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However, he was surprised that Huo Yuhao's opinion was in complete contrast to his. Huo Yuhao wanted to find a day where the visibility was high to carry out his surveillance. His reason was very simple; he was able to conceal himself in the air with his Imitation, and couldn't be detected by the naked eye. When the weather was good, his enemies would be able to see everything in the sky when they lifted their heads. It was easier for them to be careless.

They planned the mission for an entire morning. It was lunchtime before they agreed that they were done.


As he walked out of the tent, Huo Yuhao lifted his head to look at the sky. The sky was completely clear, and there weren't any clouds. The clear sky was like a huge sapphire. The blinding sunlight filled the world with the aura of light.

The weather was very good.

A slight smile appeared at the edge of Huo Yuhao's lips. He turned around and walked towards his tent. After he returned, he regrouped his thoughts there for a moment before leaving for lunch.


Tang Wutong walked out from her tent behind Huo Yuhao. She managed to get a look at his side profile as he peered into the sky.

When sunlight fell on his slightly pale face, the slight smile on his face left Tang Wutong a little weirded out. Why is there this sense of desperation that I can feel from his smile? Don't tell me that he's suicidal?


After returning his own tent, Huo Yuhao washed his face to refresh himself. Tang Wutong didn't see it wrong. His mental state was a little weird.

Ever since he had discovered that Tang Wutong's soul power couldn't fuse with his, he had felt very mournful. The Douluo Continent is so huge. If Dong'er has already forgotten me, how will I be able to find her? Tang Wutong's not Dong'er. So where is she? Don't tell me that Dong'er's already…

Due to these confusing and complicated thoughts, he felt a little empty. He had been through too many things over the past year.

Ever since he had gone to the Setting Sun Forest to find the Yearning Heartbroken Gra.s.s for w.a.n.g Dong'er, he had never completely spent time with her. After that, w.a.n.g Qiu'er sacrificed herself, and w.a.n.g Dong'er fell into a coma. He entered a mental state of near-desolation after that.

If not for the fact that he was extremely mentally resilient, he would have broken down already.

He had numbed himself by keeping himself busy. From the beast wave to the establishment of the Spirit PaG.o.da to his recognition of Dai Luoli, he tried to stop himself from thinking about w.a.n.g Dong'er and w.a.n.g Qiu'er. He had gotten through each day because of that.

However, Tang Wutong's appearance changed everything. Her appearance had rekindled his hope. However, this hope was extinguished one last time, and he was greatly devastated once again. The impact on him was hard to imagine.

His exterior calm was actually a reflection of his deep inner depression.

It was the scariest when one lost all hope. It was highly likely that Huo Yuhao's current mental state was the reason why he was adamant on surveying the Death G.o.d.

During the meeting today, there was one point that he had never mentioned. The Death G.o.d was the strongest soul tool that the Sun Moon Empire had. At the same time, it was controlled by the strongest soul engineer in the Sun Moon Empire, the Death G.o.d Douluo! No one knew how great the Death G.o.d Douluo's abilities were. Few people knew what he looked like. Under such a situation, Huo Yuhao was at great risk trying to carry out this reconnaissance mission. However, he didn't really care anymore. He even thought that it might be a form of relief if he died on this mission.

Dai Luoli knew his true ident.i.ty. If he died, Dai Luoli would surely tell the White Tiger Duke his true ident.i.ty. When that happened, would Dai Hao be heartbroken? If he was, it would be sort of a revenge for Dai Hao. He had sent his own son to the battlefield of no return. It was actually frustrating to think about that.

As for w.a.n.g Dong'er, even if she was still alive, she had already forgotten him. Perhaps his death would be good for her. Her family didn't tell her anything about him, even though she had regained consciousness. This must mean that they were unhappy with him. Perhaps his death would signal a new beginning for her.

When someone was resigned to fate, many of their thoughts would deviate from the norm. Huo Yuhao was exactly like that right now. Regarding the mission, he was already prepared for the worst.

Lunch was very peaceful. No one could tell the difference. Huo Yuhao was even chatting and laughing with his fellow comrades.

After lunch, Xu Sans.h.i.+ asked Huo Yuhao, “Yuhao, are you going to go tonight?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “It's better to go early. At least the matter will be settled sooner.”

Xu Sans.h.i.+ furrowed his brow and said, “What do you mean by settled? That sounds bad. Yuhao, you must be careful. We'll coordinate with you from the sky and ground today. Don't engage in any fights, no matter what you find. Come back immediately after scanning the area once.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao acknowledged his words readily.

