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"Where did those monsters come from? Do you dare say you didn't summon them?" Twilight harshly questioned Angel.

Angel hesitated for a long time while not knowing where to start, especially since this was about the Nightmare Plane… He didn't know what to or what not to say. At this time, it was Sanders who spoke up: "I told you before, you shouldn't ask about this matter, it's better to not know."

Twilight being in fear of Sanders and hearing him speak up could only forcibly suppress her discontent: "Then who will account for dead people belonging to Twilight Auction House?"

"Anyway, I didn't kill them. You should go and find whoever did." When Angel finished speaking, he hid behind Sanders and poked his head out to look around for Toby.

"It's true you weren't directly involved in the death of my people. But the cause of this whole incident is still you, making the fault for the deaths of my people also lie with you, so you must give me an account." Twilight's words softened a little and with such a lightly fired speech, Sanders no longer spoke up. Speaking of this matter, in fact, it truly was Angel's fault for being too impulsive and destroying the order of Twilight Auction House.

Destroying the order is essentially destroying the long-lasting and historically acquiesced way of following the rules. Every wizard takes the matter regarding rule and order very seriously, so Sanders was silent on this topic.

Phantom Island has the order for Phantom Island, and the auction house also has the order for the auction house. Anyone who disturbs the order should be punished, which is an absolute iron rule no matter the auction house.

"I don't even know how these people died. What do you want me to tell you?" Angel, however, felt he was innocent. He believed that he saved everyone and was forced to be the unsung hero.

"Your name is Angel, right? Let me answer this question for her since Twilight is too embarra.s.sed to say it herself." At this time, Lydia, dressed in a flaming red wizard robe came over and stopped in front of Angel.

"Thank you, Lord Red Lotus." Although Angel was seeing Lydia's true face for the first time, he confronted Flora countless times in the auction house. So, Angel was familiar with the sound of her voice.

"In my opinion, the deaths of all three of these people were self-inflicted." Lydia's first sentence made Twilight and the entire Twilight Guard fume in anger.

"What, do you think the three of them inexplicably died? Hum, although we didn't partic.i.p.ate in the struggle, we aren't blind to the events. We still have the ability to distinguish what is true and false." Lydia said while winking at Sanders. However, all her efforts of gaining favour were in vain since Sanders had no intention of looking her way.

Lydia secretly scolded this "smelly man" and continued on with her explanation: "How did this man die? He was killed by that clown card with a gun. But if he didn't take the initiative to attack that card, would he have been attacked? Think about it."

"Again, how did these two men die? Their cause of death is even more ridiculous! They died because these two took the initiative to attack the Teacup Band group and were struck by their own rebounded attacks. But the Teacup Band took no initiative to attack them from beginning to end." Lydia said.

Speaking of the Teacup Band, Lydia is pointing not far away.

Perhaps because the channel connecting the two worlds has closed, the Teacup Band and the diamond card soldiers sitting on the ground look particularly wilted. The teacups no longer play their instruments and the diamond card soldiers sit dejectedly on the ground while looking sad and pitiful.

Lydia: "So, do you still think this incident has something to do with this handsome boy? We spectators don't agree. The initial cause of events may be from the handsome boy, but their deaths were definitely self-inflicted!"

Lydia received nods of approval from the wizards for her speech. They also suffered minor injuries earlier because they had helped fend off the dragonflies and card soldiers. But when they carefully think about it, those monsters didn't fight or want to start ** with them at all. It was Twilight who took the full initiative to provoke a fight while the opposition just pa.s.sively defended themselves.

Therefore, their deaths were truly self-inflicted.

Sanders also thought back at this time. He had been in the white fog and didn't know how these people had died. He thought these people were killed in conflict with the creatures. It turns out their deaths were self-inflicted…

"If this was what happened, then this has nothing to do with my disciple." Sanders directly came to this conclusion without giving Twilight a chance to refute at all.

Twilight took a deep breath and flashed a sign of struggle in her eyes: "All right, all right!"

"Even if the cause of death for these people had nothing to do with him, how should we treat him for disrupting the order of our auction house? How should we compensate for the wizards present for wasting their time?" Twilight said.

Twilight decided to bring in the wizards present to her claim, but Lydia was the first to jump out and retort: "We have nothing to say about him disrupting the order of the auction house. In regards to wasting my time, I don't think it was a waste of time. I was able to see a lovely play. The drama between the two with the handsome boy was very pleasing to the eye."

Lydia completely forgot how she had supported Twilight's decision to kill Angel before. This woman had changed her face so quickly.

After Lydia's reminder, the other wizards also expressed their position one by one.

"We haven't been hurt anyway, and it was an interesting play. I don't care about losing a few minutes." Old white wizard Cooper gave a nod to Angel with a smile.

Other wizards, on account of Sanders sake, also said they didn't care about the event.

