rest of his life to the Tang Sect.

Huo Yuhao naturally didn't know about this psychological change in Xuan Ziwen's mind. He was exhausted by now, and wanted to return to rest.

Over these few days, he had slowly gotten used to that weird seal between Tang Wutong and him. The two of them would be fine if they cultivated, but not if they got intimate with each other.

At the start, he was still a little uncomfortable. After all, he had spent a lot of effort trying to get Tang Wutong back. He really wanted to get intimate with her!

However, he was too exhausted over these few days. Every day after he finished making soul tools, he would have a weird blissful feeling when he returned to his room and saw Tang Wutong. They ate together and cultivated together at night. A gentle embrace, kiss and peck on the cheek left the two of them very blissful. His original depression also gradually disappeared and left him very comforted. He even started to like this lifestyle.

He took one month to complete all thirteen core formations. Ever since he had finished the third core formation, Xuan Ziwen had decisively pa.s.sed all the work to him.

However, the Cla.s.s 9 soul tool still wasn't made by Huo Yuhao alone.

Even though he used his Ghostcarving Blade to complete the outer sh.e.l.l and all the core formations, he was still not good enough to complete the final installation and testing step. After a few failures, he let Xuan Ziwen complete the a.s.sembly of the soul tool to prevent the core formations from being damaged.

Of course, Huo Yuhao and He Caitou learned a lot from this entire process. However, it still didn't help Huo Yuhao become a Cla.s.s 9 soul engineer in one day.

Huo Yuhao didn't mind this at all. He didn't possess the abilities of a Cla.s.s 9 soul engineer initially. If not for the magic of the Rain Dragon's Dance, he wouldn't have been able to do everything he had.

Over the past month, Huo Yuhao's abilities in terms of soul tools increased by leaps and bounds. His own research, Xuan Ziwen's guidance and the Rain Dragon's Dance formed a compatible combination that helped him to improve greatly.

He also imparted the Rain Dragon's Dance to Xuan Ziwen and He Caitou. It was very profound, and understanding it was very difficult. Furthermore, the two of them didn't have the Ghostcarving Blade, and thus they were very slow in learning. However, even so, they still learned a lot when they combined their own carving techniques with this new technique. The three of them managed to improve very quickly as a result.

A scarlet-red light shot into the sky and illuminated the entire laboratory.

A gentle icy-blue barrier engulfed this scarlet-red light and prevented the high temperature that was used to melt metals from burning the lab down.

“It's done.” Xuan Ziwen clapped his hands, and appeared very excited.

The huge furnace was placed on the laboratory desk. It wasn't covered, and was what the red light earlier had come from.

Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were standing at the sides. They both appeared very delighted.

After a month of hard work, this Cla.s.s 9 soul tool was finally completed.

Even Xuan Ziwen was very pleased when he saw this completed product. To a Cla.s.s 9 soul engineer, being able to create a Cla.s.s 9 soul tool, especially one that he had researched on his own, was a very satisfying thing!

As he was excited, Xuan Ziwen subconsciously glanced at Huo Yuhao. He knew that this pill furnace wouldn't have been constructed so quickly without his Rain Dragon's Dance. He even secretly sighed in his heart. If Huo Yuhao's cultivation was a little higher and his experience was a little more tempered, he would have immediately become a Cla.s.s 9 soul engineer with this new carving technique.

“It's finally completed.” Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh of relief. After completing the pill furnace, it meant that he could finally begin cultivating pills! This was a joyous thing for the entire Tang Sect.

Xuan Ziwen said, “When are you planning to begin?”

Huo Yuhao said, “I'll perform some tests over the next few days first and try out this furnace. After this, I can start the production of pills. I'll use some ordinary medicinal herbs to acc.u.mulate some experience first.”

Xuan Ziwen said, “That's good. Don't waste resources.”


Over the next few days, Huo Yuhao was immersed in his attempts to try out pill cultivation. It had to be said that a top-grade pill furnace was extremely helpful in his cultivation of pills. Controlling the fire and consolidating the medicinal power could all be completed using a pill furnace!

Rather than acc.u.mulating experience, it was more that he was familiarizing himself with the pill furnace.

Huo Yuhao didn't dare to be careless either. The resources used to cultivate pills were very valuable! Wasting even a little was already very painful.

This was why he used five days to acc.u.mulate experience. He cultivated a few ordinary medicines and tried them himself. It was only after deciding that they were effective enough that he started to prepare to cultivate pills.

As a result, Xuan Ziwen's laboratory was completed occupied by Huo Yuhao. Although pill cultivation wasn't as troublesome as creating a soul tool, it was still not an easy thing to do too. Huo Yuhao brought back more than ten different types of valuable treasures. First, he had to dispense the medicines first. After that, he could begin cultivating pills. This time, he didn't even return to his own residence. He kept himself busy in the laboratory. Every day, Tang Wutong brought food and beverages for him.

Day after day pa.s.sed. Apart from Tang Wutong, even Xuan Ziwen had not returned to the laboratory.

Tang Wutong only brought him food every day. After that, she would accompany him in his cultivation to recover his energy.

No one had expected Huo Yuhao to spend more time cultivating pills than he had taken to create the pill furnace itself.

If not for the fact that Tang Wutong pa.s.sed them news that Huo Yuhao was fine, everyone in the Tang Sect would have gotten very anxious.

Three months. Huo Yuhao spent an entire three months in the laboratory.

“Alright. This batch of resources has to be in place as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Soul Tool Hall will be bare of resources.” Bei Bei instructed a Tang Sect disciple.

“Yes.” The disciple acknowledged his words and quickly left.

“Take a rest.” A gentle voice sounded behind Bei Bei, and a pair of delicate hands were placed on his shoulders.

Bei Bei's pensive gaze immediately turned gentle. He grabbed the little hands on his shoulders and pulled the owner of those hands toward himself. He placed her down on his legs and gently embraced her.

“Xiao Ya, how are you feeling today?” Bei Bei asked softly.

Tang Ya twisted her lips and said, “It's always the same. It's neither good nor bad. It's really not a comfortable feeling!”

Bei Bei revealed a slight grin on his face when he saw her acting like this. However, his grin was filled with some bitterness too.

Yes, Tang Ya's memories had basically been restored.

After Huo Yuhao purged the toxins from her body, Tang Ya slowly regained her awareness, and her memory also gradually recovered. Even her cultivation was preserved. However, she couldn't use her cultivation right now, as her body was too weak.

A few months had pa.s.sed. She had slimmed down greatly, even though she wasn't very fat to begin with. The more she slimmed down, the thinner she became. Her skin turned an unhealthy pale-white shade, and she lost some of her energy.

Initially, Bei Bei was very happy when he saw that Tang Ya had regained her awareness. However, he then discovered that he was more unhappy after Tang Ya regained her memories.

Four months had pa.s.sed since the mission had been announced. At times, someone would bring something similar to the Bluesilver Emperor. However, none of these proclaimed Bluesilver Emperors worked.

As time pa.s.sed, fewer and fewer people came. This showed how rare the Bluesilver Emperor was. Bei Bei was very busy with his work everyday, and he still had to spend time with Tang Ya. Recently, he felt more and more fatigued.

Compared to the bitterness in his heart, Tang Ya was very happy after recovering her memories. When she saw that the Tang Sect was already in such a state, she seemed to be glowing.

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