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Chapter 107 - Revitalizing Husband

That night, Qin Hao moved out. He didn't inform Song Yao and Duanmu Rui, but only sent a text message to the two girls.

Song Yao already knew about the matter between Qin Wu and Mu Qianxue. Coupled with what happened today, it was too much of a shock for her. She didn't know how to deal with the interactions between Qin Wu and Mu Qianxue, so she didn't reply.

Duanmu Rui, on the other hand, was a considerate girl. After knowing this, she didn't say much and only replied with one question: Big Brother Qin Wu, take care. You often come here to play.

Only, Qin Wu had never expected that the person dragging a luggage, Mu Qianxue, would once again lock the villa's entrance.

Now he finally understood why Zhang Wuji's mother said in the TV series that you couldn't trust women. The more beautiful a woman was, the more deceptive she would be. Wasn't this just a b.l.o.o.d.y example? It was Mu Qianxue who had asked him to move here several times and he had kept dragging it on. Now that he had actually moved here with his luggage, Mu Qianxue didn't even let him in through the door.

Ring, ring, ring, ring!

Qin Wu pressed the doorbell again, and said weakly: "h.e.l.lo, Director Mu. No matter what I've done wrong, you should at least let me go in and explain it clearly. Even if I die, I have to at least explain it clearly.

The villa was brightly lit, but there was no sound at all.

"Mu Qianxue, you've gone too far! "Don't think that just because you're the leader you can mess with me like that. The leader is amazing! If you p.i.s.s off the Dao Lord, the Dao Lord won't serve you!" Seeing that there was no response even after a long time, Qin Wu couldn't help but shout in exasperation.


The door of the villa opened as a cold and indifferent Mu Qianxue appeared in front of Qin Wu.

Qin Wu felt somewhat proud in his heart as he thought to himself: Hmph, I told you to lock the Taoist at the door. Now you must be scared.

Without waiting for Qin Wu to finish his sentence, the ice-cold Mu Qianxue snorted disdainfully, "So you finally spoke your mind? Since he didn't want to stay in the Mu Clan, he should have told them earlier. "You can leave. As for that contract, just pretend you never signed it. From now on, you and I have no relations.h.i.+p. You can serve whoever you want!"

After she finished speaking, Mu Qianxue was about to close the door.

Qin Wu was instantly stunned. It seemed that the reason this woman opened the door wasn't because of his threats, but rather to reveal her trump card.

How can that work? If I leave, what will happen to your illness? No, you should have dumped me. What about my illness?

Just as the villa's door was about to close, Qin Wu stuck his foot into the crevice, preventing the woman from speaking: "Mu Qianxue, what are you doing? Just like you said, we're husband and wife, who else can I serve other than you? "Quick, let me in."

"No matter who you serve, I don't care! Qin Wu, let me warn you, you and I already have no relation left. You are trespa.s.sing, be careful or I will call the police. " Mu Qianxue tried her best to pull on the door, but how could she, a woman, compare to Qin Wu? The gap grew larger and larger instead.

Qin Wu's brows twitched as he chuckled, "Mu Qianxue, do you think I'm a three year old child or an illiterate from a great mountain? After all, I've been abroad before, how could I not have this little bit of legal knowledge? "You can go to the police, but I don't believe that the police can control the entry of a legal husband with a certificate!"

"You! "Let go!"

"No!" Mu Qianxue, I'm warning you. If you continue to be like this, I won't be polite anymore. " Qin Wu was slightly angered. Originally, what happened today had caused him to be in a bad mood, yet Mu Qianxue was still causing trouble for no reason. It was obvious that people would be furious.

Seeing that Mu Qianxue didn't take his threat seriously at all, Qin Wu lightly exerted herself and pulled the door together with Mu Qianxue into her embrace. At this moment, there were no more obstacles to the villa.

Ignoring Mu Qianxue's endless struggles, Qin Wu carried her in his arms and kicked the bundle into the villa. Afterwards, he closed the door behind him and sat down on the sofa in the living room.

"Qin Wu, you shameless pervert. Liar. Let me go. I already said that the contract is no longer valid. Let me go, I'll call the police …" Mu Qianxue continuously struggled in Qin Wu's embrace, but Qin Wu's arms were like iron pincers, locking her body in place. No matter how she struggled, she couldn't break free in the slightest.

Mu Qianxue felt the thick male hormone atmosphere coming from that man. Other than feeling embarra.s.sed, she also felt a little frightened. She didn't know what Qin Hao wanted to do by hugging her like this.

Just as Mu Qianxue was struggling with her thoughts, Qin Wu suddenly let go of her arms. Before she could react, he had already flipped her body to the side. With her chest facing down and her back facing up, she laid flat on Qin Wu's legs.

"Woman, don't forget, although you are the CEO, Leader, and Boss in the company. At home, I'm the husband and you're the wife. As a wife, she actually dared to shut her husband outside the door and not let him in. "It seems like your husband can't not revive him today!"

Qin Wuxie smiled. He raised his right hand high up in the air and then heavily slammed it down, making a intimate contact with Mu Qianxue's b.u.t.t, causing a crisp crack to ring out.

Pah pah pah!

After three slaps, Qin Wu finally felt much more comfortable. To be honest, Mu Qianxue, who was wearing a thin and thin house attire was very different from her well-trained work clothes at the company. Especially that b.u.t.t, the thinner it was, the more comfortable it felt.

"Speak, do you know your wrongs?" Qin Wu asked as he slapped his b.u.t.t.

How could Mu Qianxue endure such anger when her innocent b.u.t.t had been tainted by Qin Wu's demonic claws for over twenty years? She struggled even more intensely as she cursed angrily, "Qin Hao, you're shameless and despicable, you pervert! Let go of me, or I'll kill you!"

"Oh wow, you're still going to murder your husband? "It seems like I really don't know what it means to be my wife if I don't deal with you properly!" Pah pah pah, Qin Wu cleanly slapped him a few more times before asking again: "Do you know your wrongs?"

This time, Mu Qianxue was smart. She didn't want to anger Qin Wu, but refused to say anything. It wasn't that she really didn't want to say anything, but for some reason, when Qin Wu's large hands landed on her little b.u.t.t, she actually felt a kind of numbness and numbness. Although it was somewhat painful, she couldn't help but feel a sense of comfort.

It was said that a lone man and a single woman were like dry wood and fire. Qin Wu and Mu Qianxue had two completely different physiques, which were simply a match made in heaven. When they came into contact with each other, the feeling was as if they were electrocuted, much more intense than dry wood and fire.

"What is it? He even learned how to silently resist? Come, let's see who can resist who? " After speaking, Qin Wu laughed as he raised his hands once again.

This time, Mu Qianxue was completely terrified. She finally understood Qin Wu's roguish nature. From the moment she opened the door, she was already destined to fall into this fellow's hands.

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