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Huo Yuhao couldn't care about anything else and quickly rushed over in front of Bei Bei before squatting down. “Eldest senior, did you mention earlier that teacher sealed the Beast G.o.d Di Tian?”

Bei Bei nodded and answered, “Yes! Although my great-grandfather has already pa.s.sed away, he sealed his spirit in the Golden Tree. When the beast wave started, and Di Tian attacked, Elder Xuan wasn't able to handle him on his own, and my great-grandfather used the power of the Golden Tree to seal Di Tian along with Elder Xuan!”

“Teacher!” Huo Yuhao peered into the sky and the emotions that he had been suppressing finally burst out. His tears flowed, and he knelt down as he continued staring up into the sky.

At this point, a deafening boom echoed across the sky. Following this, a huge golden figure separated itself from the sky before descending towards Shrek City. The entire sky instantly turned dark, and an indescribable, yet terrifying aura descended from the sky.

Di Tian had finally broken the seal! Furious dragon roars resonated across the sky, and patches of purple burned in the sky around him.

That golden figure that had separated itself from the sky turned back into its human form. It was Elder Xuan, and the projection of Elder Mu subtly surfaced beside him. However, he was much, much weaker than before. He also seemed very pale, and there were fresh bloodstains around his lips.

Sealing the Golden Eyes Black Dragon King, whose cultivation exceeded eight hundred thousand years, had over-stimulated his blood, and Elder Xuan was also greatly drained in the process.

Just like Di Tian could sense what was happening in the outside world, Elder Mu and Elder Xuan could do the same, too. Even they didn't expect that Shrek City could hold on without reinforcements, given the ferocious beast wave. They had also inflicted many casualties on the Great Star Dou Forest's side.

More than forty percent of the soul beast army had been killed! This was an extremely heavy blow to the forest!

While Elder Mu and Elder Xuan were very proud of Shrek's fighting strength, they didn't think this was a good thing. This situation virtually compelled Di Tian and the Great Star Dou Forest to wipe out Shrek completely. Even if the soul beasts had to retreat, they wouldn't be willing to spare Shrek after the immense losses that Shrek had inflicted on them.

Di Tian was so furious that he was close to going berserk. There was no point in saying anything else at this moment.

While the soul beast armies on the northern and western sides were greatly fatigued, the Beast G.o.d's mighty aura was finally felt again, and they distributed themselves once again under the command of the four Savage Beasts. The soul beast army on the western side displayed an attacking formation and was waiting for Di Tian's order.

At this point, spots of light started to appear in the distance. These spots were very attention-catching, though there weren't many of them. At least, there weren't more than the spectral army Huo Yuhao had summoned. However, they managed to fly over rapidly even as they faced Di Tian's immense suppression.

This was especially true for a green spot that was flying in the front. It was like a shooting star. Furthermore, it expanded in size as it charged forward. Slowly, it turned into a huge, green fireball. Even against Di Tian's suppression, it still continued to burst forward.

“Di Tian, you have to see whether I agree if you want to destroy Shrek! Let's fight again after a hundred years!” a vigorous voice called out, resonating across the entire sky, and a huge patch of green light instantly filled the sky. Di Tian's immense suppression was forcefully resisted just like that.

After hearing this voice, Elder Xuan's tense face relaxed a little. Reinforcements had finally arrived. He was both very disgusted and irked by the owner of that voice. However, it sounded extremely cordial to him right now.

How many people were there in the Douluo Continent that could resist the Beast G.o.d's suppression on his own? The owner of that voice was none other than the sect leader of the Body Sect, the Body Douluo Du Busi!

Yes, the Body Sect had arrived as reinforcements!

Whether it was Elder Xuan, Elder Mi, or the elders from the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion, no one had expected the Body Sect to be the first to arrive as reinforcements.

Shrek Academy and the Body Sect didn't share a harmonious relations.h.i.+p. The fight between Elder Mu and Du Busi's brother was a painful and tragic memory for both parties. Elder Mu's back was bent out of shape following that fight, and he eventually pa.s.sed away from his condition, while Du Busi's brother died early.

While this hatred between both parties wasn't unforgettable, it was still deeply remembered.

However, Du Busi actually arrived just when Shrek Academy needed help the most. It hadn't even been two days! Even if news was pa.s.sed down to them immediately, and they set off immediately, they might not have been so quick.

Du Busi's cultivation was slightly superior to Elder Xuan's, and he was already an Ultimate Douluo. Even though he had just become an Ultimate Douluo, and his abilities were weaker than the Darkness Holy Dragon and the Dragon Emperor Douluo Long Xiaoyao, he was still one of the strongest soul masters in the world right now.

