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“What, what did you say?” Yan Shaozhe opened his eyes wide and grabbed the front of Qian Duoduo's s.h.i.+rt. There was an unbelievable look in his eyes.

Bang! Xian Lin'er slashed her palm towards Yan Shaozhe and roared furiously, “Don't touch him! If you dare touch him, I'll fight it out with you!”

Yan Shaozhe struck a battlement after he was. .h.i.t by Xian Lin'er. Given his cultivation, he shouldn't be in such a sorry state as he fell to the ground. However, he seemed as if he had lost his soul right now.

Xian Lin'er was holding onto Qian Duoduo's shoulder with one hand and letting him rest on her body. She used her other hand to hold his hand and sobbed as she asked, “Why are you telling him all this? What's the point?”

Qian Duoduo suddenly turned pale, and a wave of weakness caused him to even be unable to lift his eyelids. He slowly shut them, and his voice also became weaker. “Because… I won't have the time… to say… it if I don't… say it… right now. You… suffered so much… for him… in your heart… all these years. How… can he… not learn it? Lin'er… get together… with him… if… you still love him. I never, ever… thought of… stopping you. All these years, we were only… a couple in name… but we aren't a true couple. You've always… remained pure. In fact… I've always wanted to… muster the courage to ask you… whether you even like me a little. However, I've… never dared to. I'm afraid that… I won't be able to see you… every day anymore. It's true… did you know that? All these years, I was… most afraid that… you'd suddenly… end… this marriage. Although it's… not… really a true… marriage… I was still very comforted by it… in my heart. I'm… going soon. Lin'er, take good… care of yourself. I've… never… had the courage……to say anything, but I… finally… have it… now. I love… you. I really… love… you… more than… myself.”

After he finished speaking, his body trembled slightly, and he leaned his head in Xian Lin'er's embrace before he stopped breathing.

“Duoduo, Duoduo…” Lin'er exclaimed anxiously. However, Qian Duoduo didn't react to her at all.

“Duoduo, you're so silly. Why didn't you tell me all this earlier? You… why are you so silly? Why did I fall in love with that scoundrel? I've already lost all hope for him in my heart. I know how well you treat me. It's just that I've been unable to cross the barrier in my heart. We were both too silly. I made you wait for so many years because I was too reserved. Duoduo, I'm sorry…

“Duoduo, will you wake up? I'll answer your question now. You also belong in my heart. I don't know if this is love, but humans have feelings. You've been with me for years, and taken meticulous care of me. How could I not know this? I'm also a person with a heart. My heart has already been quietly reformed by you. It's just that I've been unwilling to admit it. I don't know if that feeling is love, but I really can't do without you. I can't leave you. Duoduo, don't die. Wake up. As long as you wake up, I'll be your real wife. I'll accompany you forever. Duoduo…”

Xian Lin'er was weeping, and Yan Shaozhe was in a daze as he sat where he was. There was a depressed look on his face. He silently lowered his head and didn't even dare to look at Xian Lin'er and Qian Duoduo. In terms of relations.h.i.+ps, he was a complete failure.

As he slowly stood up, Yan Shaozhe walked up to Qian Duoduo and Xian Lin'er. He muttered, “Old Qian, you've won. I've won in terms of abilities. However, you've won in terms of relations.h.i.+ps. In that regard, I've lost to you utterly. You used your persistence to trounce me completely. You're right. I don't deserve Lin'er's love, and I don't deserve to be with her. Old Qian, I admire you.”

As he spoke, he bent his waist and bowed respectfully at a ninety-degree angle.

“Cough cough.” At this moment, unfriendly coughs suddenly sounded.

Elder Zhuang stood up and walked to Xian Lin'er's side. He patted her shoulder and said, “Alright, stop crying. Send Duoduo back to rest.”

“What?” Xian Lin'er was stunned, and lifted her head to look at Elder Zhuang.

Elder Zhuang acted as if nothing had happened, and said, “He's lost too much blood and even detonated his martial soul. He's hurt badly, and can't drain too much energy. This is why I'll have to let him sleep for a while. I'll feed him some medicine when he returns. Given his physical condition, I'm sure he'll be fine in around ten days' time.”

“Ah?” Xian Lin'er blinked. There were still tears in her eyes. However, she was completely in a daze. This turn of events was simply too sudden.

Xian Lin'er was in slight disbelief, and her lips were shaking as she asked, “You, didn't you say just now that…?” 

