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Light bell sounds began running in mour heads letting us know it was end of cla.s.s, "Ohhh looks like that's end of cla.s.s." Professor Doddle announced, prompting everyone to begin packing their things.

"Where's our next cla.s.s?.." I asked Jay standing up.

"After lunch we head to fourth floor... it's pretty cool Professor Annabelle has a HUGE library of monster and creatures... It's more of a hands on lesson.... we learn through interacting with simulations." Jay smiled.

"Ohhh that sounds really cool!" I smiled back.

"Yah!!! It's defiantly more fun than these sit and listen types." Daisy making our way out the cla.s.s.

"Yah... incredibly boring lesson.... Helen and I already know most this stuff..." Grace yawned.

"Yeah... I know what you guys mean... I've been in school most my life as well....I was really hoping that I would have grand adventures.... rather than trying to fit it in the weekend.." I sighed.

"You're really enticed with the adventuring life…." Jay joked.

"You guys won't understand adventuring and discovering the the unknown is almost unheard of in my world!!!" I expalined.

"You're not wrong the thrill of adventuring is quite addictive, untold treasures and riches and stuff." Helen agreed as we walked into the dining hall.

Morganna was already there sitting on the Phoenix table shooting a death glare at anyone who tried to take any seats near her promptly scaring off the students. "Hey friends! Over here!!!" Morganna yelled with a giant smile waving at us.

"Well... at least we don't have to find seats." Jay said walking in her direction.

"Afternoon." We all greeted Morganna.

"Afternoon! I saved you guys seats!" She smiled as we took our seats.

"Thanks!" we all thanked her.

"Ahh it was no problem." She smiled happily returning to her lunch..

We all waited patiently till our food arrived, "By the way! I overhead some Kraken members talking about Paul and speculating what he's doing over at Es.h.i.+a." Morganna said leaning in forward speaking in a lower quieter tone.

"Really what's he up to?.." Daisy asked looking extremely interested.

"So the older students have been saying that he's gone to meet Travis's older Sister." Morganna gossiped.

"But for what reason??!!" Daisy asked almost green with jealousy.

"No one knows exactly for what... but apparently they've noticed when she comes to the schoo.... they would at least spend a few nights together in his dorms." Morgana answered.

"Nonono... that can't be!!! He's not in a relations.h.i.+p!" Daisy replied in disbelief.

"Daisy..... They don't need to be in a relations.h.i.+p to do stuff..." Grace replied to daisy sending her further and further into despair. I must admit even hearing that reply from Morgana sent a deep sinking feeling in my gut..... I know he's not that kind of guy.... but a part of me thinks he could be..... There's no other plausible reason.....

"You okay Emilia?.." Jay asked.

"Huh what?... Yeah I'm good….. just you know worried about Calista..." I replied.

"Nothing to worry about! You defeated her hologram and you'll only be getting better with trining." Jay replied with a giant smile.

"Yeah... Emilia you need to have more faith in yourself." Helen smiled.

"Yeah I guess I do...." I replied lying to them till finding it hard to stay positive.

"So Morgana what have you been up to?.." I asked.

"Well.... currently trying to find ways for me to get some special reagents for myself..." Morgana replied.

"Your Voodoo stuff?.." Jay asked curiously.

"Yup.... since the school doesn't grow them naturally, I'll either have to visit town or see if there's any dealers." Morgana replied.

"You know what.... I won't pry further it sounds all too shady." Jay replied.

"So Jay have you read more of the novel?.." Helen asked.

"Yeah.... almost finished it now." He replied causing Helen to have the most giant smile..

"Emilia?... do you really think Paul is in a secret relations.h.i.+p with her?.." Daisy asked me quietly almost whispering.

"No I don't think so.. " I replied trying to rea.s.sure her.

"Do you think they....." She asked taking a small pause trying to think of a way to word it, her face turning bright red like a tomato.

"I'm sure they aren't….. I answered her quickly saving her from the embarra.s.sment of asking.

"You sure?..." She questioned looking hopeful.

"Positive..." I smiled even though I didn't quite know myself.

"Do you think he's.... been with someone before?.." She whispered quietly as possible making sure no one else heard luckily everyone was either engaged in their own conversation while eating.

"As far as I know... he's only been with one person.." I answered her.

"Do you think... my colour or race is an issue?.." She asked trying to stay quiet.

"I'm know for sure know it doesn't." I smiled.

"Really?!!!!" Daisy asked again in almost complete disbelief.

"Do you really like him??..." I asked Daisy politely.

"Because he's so amazing!.... He does so many great things for people.... a kind soul is hard to find." Daisy replied.

"Yeah..... Even before he came here he was always a kind and nice person..... But I guess know you guys know him more time I do now…. How many years has he been here????..." I asked curiously.

"hmmm..... I dunno.... he saved me about maybe four or five years ago....." Daisy replied.

"Hmmm..... if I ever catch him when he's free..... I defiantly need to ask him about all this stuff...." I replied to Daisy.

"Does he have many friends back home ???... Is he famous as well???..." Daisy asked.

"... We used to have a group of friends.... but when life happened and we all kinda went our separate ways...I'm really not sure about everyone else... but our world is very different..... I'm sure he didn't have magic back then so he couldn't help as much as he can now ....." I replied.

"I seeeee..." Daisy nodded in understanding.

"When you stayed with him did he ever tall about his life back home???..." I asked curiously.

"Ummmm yeah I was really curious about his home and friends.... he would always tell about this girl..... But the life played a harsh joke with him..... And some other friends that he would happily 'take bullets for', apparently they are metal projectiles that go super-fast and can kill people." Daisy answered with a giant smile. "What happened to you two that lead up to a falling out???...." she asked in return very cautiously.

"We just had a disagreement... and I'm pretty emotional and got him emotional..... We both said things we regret....." I answered.

"Didn't you guys make up after??...." She asked looking concerned.

".... By the time one of us did..... I guess the damage was done and we was better off being strangers." I answered.

"Ohhh... is it okay if I'm friends with Paul and you??...." She asked worryingly.

"Yeah of course... I won't let whatever happens between me and him to affect us.... also seeing him again after so long.... kinda made me forget our last fight." I smiled to Daisy.

"I know you and him had a complicated friends.h.i.+p…" she replied a little concerned.

"I know....." I replied.

"Do you have any idea what he's doing in Es.h.i.+a???" I asked.

"Hmmm not really..... But I'm sure he's doing something to help people." Daisy smiled.

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