Even though Di Tian, who was already hurt after breaking the seal, could still defeat him, he wouldn't be able to do it quickly. With Du Busi's presence, Di Tian was going to be kept busy, and there was no better news than this.

“Du Busi, it's you again! Since you're courting death, I'll fulfill your wis.h.!.+” Di Tian's furious roar echoed across the entire sky. The dark night sky suddenly turned purple. Even the green that Du Busi released couldn't conceal this purple glow. All of Shrek City and the of soul beasts outside the city were dyed purple.

Huge purplish bubbles started to descend from the sky, each of them with a diameter of more than ten meters. They released thick purplish fog, and these bubbles engulfed the entire surface area of Shrek City together.

Outside Shrek City, the soul beast army led by the four Savage Beasts quickly retreated. The soul beasts quieted down and ceased their furious roars. Every soul beast from the soul beast army seemed to have its mouth sealed, and didn't dare to utter any sound.

Du Busi had just arrived. He initially thought that he could scare Di Tian slightly along with the rest of the strong soul masters from Shrek. He hadn't expected the Beast G.o.d to make a move immediately.

He didn't understand why Di Tian was so furious, either.

When Di Tian was sealed earlier, he could only sense that the soul beast army had suffered heavy losses, but he couldn't completely tell what the extent of those losses was. Earlier, he had immediately used his spiritual sense to scan the entire area. When he saw the devastation and discovered that more than forty percent of his army had been killed, he was infuriated!

Just like Elder Xuan and Elder Mu believed, this fight couldn't be reversed anymore. Even if the beast wave retreated, this blood vengeance still had to be avenged!

Di Tian was naturally aware of Du Busi's abilities. However, he was already extremely furious. No matter who came, he would still take action. He was willing to sacrifice everything to destroy Shrek!

Du Busi wore a serious look on his face. As he moved, he transformed into a hundred-meter tall giant in the air. Intense green lights shone from his body. Amidst these green lights, there was a subtle golden glow. From the looks of it, this giant was like a serious and solemn G.o.dly statue.

He didn't dare to hold back against a strong opponent like Di Tian. The moment he appeared, he immediately activated the second awakening of his Body Soul.

He unleashed his terrifying fighting strength and mimicked a lifting action. Streaks of green light were released from his body as they attacked the purplish bubbles in the sky. Every streak of green light managed to accurately locate a purplish bubble. Similarly, the streaks of green light engulfed the entire place.

Green and purple were clearly separated. However, Di Tian's purplish bubbles seemed to overwhelm the green lights unleashed by Du Busi.

It was Di Tian's Black Dragon Annihilation, which was also his strongest area attack. He rarely used this soul skill. Every time he used this soul skill, he would lose some of his longevity. Even though he had already lived for more than eight hundred thousand years, his regard for his own life was still greater than other Savage Beasts. Right now, he used this soul skill because he was furious. This showed the extent of his hatred.

Du Busi's green lights weren't weak, either. They were called Banquet of Death and were his eighth soul skill. Every streak of green light was filled with poison, and it was one of his strongest area attacks.

Green against purple, Banquet of Death against Black Dragon Annihilation. Both parties clashed at this moment.

The purplish bubbles were unexpectedly weak. They burst immediately after contacting the green lights. However, the purplish bubbles transformed into countless, smaller bubbles after bursting, and descended at an even quicker speed. It was as if the bubbles were raining down.

The green lights also transformed after contacting the purplish bubbles. They turned into green whirlpools, and their corrosive strength instantly spread out.

Many small purplish bubbles were devoured by these green whirlpools, but the whirlpools were also quickly destroyed after devouring the bubbles.

This was a clash of strength. There wasn't any flas.h.i.+ness in it.

The green lights and whirlpools were eventually all put out by the purplish bubbles. There was still one-third of the initial purplish bubbles remaining, and they continued to descend from the sky towards Shrek City.

Streaks of light were released from Shrek City to resist these purplish bubbles. They were the work of the t.i.tled Douluo from Shrek Academy.

However, the purplish bubbles were too strong and domineering. Tremendous booms started to echo from every corner of Shrek City.

Groans started to sound from all directions. The purplish bubbles managed to hurt six to seven t.i.tled Douluo to varying degrees, and drained their power.

This was the strength of Di Tian, the Golden Eyes Black Dragon King, and Beast G.o.d!

In mid-air, Du Busi also appeared extremely dismal as he suffered the greatest impact. He groaned and picked himself up before charging towards Di Tian. He now stood before the Beast G.o.d!

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