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Chapter 5 In an Instant, 30,000 Years Have Pa.s.sed

One hundred twenty years…

Four auspicious clouds appeared natural beneath Luo Fan as he looked down at the cave below. This place, which had been his home for the past 120 years, was now a desolate land, totally devoid of chaos vitality. Then, with one last regrettable look, a gray light scratched the horizon and the shape of Luo Fan vanished without a trace.

"Is the cultivation technique I comprehended too abnormal?" Luo Fan sighed deeply as he continued on to Mount Buzhou. Although he had completely absorbed the chaos vitality of the cave, the energy inside his body was merely the size of a small finger filling 1% of his meridians, meridians that were actually the size of a large bowl of soup.

But according to his cultivation method, the first phase could only be finished after the filling of his meridians. Afterward, a mysterious change would occur under some kind of turning point, completing the step.

Even though he understood this method of cultivation, he did not know what the turning point was or what that change might entail… But if he wished to enhance his strength, this process was unavoidable.

"There is still 99% left. Do I need to find several hundred sources of chaos vitality to get enough energy?" Luo Fan felt as though he had a long way to go. Of course, he could just be desiring too much. After all, he had made significant progress over the last century.

Although externally his body had reached its limit (9 meters long and 6 meters high), his internal strength had more than doubled. Inside of his Mud Pill Palace (泥丸宫), his sea of consciousness had expanded to a spherical area of 200 meters in diameter, and his divine soul had become the same size as his body.

If his soul were to be placed next to him, willfully ignoring the color, he would barely be able to distinguish the two…

This kind of situation was enough to prove that Luo Fan's cultivation had not deviated… As long as he could find more chaos vitalities, his strength could continue to enhance.

"What exactly is that turning point? Or have I not genuinely understood this secret art?" While lying at ease in a dusky pool of chaos vitality, Luo Fan's burning eyes jumped with sheer irritation.

Thirty thousand years had pa.s.sed since leaving the cave, and in that time, Luo Fan had searched over a billion miles for sources of chaos vitality. Every 100 years, he would discover a source, suck it dry, and then look for a new one until eventually he had swallowed up more than 200.

The closer he got to Mount Buzhou, the denser the chaos vitality source was and the more chaos vitalities it contained.

After swallowing more than 200 sources, his meridians were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with mysterious energy. There were no more channels left to fill.

Also, his sea of consciousness had grown to 490 miles, and his divine soul had reached its limit. Although it did not appear to be much different from before, his divine soul was more cohesive, and its structure was 100 times stronger. Even its intensity was more extraordinary than his mortal body, which has been repeatedly tempered by chaos vitality.

All of these changes were good deeds.

But sometime during those 30,000 years, his body had stopped absorbing any type of vitality, his sea of consciousness had stopped expanding, and his divine soul had stopped growing stronger!

He had, in other words, reached a bottleneck!

"Turning point, what is the turning point, only with the change that comes with a turning point, can I continue to progress. What is it? What am I still waiting for?" Luo Fan's expressive eyebrows wrinkled, and the irritability in his eyes grew thicker.

As an immortal (innate) G.o.d, his time was endless; 30,000 years were nothing at all.

But don't forget where Luo Fan had come from.

On 21st century Earth, the rhythm of life was calculated by the second. Luo Fan could not be like other native-born innate G.o.ds and see 30,000 years as just a day.

In such a long period of 30,000 years, he had worked hard to achieve his current level, but to be stuck on this last step, how could he not be frustrated?

At this time, Luo Fan was less than 10 million miles away from Mount Buzhou, and from that distance, he could see it clearly. It was 100 times higher than before, and even though it was thousands of miles away, it seemed to capture the warmth of the sun.

Likewise, its boundless, unyielding breath had become richer. Yet after being subjected to it for so long, he no longer found it special. On occasion, he would find himself neglecting its existence.

But the more he thought about his problem, the more he became annoyed.


Chaos vitality surged and exploded around Luo Fan as he roared in frustration.

Then Luo Fan collected immense power into his four limbs before suddenly launching into a peak 33,333 meters tall.


Moments later, the entire mountain peak crumbled into dust, and all around, chaos vitality washed over the earth, obscuring the heavens in a dense, dusky fog.

As Luo Fan crawled out of the dust, another roar erupted deep within his chest forming an earth-shattering momentum.

Four auspicious clouds then rushed him into the sky and in the twinkling of an eye, he was 10,000 miles in the air.


Although he had already vented by smas.h.i.+ng that mountain peak, the irritability in his heart had not dissipated, so he continued to roar as if his aggression could bury the universe beneath him.

Suddenly, a long silence ensued. Mount Buzhou had obstructed Luo Fan's vision like a vast, immortal wall, and in that instant, lightning seemed to flash through his mind.

Struck by the heat of inspiration, a dumb expression began to stretch reluctantly across his face.

Mount Buzhou!

"Mount Buzhou! The turning point must be Mount Buzhou! My cultivation is a result of my observation of Mount Buzhou and its breath. The turning point of a breakthrough must be Mount Buzhou! I am a fool! How have I only thought of this now?!"

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