At this time, Twilight's face looked very relaxed with her fists clenched tightly, not daring leak her feelings of anger at all. These wizards aren't weaker than her, and they are also Twilight's long-term customers. She doesn't dare offend them over this incident. What's more, Sanders is still standing in front of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, looking like a daunting wall which can block all the wind and rain.

"I'll let him give you an account for disturbing the order of the auction house." Sanders faintly said.

"What account!" Angel exclaimed.

"In accordance with the rules of your auction house, he will compensate you for your loss." Sanders said.

"I'll let this incident go with a compensation of 100,000 magic crystals…" Twilight was silent for a moment before putting forth a Sky-high Compensation.

"One hundred thousand?! Why don't you just rob me?!" Angel was shocked at the Sky-high Compensation and stuck out his head in horror from behind Sanders as he angrily said.

Sanders directly pushed Angel's head back and said with a straight face: "Okay, I'll have him send over the magic crystals to you within half a month. This matter is at an end, no other questions asked."

Angel had tears in his eyes as he thought: "…" Where am I going to find 100,000 magic crystals?!

Angel stammered in a low voice: "But… didn't I save… The Southern Region Wizard Plane?"

Sanders indifferently looked at Angel and said: "We'll talk about this later."

With the problem temporary resolved. Lydia walks up to Flora and quips: "Will you look at this, do you see how obvious the difference in treatment is?"

Flora angrily rolled her eyes.

Lydia then suddenly asked: "Why is the skeleton behind you much more energetic now?"

Flora turned her head to look into her eyes. Little Red was indeed in good spirits. She narrowed her fiery eyes into crescent moons and smiled at Angel who was behind Sanders. Now when Angel looked over, Little Red picked up a rose from somewhere, stretched out her white bony hand and shakily hands it over.

"Little Red!" Angel also happily greeted her as he ran to Flora and took the deep blood-red rose.

After receiving the rose, Angel casually inserted it into his chest pocket before running over to another side of the hall without stopping. He had already seen the corner of the side hall where David and Promi collapsed.

After Angel ran over, Toby soon appeared as he was carefully held in David's hand.

After Angel took over Toby, he noticed his body temperature hadn't been lost, and even showed signs of recovery from the penetrating injury. Apparently, Promi has given Toby first aid.

But Toby's injury was too serious, and Angel was worried an accident might occur. So, he runs to Sanders and asks for him to help heal Toby.

Sanders sighed with deep regret and said: "I didn't intend on saving you, but I didn't expect you would carry out such bold actions. This time you were too ruthless, I was forced to block the risk for you. But there will be no next time. Whatever you do in the future, you must clearly think about the potential consequences!"

After Sanders left his fierce criticism, he spoke no more and took over Toby to cast a wizard cla.s.s healing spell.

Under Sanders treatment, Toby's wound began healing at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

Sanders didn't hand Toby back to Angel until his heartbeat and vital signs were stable.

Angel breathed a sigh of relief. He still worried about Toby's impulsiveness! At least it'll be easier when he's in a coma.

"Has the channel been closed?" Sanders glanced over at Angel's still bleeding shoulder blade wound.

"I have lived up to your expectations." Angel said with a smile: "Not only did the channel close, but I also fooled the wizard cla.s.s owl doll back into the channel."

Speaking of which, Angel suddenly asked: "By the way, what happened to Fox and Frog?"

Seeing Sanders puzzled eyes, Angel explained: "The red fox who plays the harp. Her name is Fox. The other one which looks like a green frog, he's called Frog."

"You sound very familiar with them." Sanders gave a sarcastic remark.

"In order to join their group and devise a way to close the channel, it's natural to know their inside information." Thinking back, Angel remembered that his previous actions had been seen by everyone, so he felt unwell.

"They've disappeared." Sanders paused and said: "I'm afraid these demons have left the Nightmare Environment and have disappeared. I don't know if there will be any consequences which will follow."

"Left the Nightmare Environment? What about these creatures?" Angel pointed to Teacup Band and diamond card soldiers on one side.

As Angel's finger pointed, the Teacup Band gave a timely cry:

"Queen, where are you?" The voice which came from the teacup was like that of a child.

After all the trouble with the Teacup Band, it doesn't matter whether it was Twilight or the other wizards. All energy has no effect on them, and all attacks will bounce back. As for the diamond card soldiers, they are also immune to energy attacks. These card soldiers can also gather energy with their weapons and deal with whoever wants to attack them by releasing the energy stored in their weapons.

When no one could deal with them, Sanders made a final statement: "Don't worry about these demons, I'll take care of them."

In fact, many wizards are very interested in the teacups and soldiers and want to take one back to research. But since Sanders says he wants to deal with these demons, they can only regretfully give up.

"Lord Sanders, how do we get out of here? Is there any danger?" The old white wizard Cooper respectfully asked.

"There is no danger, and we will leave soon." Sanders replied.

Then Sanders sent a message to Angel: "This Nightmare Environment was borne by you, and you must Undertake the Nightmare Environment. Otherwise, we cannot leave this place."

"What does 'Undertake the Nightmare Environment' mean?" Angel asked.

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