Coming of the Villain Boss! Chapter 1372 - The Supreme Killer (16)

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Chapter 1372: The Supreme Killer (16)

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At the hospital…

Shu Hang couldn’t get a good night’s sleep at all.

Today, Mother Shu was not here. He relaxed a little and got some sleep.

However, when he woke up, he realized that he was not in the hospital.

There were two broken lamps above him. The dim light illuminated his surroundings.

He was in a s.p.a.cious and abandoned old factory.

He was tied to a chair.

There was a pungent smell in the air.


Shu Hang struggled.

The rope around him got tighter.

Who tied him up? Shu Ran? His wife?

Many possibilities flashed through his mind.

No matter who it was, the most important thing was to get out of here.

Shu Hang’s face turned red as he tried to break free from the ropes. He failed. Instead, the chair fell and he fell along with it.

At this moment…

Shu Hang heard footsteps.

He wiggled against the floor for a while before raising his head.

A handsome man walked towards him surrounded by a crowd.


The man met Shu Hang’s agitated gaze. He ordered, “Help Mr. Shu up.”

Shu Hang sat on his chair again. He glared at the man. “Wuwuwu…”

The man tilted his chin slightly.

The tape on Shu Hang’s mouth was taken off.

“Who are you? Why did you abduct me?”

Shu Hang shouted the moment his mouth was freed.

He didn’t know this person.

“Mr. Shu, don’t be agitated. I came to find you because I have some words to say to you.”

“I don’t know you.” Shu Hang was on his guard. His heart pounded furiously. “Do you have to abduct me to talk to me?”

The man replied, “This is to prevent you from being uncooperative. You don’t know me, but you should know Cai Yuanpeng.”

Shu Hang froze.

Cai Yuanpeng… it was the doctor.

The man walked two circles around him. He seemed to be giving Shu Hang some time to consider.


Shu Hang’s voice was hoa.r.s.e.

He started calming down.

“Who are you?”

The man smiled. “I’m not your enemy. Instead, I can help you get what you want.”

What did he want?

The Shu family’s fortune?

This was what he had always wanted.

Shu Hang swallowed instinctively. “Cai Yuanpeng… you killed him?”

The man didn’t deny it. “I have helped you get rid of Cai Yuanpeng already. As long as you keep your mouth shut, no one will know what you did to the only heir of the Shu family. This is my welcome present for you.”

He really killed the doctor!

Shu Hang’s mind was in a whirl. He gritted his teeth. “What do you want me to do?”

“Mr. Shu is a smart person. I will not beat around the bush anymore. I’m looking for this.”

Someone beside the man took a piece of paper and laid in it front of Shu Hang.

“Have you seen this before?”

Shu Hang stared at the image on the paper. It was a normal box.

There was a picture on the front.

Two triangles intersected each other to form a hexagram.

In the middle of the hexagram, there was a flower… it looked like gra.s.s too. It was shaped like a four-leaf clover.

“What… is this?”

The man said, “I need Mr. Shu to find this box for me.”

Shu Hang replied, “I’ve never seen this before. How am I supposed to look for it?”

“This box is definitely at the Shu family’s house. As long as you have the heart, you will find it.”

Shu Hang was puzzled. “Since you know that it’s at the Shu family’s house, why don’t you look for it yourself?”

The man answered, “You should know your family better than me, right? You should know where they would put this, so it’s easier for you to find it.”

His family?

Shu Hang looked at the man in disbelief.

Shu Ran’s parents, his younger brother and sister-in-law?

Shu Hang thought about something. “My younger brother’s death…”

The man placed his forefinger on his lips.

Shu Hang felt a chill down his spine.

“Mr. Shu, I will pay you by letting you become the heir of the Shu family.”


“If you are unable to find what I want, you might have to take the blame for killing Cai Yuanpeng.”

This was an obvious threat.

Shu Hang’s heart felt heavy. This man must have taken some evidence when he killed Cai Yuanpeng.

If he didn’t agree with him, he would have to take responsibility for Cai Yuanpeng’s death.

The man continued, “Oh, right. And your daughter.”

“What did you do to my daughter?”

Shu Hang really loved Shu Xue so he immediately exploded in anger.

“You can ask for anything. Just don’t touch my daughter. She doesn’t know anything.”

“Don’t worry. Miss Shu is cute and lively. I like her. I’ll not harm her.”


Shu Hang was in a daze as he walked on the streets.

He found a public phone and used it to call Shu Xue. Shu Xue picked up the call quickly.

“Xue’er, where are you?”

“In school.” Shu Xue’s tone was distant. “Father, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Don’t go to school anymore. Come back home first.”

“Father, I think you should apologize to Mother. I won’t be going back any time soon.”

“Xue’er… Xue’er?”

She had hung up.

She was fine. However, the man said that if he didn’t cooperate, she would be in danger…

The box…

He never saw the box before…

How was he supposed to find it?

While Shu Hang was feeling confused and lost, police cars surrounded him.

“Mr. Shu Hang, please come with us.”

Shu Hang’s mind turned blank.

“Why… why?”

“You are suspected of murder.” The policeman remained professional. “Please cooperate with us.”

Shu Hang broke down.

Didn’t the man ask him to look for the box?

Why did the police find him so quickly?

Shu Hang was on the edge of losing his mind so he couldn’t maintain his calm. He shouted, “I didn’t… I didn’t kill anyone! It has nothing to do with me.”

The policeman’s gaze changed.

“Mr. Shu, please cooperate with us.”

Shu Hang was forced into the police car.

At the police station, Shu Hang saw Ming Shu sitting inside. His face turned black.

It’s not the man.

Ming Shu smiled and waved at Shu Hang.

Shu Hang only knew what happened after he was locked up. Ming Shu had a recording. She used it to call the police and told them that he attempted to murder her.

The recording was recorded on the day she came to look for him.

That time, she asked him many questions. Shu Hang didn’t remember what he said.

He just knew that she knew everything he did.

However, besides beating him up, she didn’t do anything to him…

Most importantly, the police found medication on Cai Yuanpeng’s body. It was the same as the one Lawyer Jiang sent for examination.

This time, the police found an unfamiliar compound in the medication.

The police found out that this compound caused someone to be delusional. They suspected that it was a new kind of drug.

They found the same medication at Shu Hang’s place.

He was always in charge of Shu Ran’s medication so he might have forgotten to throw it away.

No matter how much Shu Hang tried to explain that he was forced to say those words, the medication was a piece of sound evidence against him.

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