Tang Wutong kept on glancing at him from the side. For some reason, she felt very tense no matter what Huo Yuhao said. She had never experienced such a feeling before. This feeling became even more acute when she looked at his expression when he smiled.

Surely there isn't something wrong with him, right? Why am I so concerned about his safety? Just because we're in the same boat?

Tang Wutong didn't understand why he was in such a state either. However, she had a premonition that tonight's mission wouldn't proceed that smoothly. Perhaps he might really meet with danger!

“Let me liaise with him in the sky tonight,” Tang Wutong suddenly said.

“Oh?” Huo Yuhao was a little stunned as he lifted his head to look at Tang Wutong. All he saw was the slightly troubled look on her face.

Tang Wutong was the most adept at flying among those from the Academy here. Not only was her martial soul adept at flying, but she was even a Soul Sage. Ye Guyi was the next best. Ye Guyi's holy martial soul could unleash angelic wings and fly freely in the air. However, the light from her martial soul was too strong, and would be too obvious in the night sky. Thus, she could only use flying-type soul tools.

Xu Sans.h.i.+ nodded and said, 'That's a great idea. Let's all take action tonight then.”

Huo Yuhao thought for a moment before saying, “Alright, let me make a plan then. We cannot be reckless.”

Tang Wutong and Ye Guyi were responsible for liaising with Huo Yuhao from the air, while Xu Sans.h.i.+ and the rest would work with him from the ground. After all, Xu Sans.h.i.+'s Mysterious Underworld Displacement made it much easier for him to liaise with Huo Yuhao. After the enhancements he received from the Golden Tortoise, his Mysterious Underworld Displacement could work at a much greater distance.

Huo Yuhao immediately returned to his own tent to meditate after he finished planning, restoring himself to his peak condition. The others did the same.


During his meditation, time pa.s.sed very quickly. When he awoke, the sky had already turned dark.

The Mysterious Heaven Technique circulated in his body, and his soul power surged strongly. His qi was also circulating strongly in his body.

Under his control, his soul power kept on transforming. At times, it would fuse completely with his spiritual power. At other times, it would turn into pure Ultimate Ice, and his body temperature fell frighteningly. The two martial souls that he possessed were interchanging continuously.

After an afternoon of meditation, Huo Yuhao's mental state was much better.

A trace of purple flashed across his eyes, and he revealed a lost look.

It seems like I haven't lived for myself in this life. I cultivate to seek revenge. I seek improvement so that Brother Skydream and the rest can survive. But what about myself? I don't seem to have anything now. My mom has pa.s.sed away, there's no news of Dong'er, and Qiu'er sacrificed herself.

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

He shut his eyes and let this bitterness fade away. Suddenly, he stood up and walked out of his tent. The moment he walked out, he calmed himself, and became abnormally composed. He had entered another state entirely.


The White Tiger Duke had already gathered his men in the commander's tent. The officers of all ten soul engineer legions, apart from the two who had gone to reinforce the Heavenly Soul Empire, were all in the tent.

A series of orders were pa.s.sed down. Even if they were attacking, they had to do it properly. The White Tiger Duke's instructions were not to attack blindly. Rather, he commanded them to attack in tandem. They were divided into two different groups, and no ordinary soldiers were involved. This operation would be carried out entirely by the soul engineer legions.

The White Tiger Duke's instructions were for the soul engineer legions were divided into two different routes, to dampen the threat of the Death G.o.d. They would attack the opposite ends of the Ming Dou Mountain Range.

The White Tiger Duke's instructions had already been completely conveyed when Huo Yuhao came into the tent.

After entering the tent, the White Tiger Duke and Huo Yuhao looked at each other. The White Tiger Duke nodded. Huo Yuhao appeared very composed, and wasn't flinching at all.

Is he really only twenty years old? It's really rare for someone to remain so calm, even with such great responsibility on his shoulders!

The White Tiger Duke nodded at Huo Yuhao to acknowledge him, just as he was in awe.

Huo Yuhao also nodded to signal that he was ready.

“We'll follow the plan and move out!” the White Tiger Duke shouted, and the mission started.

All the officers of the soul engineer legions immediately moved out and deployed their troops.

Dai Hao walked over in front of Huo Yuhao and lifted his right hand before pressing it down on Huo Yuhao's shoulder. He said, “How are you? Yuhao, are you ready?”

Huo Yuhao nodded slightly. “I'm ready.”

Dai Hao took in a deep breath and said, “We're about to begin over here. We'll be setting off in fifteen minutes.”

“We?” Huo Yuhao was a little doubtful as he looked at Dai Hao.

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