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Chapter 60: The truth


    Lin Yu Tong looked at Zhan Yi Fei subconsciously, he saw the indifference in Zhan Yi Fei's eyes just flas.h.i.+ng past, and soon his face came up with a smile that a younger generation should have when facing the elder respectfully but also grateful for the congratulations, the faking was impeccable.

    Zhan Hong Wei is also able to fake like he had not disappeared for more than ten years. See Zhan Yi Fei smiling at him and taking a photo Zhan Yi Fei's shoulder. "Good boy, you are so grown...”

    Lin Yu Tong snorted quietly and felt that the joke was a bit cold. If you look at it thirty years and then grow up, then...

    Zhan Yi Fei was close, and seems to have a heart with Lin Yu Tong, only when he did not hear this "joke." He took Lin Yu Tong's shoulder. "Second Uncle, this is my lover, Lin Yu Tong. Little Tong, this is the second uncle."

    “Second Uncle." Lin Yu Tong pretended not to have seen Zhan Hong Wei, "Thank you for coming to the ceremony."

    "Thank you, for our family, let's go in and talk." Zhan Hong Wei was rude, ignoring the curious eyes around him and talking to Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong while walking to the wedding venue.

    Zhan Hong Ying has already received the news, and Zhan Xin Hua and Zhan Xin Jie greeted each other and simply said h.e.l.lo and went to see other elders at home. As for the ten years that someone has disappeared, in the eyes of the Zhan Family today, it's like something that did not exist and the man was gone on a holiday.

    The problems at home are solved at home, and when there are outsiders no squabbles are allowed. Lin Yu Tong can understand this mentality. It is just a little unexpected about The Zhan Family's acting. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never be able to connect the Master who saw the red dust with the current Uncle of The Zhan Family. No wonder Zhan Hong Tu can deceive Zhan Yi Fei's mother group to turn around. This family can go to the acting challenges to form a group to win the prize.

    Simply, everyone has not forgotten who the protagonist of today is.

    On the back of the invitation, the invitees can see the general layout of The Zhan Family venue at the wedding. The southeast side is a wedding venue, and the buffet banquet is in the southwest. When one is approaching the wedding venue they can't see anything, but from the aerial image, they can see this place is modelled like a pair of huge white wings embracing the shape of a small tree. The tree is undoubtedly greenest. It is a peaceful tree with bright leaves, and the wings pattern was made using countless white lilies, with a specially designed white openwork flower stand, full of three-dimensional feeling.

1]... Yi Fei means flying wings and Lin means forest or tree...

    It is this kind of mind that can also make people feel Zhan Yi Fei's love for Lin Yu Tong. The people who are sitting on the scene are envious and embarra.s.sed. Envy Zhan Yi Fei is rich and rich, and Lin Yu Tong has such a good home.

    Although it is always strange to use the word "home" on a man, if the other party is Zhan Yi Fei, it seems normal.

    Lin Yu Tong whispered in Zhan Yi Fei's ear and said, "Fortunately, you don't have to be like Chu Tian Yi, or I will definitely become a sieve today."

    There are quite a few socialites present, like a diamond-level spouse like Zhan Yi Fei. Who doesn't want it?

    Zhan Yi Fei smiled and asked: “Do you feel anxious?”

    Lin Yu Tong's eyebrows are all full of smiles, but his words are very honest. “A bit.”

    When he first started living after the rebirth, he thought that as long as he had the ability to support himself, he would not be dragged down. And can ensure that his family is happy ,all will be good, in fact, no matter how things change, there will be no impact. But now it's different, even if it's just a.s.sumed that one day he may be separated from Zhan Yi Fei, the pain is like a bit of a bone cut, and it feels like poison is injected into the bone.

    Zhan Yi Fei's eyes changed and he felt as if he could overflow with the water. He gently licked Lin Yu Tong and printed a kiss on his forehead.

    The host laughed at the moment. "Two grooms, you can't sneak a cute moment when I introduce myself. I haven't announced that you can kiss each other."

    Everyone is talking was about Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong looked over. The two people were somewhat uncomfortable to be seen in that private moment, and said in unison: "Sorry, I can't help myself."

 It was a bit awkward.

    Fortunately, the host also rang in the next sentence. "Well, let us welcome the two newcomers with the warmest applause."

    Lin Yu Tong took Zhan Yi Fei's arm and the pianist started the beautiful piano sound, the two walked through the path paved by the petals. The brisk feeling on his feet made him fall into a certain atmosphere of a dilemma. It seemed that after he had finished the road, all that remained was happiness.

    Zhan Yi Fei held Lin Yu Tong's hand tightly. Two people stood in front of the stage. The host laughed and said: “Mr. Zhan Yi Fei, Mr. Lin Yu Tong, first of all, I only wish with the distinguished guests present to the two newlyweds are happy, and I am very grateful that you can give me this opportunity to let me stand here to host such a special wedding. Next, I have some questions to ask two."

