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Chapter 7 – Clipping with the chopsticks

Chen Chengduo stepped on the ceiling tile, spread his hand out and looked at the small glutinous rice dumpling. He extended his other hand out and used his metal ability to transform two metal chopsticks out. He slightly poked at the small dumpling and sandwiched it in between.

It was really soft and smooth. It even using its small black eyes to glare at people. Even glutinous rice dumplings were not as interesting as this….

Shu Xiaohui, who was pinched at his waist was stunned for a moment. He looked at Chen Chengduo with his two black eyes. In addition to the man's poking at his cheek just now, Shu Xiaohui's whiskers shook uncontrollably. This person was somewhat different from what he saw. It seemed that he had a bit of a heavy playing heart?!

Chen Chengduo looked at the hamster with its head raised in a fixed frame and the corner of his mouth slightly rose. Although the warpet was quite different from what he imagined, who said that the warpet must be a fierce beast? Chen Chengduo himself did not have to rely on the warpet's power to deal with the the semi-mechanism beats.


Over there, listening to the movement and in silence, three people came and stared at their boss poking a dumpling here and there.They inexplicably felt that their boss must had been under great pressure recently. Previously, he used the special guns given by Professor Wei, went a little frenzied and blew up countless semi-mechanical beasts along the way. Now seems like it was very normal for him to poke dumpling with the chopsticks.

The three turned their eyes to the soft glutinous dumpling held in their boss's hands. Their eyes immediately shone brilliantly and saw in a new light other than their respective big beasts. The hamster in front of them was really surprisingly small and cute.

Only a few animals survived in the city after being cleared by the semi-mechanical beasts of the Tate's.

They also want to touch, poke, and clamp it with the chopsticks ah…

s...o...b..n and s.h.i.+ Rui were more restrained, while Li Hui belonged to the kind of action. His wolf's claws stretched over. He did not only want to touch it, but he also wanted to pick up the mice ball.

Li Hui had a speed-related ability. So even when he didn't use it normally, his movements were relatively fast. Chen Chengduo, however, kept Shu Xiaohui away from his wolf claws and warned, “Just look, take back your hands!”

Chen Chengduo inserted the metal chopsticks into his combat uniform's pocket as it might still be useful later.

Then Chen Chengduo reached out and ran his finger along Shu Xiaohui's short hair. “Don't be afraid”


Boss, can your tone be gentler? Their hairs were all stood up. Was this the genuine same captain who trained them fiercely!?

Although the finger movement of a certain someone was not forceful at all, maybe even a little gentle, Shu Xiaohui was still gradually pressing down his body as he was trying to avoid someone's touching.

 Although he was a hamster now, he was originally a big young man. Being touched like this ah, it was so strange …

Then, Shu Xiaohui continued to shrink with the certain person's fingers movement until he could no longer shrink. Chen Chengduo's hand now had a flattened mice ball and rat cake, the kind that spread on his palm entirely.

So, Chen Chengduo stopped and laughed at the flattened mice ball in his hand.

Li Hui's expression were extremely burning. "Boss, can I touch it?"

Chen Chengduo flatly refused. He looked at the items on the ground that were previously stuffed in the hamster's cheeks and said, “Clean up everything on the ground.

Li Hui looked down at the ground where the ceiling tile fell. It covered half the gun, a bunch of bullets, together with small packages of snacks and some bulk cereals.

Chen Chenghao took Shu Xiaohui to the off-road vehicle, while Li Hui and the rest cleaned up the things on the ground.

Although Shu Xiaohui's reserves were fragmented, he still had a total number of about two reserve boxes. So when the three people came over, Li Hui said with some doubts, “Where did these come from? Isn't it the hamster's owner that had to prepare all these for it?”

Chen Chengduo gently brush the soft hair on the back of the flattened hamster with his fingertips. “This is my warpet's personal property.”

Shu Xiaohui, who was standing on the palm of someone's hand, heard Chen Chengduo say so. He turned over and stood up, looked at Chen Chengduo, and rubbed his two short front paws. He doesn't seem to be disdained at him!!

 A hamster suddenly regained hope!

The three people hold the things stood on their place watching Chen Chengduo and the hamster that he held as it lay flat on his hand under the light of the illuminating rod.

Chen Chengduo looked up at the three men and said, “What are you guys looking at?”

“Haha! The boss's joke is so funny. Don't you two agree? Hhha!” Li Hui suddenly said.

"Do you think I'm kidding?" Chen Chengduo narrowed his eyes.

Shu Xiaohui looked at his property, and the three people holding his family property at this time were all shocked. Especially s.h.i.+ Rui, who normally was not expressed at all situations had his corners of the mouth twitching.

After they put the items down, Shu Xiaohui flexibly climb down from Chen Chengduo onto the ground and took all the things into his own small s.p.a.ce.

Then its little cheeks gradually bulged. 

“s.p.a.ce ability?” s...o...b..n said in surprise when the things quickly disappeared.

