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Chapter 894 The So-called Deep Love

All of a sudden, there was a dead silence. The Misses all lowered their heads at the same time and no longer dared to gossip about Miss Feng.

“Miss, please come with me.”

Lin Mengya raised her head slightly and found that the woman who came in that seemed to be very smart and capable was talking to her.


She was the only one who did not speak just now. So that person might be impressed by her prudence and obedience.

That woman looked to be about 30 years old. She was well-dressed and wore some inconspicuous gold and silver jewelry on her head.

She looked very unfamiliar, so she might be the person brought by Feng Zidie from her family.

“Our Miss has a good temperament and is generous. As long as you do well, you will benefit a lot.”

The woman introduced her surname as Tong. In the future, they just needed to call her Sister Tong.

After saying some rules, she led Lin Mengya to the largest and best room in the courier station.

She knocked gently on the door, and someone inside opened it.

“Sister Tong comes. Miss is inside.”

This Sister Tong seemed to have an extraordinary status. The maids serving the Miss were very polite to her.

Following behind Sister Tong, Lin Mengya lowered her head and walked into the room obediently.

As soon as she entered the room, she smelled a very strong fragrance of herbs in the air.

She twitched her nose inadvertently and sniffed carefully. “It’s strange. Why does this smell a little familiar?”

“Miss, we’ve found the person. I think this one is not bad, so I brought her here for you to have a look.”

Although she looked very cold to others, she talked to this Miss with respect and kindness.

“Well, thank you, Sister Tong. Can you raise your head and let me have a look?”

A gentle voice came, but Lin Mengya felt that this strange and familiar feeling was getting stronger.

Following her request, she raised her head. In the clean and elegant inner room, Miss Feng was only wearing a light cyan dress.

The cold fragrance was well matched with her plain clothes.

At first glance, one could tell that she was a calm and cold-hearted woman. But would such a woman really take the initiative to show love to Long Tianyu?

But after seeing Miss Feng’s face, Lin Mengya instantly answered the questions in her heart.

“Her! It is her!”

Lin Mengya was stunned for a while. She knew that she behaved a little impolitely. She quickly lowered her head and did not want others to have a chance to notice what she was thinking.

“But… how could it be her?”

“It doesn’t matter. From now on, you are mine. I don’t have so many rules here. People here are also easy to get along with. Don’t be afraid.”

Feng Zidie smiled slightly and thought that the little girl was shy. She could not help but soften her tone to comfort her.


At this moment, Lin Mengya thought of a lot of things. This Miss Feng turned out to be the Doctor Gu, Gu Die, whom she met when she went to the epidemic area with Long Tianyu before!

At that time in the camp, she had seen through Gu Die’s affection for Long Tianyu.

However, Long Tianyu had already rejected her. Why was he going to marry her now?

“Miss, don’t blame her. This Miss Zhang is a very well-behaved person. I think she is just a little shy.”

Sister Tong must have thought that the previous girls were too noisy.

It seemed that even if she employed them, she would not put them in an important position, let alone have a chance to get close to Feng Zidie.

Fortunately, she behaved like a country girl who had not experienced a lot.

So, their precautions against her would not be too many.

“Sister Tong must have picked a good person. You can serve me in the outer room.”

Nodding respectfully, Lin Mengya perfectly acted as an unremarkable little servant girl.

She had no right to interfere in Feng Zidie’s personal affairs in the inner room. She walked to the outer room alone silently, watching the incense burner burning, and dealing with the orders of the people inside at any time.

While others were not paying attention to her, Lin Mengya quickly looked around.

Although Feng Zidie was a second wife, she was still a legitimate wife of the prince.

But why did this Courier Station look a little deserted?

When she was Princess Yu, everyone thought that the gorgeous color was suitable for her, so her dress and jewelry were all red and purple, which matched her status.

But Feng Zidie—

Even if she liked some cold colors, she was going to get married. Wasn’t it too plain?

Holding a round fan, Lin Mengya fanned the censer intentionally or unintentionally. Just like her, Feng Zidie also liked to add some herbs into the incense.

But because she had been immersed in the ways of making poisons for many years, the delicate fragrance on her body always carried a kind of sweet smell.

The fragrance of Feng Zidie’s herbs was a little bitter.

Therefore, their preference was actually completely different.

She still remembered the first time she met Feng Zidie, who had been called Gu Die. At that time, Feng Zidie seemed to be more lively than she was now.