   The host is facing the guests, "Excuse me, do you want to know the history of the love of the two newcomers?"

    "Think ~!"

    "Look, I know I am not alone in this." The host smiled and looked back at Zhan Yi Fei and Lin Yu Tong. "Excuse me. Two newcomers, who are you who pursue each other first?"

    "It seems that no one has pursued anyone," Lin Yu Tong said.

    "Oh? Is it because you fell in love with each other at first sight and then decided to be together?"

    "No, it is actually I who secretly loved him first." Zhan Yi Fei was very honest. "At first he didn't know that I liked him.

    “How did it become discovered later?”

    “Later...” Zhan Yi Fei thought that he had torn the photos of Shen Jun and Lin Yu Tong, and felt that it was a bit shameful to say that.

    "Later, he knew that I was feeling cold at school, and he changed to the new air conditioner system for the whole school where I was studying, just to make me warmer." Lin Yu Tong said half-like a joke. "If I didn't like him, I would get in trouble with the whole school."

   Lin Yu Tong stretched out his index finger and poked Zhan Yi Fei. "Mr. Zhan with a heart."

    "Let's helpless Lin." Zhan Yi Fei smiled and accepted.

    There was a laugh on the field, and even Zhan Hong Ying couldn't hold back. She praised Zhan Hong Wei next to him. "I like Little Lin. This kid is interesting."

    Zhan Hong Wei's eyes turned over and looked at Lin Yu Tong for a while. In fact, this is not the first time he saw Lin Yu Tong. He had seen these two children in the cemetery as early as the Qing Ming Festival, but they did not see him at that time.

    He really thought that only a blind man will marry another man. But seeing that they only have each other in their eyes, he felt that it is just fine. When everything around you is at your fingertips, what better way to enjoy life than to be with someone you really like?

    Probably no more.

    Zhan Yi Fei then took the ring out. Similarly, it was a pair of small wings surrounded by a tree. The wings were made of diamonds and the part of the tree was emeralds. He gave Lin Yu Tong a look back at what happened before, laughing and said: "This man has finally sent an eye-catching ring, the recognition should be quite high."

    Recalling the first trip to The Zhan Financial Group, Lin Yu Tong also laughed.

    "Yes, it is estimated that I should not have stopped downstairs." Zhan Yi Fei hugged Lin Yu Tong. "Thank you for coming to me."

    Lin Yu Tong turned his head at Zhan Yi Fei kissed cheeks and whispered, "Yi Fei, I love you."

    Zhan Yi Fei couldn't wait for anyone, he couldn't wait to kiss Lin Yu Tong's lips, while at the same time, remembering the cactus ball in Gao Wen Liang hands he finally got it. He silently watched everyone's attention on the two newcomers, he took the pot of the cactus ball, and then encountered the interception from Cheng Tian halfway!

    This is undoubtedly a wedding that does not follow the mainstream. The host did not even ask the parents to speak on the stage. However, although this is somewhat irregular, Lin Zhi Song and Chen Su Ning have no objection to this, and the people of The Zhan Family feel that this is quite good. In any case, those who like gossip will always wonder why Zhan Hong Tu is not there, but whoever sees it, the parties feel happy.

    No one will mention Zhan Hong Tu on such an occasion, and after all, the ones that were invited are not stupid. Now they are clearly seen by The Zhan Family, and they should understand the att.i.tude of The Zhan Family. Zhan Hong Tu is unpopular in the family for some reasons.

    The host points to the buffet banquet at 12 noon, and the weddings held by people like The Zhan Family. Half of them are for weddings, and half are people in the circle who exchange business information. Lin Yu Tong didn't care too much. He should be toasting with Zhan Yi Fei. The source of all things, the one who survived, the other did not feel it, Lin Yu Tong felt especially tired, it was really more difficult than when he wrote a novel.

    Probably knowing that he didn't like this occasion, Zhan Yi Fei didn't always take him around in the crowd. When they went to change clothes together, he told Lin Yu Tong to sleep and sleep. As for the outside people, he will deal with it.

    Lin Yu Tong felt that it was a bit rude, so he didn't really do it. After changing the clothes, he went out with Zhan Yi Fei to greet the guests until 4 pm, except for the special relatives and friends. It was only after a short break in the house.

    "I will go to see the  second uncle, you sleep for a while, and I will call you at dinner." Zhan Yi Fei finished, helping Lin Yu Tong pull the bedroom curtains.

    "Would you like me to go see him with you? I just can't wake up from sleep."

    "Then you sleep until you wake up naturally." Zhan Yi Fei said with a smile: "Your task is to keep your energy for the night."