Chen Chengduo slightly raised his eyebrow. Despite his family's warpet small size, it could store things by itself. s.p.a.ce system was a rare ability afterall.

“But aren't all the abilities of warpets subjected to their master?”

Chen Chengduo naturally knew this. His family's warpet was really strange. It did not just only have a s.p.a.ce ability, Chen Chengduo also felt that there was more than one ability in this little dumpling. There was still an unknown and powerful psychic force.

At this time, Shu Xiaohui, who had left Chen Chengduo, was once again coveted by Mao Ya. A small prey that was active was the easiest to be targeted by the beast. Mao Ya who was squatting quietly moved its claws.

The crocodile lying on the back of an SUV also moved its feet. The black hawk perched on the car's roof turned its head and moved its claws, as if it was ready to hunt.

In fact, these three warpets were not harmonious. They were in accordance to their master, Mao Ya was of speed, the crocodile was of strength, and the black hawk was of wind. The former three beasts were not stronger than each other, and none of them could do anything to each other, so they were reluctantly at ease with one another.

Only at this time there was a small warpet that looked easy to bully. Although it was a piece of meat, the three beasts that had not eaten the living thing for a long time had a hungry glint in their eyes, and the instinct of the predator emerged instantly.

Chen Chengduo immediately narrowed his eyes and coldly glanced at the animals. Whoever dare to make a move on his little warpet, he would absolutely kicked them out.

The moment all three warpets moved, Chen Chengduo also prepared to kick them all at once.

And a hamster, who had worked hard to put away his belongings, raised his head vigilantly and looked at the three warpets that had formed a triangle. They were so huge and he felt really terrible, especially the look of hunting preys made his heart tremble..

But an idea in Shu Xiaohui's heart surged out uncontrollably. It didn't matter. They would into each other.

In the flint room, three beasts moved, and then there was a loud sound of collision. The leopard – Mao Ya, hit E Yu's head first. Mao Ya's speed was too fast and the crocodile's defense was too high. Mao Ya was knocked unconscious on the spot while the crocodile instantly turned over and showed its white belly. Four claws of the eagle grabbed and scratched there on the belly. Then the powerful tail of the crocodile flicked the diving down black hawk and it dropped a few feathers.

Chen Chengduo took his power back and looked at the chaotic scene, the corners of his mouth twitched..

A certain hamster breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that the three beasts were not a threat for the time being. He had exhausted all his strength and his whole body remained motionless on the ground. Just after this scene, he felt an inexplicable force was pulled out of his body and his whole body was hollowed out of energy.

Li Hui and the three of them looked at their confused warpet. Mao Ya and E Yu's head was bleeding. Black Hawk dropped some feathers, while the little hamster was on the ground with its black eyes open.

“So the winner is this hamster?” Li Hui held the fainted Mao Ya in his arms and couldn't help but laugh. He said as he wiped a few bloodstains from the leopard's head.

s.h.i.+ Rui embraced his crocodile and wrapped a bandage on it. s...o...b..n picked up his family's black hawk who had also fainted. They suddenly turned silent for a while when they heard what Li Hui said, looked down at their slightly confused wapets and nodded in unison.

Fortunately the three beasts just collided into each other and there was no major problem.

Only Chen Chengduo could see the unusual appearance of the small glutinous rice dumplings on the ground, and it did not even collecting his belongings. He went to pick it up, rubbed its tiny round ears with his fingers. Afterward, he picked the grains that was carefully wrapped in a bag and pour it on his palm.

Shu Xiaohui stretched out his paws and gnawed at them slowly, but he was still very tired.

Chen Chengduo looked at the hamster, who was sleeping with its eyes narrowed while eating the millet grains in its arms. He reached out and rubbed its head.

“Boss, what name are you going to give it?” Li Hui asked, looking at the black line on Shu Xiaohui's back in the light of the illuminating rod, and said, “Otherwise called it Hei Bei (black back)?”

“…” That's a dog!

A dozing hamster turned his head and stared at him.

“Clearly it's grey. Call it Xiao hui (little grey).” s...o...b..n said.

“…” That's a wolf!

A certain hamster was too tired to stare at him.


My name is Shu Xiaohui!

Chen Chengduo listened to this weak cry and said, “His name is Shu Xiaohui."

Shu Xiaohui unexpectedly became energetic. He suddenly looked at Chen Chengduo with his little head up. 


Can you understand me now?

“A gray little hamster[1]. Boss, you really are straightforward.” Li Hui scratched the Mao Ya's chin as he said.

He still did not understand… Shu Xiaohui blinked twice and closed his eyes. The millet grains in his little paws also fell off.

Chen Chengduo looked at the soft dumplings that was sleeping on his hands and thought about where he should put him.


[1] While MC's name, Shu Xiaohui

Shu- Surname

Xiao- Dawn / know people know

Hui – suns.h.i.+ne 


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