Even though Feng Zidie tried hard to pretend to be mature and steady, her liveliness and pride could still be seen.

These days, it seemed that Miss Feng’s life was not so simple.

There were always some low voices coming from the inner room. No one else could hear it, but Lin Mengya could hear it clearly.

“Miss, don’t worry. As long as you marry into Prince Yu’s Mansion, you don’t have to worry about winning Prince Yu’s heart.”

Lin Mengya was not sure whether the comfort of the maid could solve the knot in Feng Zidie’s heart.

But it made Lin Mengya’s eyes light up. “What does she mean?”

“Well, I know why he chose to marry me. I know I can’t compare with her, but I really love him. As long as I can become his wife, I am willing to pay any price.”

A sense of sorrow, mixed with Feng Zidie’s sigh, rushed into Lin Mengya’s heart.

Although she felt very sorry for Feng Zidie, when she heard that Long Tianyu did not fall in love with someone else, her heart beat fast.

“Miss, which part of you is inferior to that Princess Linlang? Humph, how dare she show off in the prince’s mansion without any ident.i.ty? You are Prince Yu’s wife. If you marry into the prince’s mansion in the future, you don’t have to be nice to her. In my opinion, you’d better drive her away!”

The maid’s indignation also made Lin Mengya’s heart sink.

She had forgotten that Princess Linlang, the woman whom Long Tianyu could not forget even when she was by his side.

She couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Just now, she still felt that she was a little lucky compared with Feng Zidie.

But now she found that they were the same kind of people.

“Bining, don’t say that. Besides, what I’m talking about is not that princess. Actually, both of us know that if that person hadn’t died, she and I wouldn’t have had a chance to get close to the prince. That person was too dazzling. With her around, the prince would never see anyone. Even if she is dead now, the prince still misses her. Lin Lang and I are just subst.i.tutes for her.”

Feng Zidie’s words were bitter and miserable.

The fan in Lin Mengya’s hand stopped for a moment. After a while, she let out an almost inaudible sigh.

Love started unintentionally, but it grew deeper and deeper.

Be it her, Feng Zidie, or that Princess Linlang, they were all devoted to Long Tianyu, but she was lucky enough to win his heart.

If they were in the same position, she would not have the advantage of winning.

“You’re talking about the vice Princess of Prince Yu, right? Miss, you don’t have to worry about a dead person. No matter how good she was, she is still a dead person. How could she be compared with a living person like you who is so considerate to the prince?”

With the comfort of the maid, Feng Zidie finally stopped sighing.

But Lin Mengya, who heard everything from the beginning to the end, had an unspeakable feeling in her heart.

In the end, the news of her “death” spread to every corner of Dajin.

Now, she had completely lost her ident.i.ty as Princess Yu. The only thing in her hand was the true heart which she was not sure how much it left now.

This kind of hesitation and this kind of toss and turn made her lose her direction in love and become a stranger to herself.

After all, couldn’t she get rid of the word “love”?

She shook her head. She could deceive everyone, but not her heart.

“Miss! Miss! The prince comes here!”

Her thoughts were interrupted by a cheerful voice.

A figure pushed the door open vigorously and jumped into the inner room.

She heard a very surprised voice in the inner room.

With several maids helping her dress up, the fresh and tidy Feng Zidie took small steps to welcome the prince like an adorable baby swallow flying back to its nest. She had been longing for him for a long time.

“Get out of here, all of you. The prince comes here. Don’t mess up the rules.”

Apart from Sister Tong and the two personal maids of Feng Zidie, Lin Mengya and the others, who were humble servants, were driven out.

Turning around, Lin Mengya could only see a slender black figure, followed by a group of people, walking steadily to Feng Zidie’s room.

She lowered her eyes and unconsciously clenched her small fists.

No matter how much psychological construction she had made, in the end, she could not deceive her heart.

“Greetings, Prince Yu.”

Even though she had worn the most suitable dress for her and her hair was full of pearls and jade to attract the attention of the world, once she met his dark eyes, Feng Zidie was still afraid that she would lose her manners in front of him.

“Get up.”

His indifferent tone did not change at all because the woman in front of him was about to become his wife.

Long Tianyu, who was dressed in black casual clothes, didn’t even bother to look at the woman in front of him.

He strode past Feng Zidie and walked to the reception room of the courier station.

The bitterness in her heart spread silently. In the end… he would never forgive her.

“This tea called Cloud Silk and Sparrow Tongue is of high quality. Your Highness, please have a taste.”

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