Elder Zhuang smiled and replied, “You were too frantic because you were too concerned about him. Although he has fainted and his pulse is weak, he's not gone! I said that it was more difficult to treat him given his critical injuries. I didn't say they were untreatable. Alright, quickly, send him back. The soul beasts are attacking the city with even greater intensity. I'm going to treat the others. Come back to fight too, and be careful not to be careless again.”

After he finished speaking, Elder Zhuang drifted into the air and disappeared…..

After watching Elder Xuan disappear, Xian Lin'er took a look at Qian Duoduo again. She sensed his body more carefully, and saw that it was true that Qian Duoduo wasn't dead, although his breathing was weak. She stopped crying, but her face turned slightly red.

Earlier, everyone around could clearly hear her confession. She wasn't even able to preserve her greatest secret anymore! However, it was truly wonderful that Qian Duoduo wasn't dead!

Xian Lin'er didn't dare to look at the others around her, and she carried Qian Duoduo into the air and disappeared towards Shrek Academy.

Elder Zhuang drifted to another place where there were other injured people. He wore a smile on his face. As he treated the wounded, he muttered to himself, “These two kids were really worrisome. Duoduo, you really owe me a huge favor! Haha!”


Xian Lin'er and Qian Duoduo's relations.h.i.+p finally bore fruit after a life-and-death situation. However, Shrek City was in a disastrous situation right now.

Qian Duoduo was critically injured at the western side of the city, and Xian Lin'er had no choice but to temporarily leave the battlefield. Although the Greenshadow Douluo Elder Song managed to pester the Bear Lord using the speed of her Greenshadow G.o.dly Hawk, the Bear Lord's terrifying offensive and defensive strength were simply too dominant. Elder Song found it very difficult to hold him off.

The eastern side of the city was in slightly better condition. The Scarlet King's abilities were slightly inferior, and he was resisted by a Rank 96 elder. The attack of the soul beasts from the east side was also not very ferocious.

However, the northern and southern sides were getting into more and more trouble.

The southern side was where the soul beast army's main attack was concentrated. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of Bi Ji and her immense healing abilities, the soul beasts weren't afraid of death. Soul tools weren't able to completely suppress them anymore. While the explosions of stationary soul cannon managed to cause huge losses to the soul beast army, they also strengthened the resolve of the soul beasts. There were already soul beasts that were charging up towards the top of the city wall and starting to engage in close-combat. The students from Shrek Academy were also slowly finding themselves in melee.

Things were equally bad at the northern side of the city. The Myriad Demon King couldn't compare to the Bear Lord in terms of offensive strength, whose abilities could completely curbed his own. However, the Myriad Demon King was much more effective on a battlefield then the Bear Lord.

If the Bear Lord was like an a.s.sault-type soul master, then the Myriad Demon King was like a control-type soul master.

The Myriad Demon King continuously unleashed countless vines from his body and swept them towards the top of the northern city wall. Although there were elders from the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion who tried to stop him, he was simply too strong, and also very sly. He kept moving around, and the two elders that were attacking him were helpless against him. Given that the soul beast army was approaching from beneath the city wall, they didn't dare to venture too far away. They could only keep on slas.h.i.+ng the Myriad Demon King's vines.

Even so, more than half of the large soul tools used to defend the city were destroyed by the Myriad Demon King. Furthermore, the vines also became ladders for the soul beasts to climb up the city wall. The northern city wall was in a critical situation. There were more soul beasts charging up towards the top there than on any other side. More and more of the elders from the Sea G.o.d's Pavilion had no choice but to proceed towards the northern city wall to hold the fort.


Southern city wall...

The Tang Sect was slowly being integrated into the battle. Ji Juechen was standing in front, and he held his Judgment Sword in both hands.

A lion-shaped, ten-thousand-year soul beast charged up towards the city wall and roared furiously into the sky. He shook the ordinary soldiers off-balance with his roar.

Ji Juechen pointed his Judgment Sword at him, and a sharp streak of sword light shot out. It transformed into a longsword that slashed toward this lion.

However, this lion was very cunning. After sensing the sharp sword intent, it turned around and jumped off the city wall. It  was undoubtedly the best way of dodging.

However, the strike of a Thunderous Dragon Claw came down diagonally and blocked its path. A huge cauldron also fell from the sky.

It was struck with paralysis and shock, causing it to freeze in mid-air. A black light shone, and its head was chopped off.

A huge lizard suddenly leapt up from the bottom of the city wall towards the Tang Sect's formation. It was charging at Jiang Nannan.

Xu Sans.h.i.+ pulled Jiang Nannan and s.h.i.+fted their positions before his Xuanwu s.h.i.+eld was unleashed. A boom rang out from his s.h.i.+eld.

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