    "Hey, do you want to tire me out at night? Mr. Zhan?"

    "Yes, I need to be pampered by Lin."

    Lin Yu Tong: "..."

    Zhan Yi Fei did not specifically look for Zhan Hong Wei after going out, because Zhan Hong Wei was drinking coffee on the main balcony on the second floor, and he seemed to know he will come out.

    Zhan Yi Fei sat across from Zhan Hong Wei and stared at him for a long while without seeing him talking. He could only speak first.

    "Since you were gone, why come back?"

    "Just came back and see you." Zhan Hong Wei put away the joy of the day, seems to have become Master Cheng, indifferent, calm, and without expression. He looked up and asked only one question. "Do you still hate the second uncle?"

    "Do you think I have time to hate anyone?" Zhan Yi Fei looked cold and cold. "Why did you leave quietly? You really didn't know that my mother was pregnant with your child?"

    "Yes." Zhan Hong Wei suddenly turned his eyes. "Her pregnancy was known to your grandfather in less than two months of pregnancy. I remember when I came back from the field to talk about business. Just seeing your grandfather and your dad were talking about this. At the time your mother was also there, the father was very happy, saying that The Zhan Family had to add another grandson, and it was rare and he was praising your dad.”

    “So you thought..."

    "Yes. At that time, your dad had been unclear about his relations.h.i.+p with w.a.n.g Bing Yan. It is reasonable to say that if he knew that the pregnancy that your mother was carrying was not his child, he will definitely hold on to this and say he can justifiably marry w.a.n.g Bing Yan. But he didn't. He admitted that the child is his. I also learned a long time later that your father didn't deny it at the time, but it was not to protect your mother, and not because the child is his, but because he hoped when the child is a little bigger, he will give the matter his directly attention so that your mother will not have the opportunity to deny it."

    "...Why did grandfather transfer most of his properties to my name? You can't say what is because I was the grandson, I know that I have some status in The Zhan Family, but that was still far from letting my father inherit it. After all, you are still alive with Zhan Hong Tu, so why would he sign the inheritance to me and not one of you.”

    “When your mother pa.s.sed away, Zhan Hong Tu said on the spot that the child was not his, he wanted to pick up w.a.n.g Bing Yan into The Zhan Family. Our father was very disappointed with his practice, so he didn't want to pa.s.s on his family business at all. I didn't like doing business, if it was not for you and your mother, I had no intention to inherit The Zhan Family. But your mother was gone, if they want the Zhan Family to have another meaning? It is better to let the father pa.s.s the family business to you. So, at least 100 years later. There is also a sense of justice for your mother.”

    “Is it? So what do you mean, Zhan Hong Tu's lies and your misunderstanding have become the reason for my mother's suicide?” Zhan Yi Fei suddenly sneered,   “Second Uncle, are under the impression that I will believe that? you thought, I am Zhan Yi Fei from twenty-one years ago?"


    "Even if what you said it is true, you left because of misunderstanding. But my mum can bear such suffering for me in The Zhan Family, how could she choose to commit suicide? Tell me, who is it?"

    "It is indeed her own will. Since she was pregnant, your dad was afraid that she secretly abort the child, so he found someone to monitor her. She has prenatal depression, but I was not here, you were busy studying, your mother's temperament was very quiet, so no one found it at all."

    "Why didn't you tell me before?"

    "When you were young, you were so lonely because of your parental relations.h.i.+p. I was worried that you will become more introvert after you knew the truth......Yi Fei, where are you going?” Zhan Hong Wei got up and grabbed a hand but grabbed it.

    Zhan Yi Fei ran out without warning, but Zhan Hong Ying stopped him in time at the door. "Where are you going?"

    "Let go." Zhan Yi Fei looked dark and inky, and his voice was cold and scary.

    "You are going to find Zhan Hong Tu?"

    Zhan Yi Fei didn't answer, even if it was the default answer. When Zhan Hong Ying saw it, he called w.a.n.g Bo directly, "w.a.n.g Bo, please go down and ask the Young Wife down, right away!"


    "I will go, even if he comes down here." Zhan Yi Fei's eyes were firm...

    "What to do? Kill him? You calm down first at home!" Zhan Hong Ying said that Lin Yu Tong was stunned with a chicken hen head and went downstairs, Zhan Hong Ying directly pleaded with him. "Little Lin, watch him, don't let him do stupid things."

    "Stupid thing? What stupid thing?" Lin Yu Tong was shocked by Zhan Hong Ying's words. "Yi Fei, what are you going to do?"

    "I..." Zhan Yi Fei looked at Lin Yu Tong's fully trusting eyes and suddenly he couldn't say it. It was not at this time that Zhan Hong Tu, who was asleep for a day, slowly opened his eyes.

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