Morning, The Heir Chapter 49: Xue Haolin, Are You Back?

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Translator: 安贝-Peggyan and Ruriko
Leng Yihuang said the last sentence when lying to her ears. His warm breaths splashed on her ears as if a viper licked her face. Lin Xiaomi screamed in terror, abruptly pushed him away, and jumped out of the bed in a panic.

She wanted to escape and didn't want to stay with him under the same roof. Otherwise, he would eat her alive.

His wild laughter arose behind her before she ran.

Not until now did she realize he played her again.

What a jerk!

“Are you happy to make fun of me?” She felt somewhat angry.

He slightly c.o.c.ked his eyebrows and looked at her who glared at himself in fury.

He replied “en” in his heart. Lin Xiaomi who now was energetic was charming. He disliked her who was sad like just now.

He smiled at her conceitedly. Without replying to her, he turned around and laid on the bed before sleeping with his eyes closed,

leaving her gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth in situ.

He was a hooligan!

Afterward, she wasn't afraid of him anymore. Lying on the bed, she quickly fell into sleep without thinking about what happened before.

The next morning, they went to the sanatorium again.

As they walked inside, they saw Grandmother eating breakfast. Leng Yihuang was in a good mood and said obediently, “Grandma.”

“Who are you?”

The smile was frozen on Lin Xiaomi's face. Grandmother's Alzheimer's disease came back, and she forgot them again.

They stayed here till noon on Sunday, but Grandmother still couldn't remember them.

After lunch, they left.

Lin Xiaomi suddenly got a call from Lin Xin'er on her way back.

After a glance, she directly hung up the phone without a second thought.

However, Lin Xin'er was like opposing Lin Xiaomi and called Lin Xiaomi again the next second.

Lin Xiaomi impatiently answered the phone. “Are you done?”

Since Lin Xiaomi was driving, she pressed the speaker. Then, Lin Xin'er's sharp voice came along via the cellphone.

“Lin Xiaomi, who gives you the guts to hang up on me?”

Leng Yihuang subconsciously frowned upon hearing the bad tone.

Unexpectedly, this was Lin Xin'er who s.n.a.t.c.hed all parental love from Lin Xiaomi. But, was Jiang Hui blind? How could she love such a girl?

Lin Xiaomi had got used to this. “Spill it.”

On the other side, Lin Xin'er seemed to think of something, and her voice thereby turned soft. “Oh, never mind. I've just heard from auntie you keep a Guinea pig in your apartment?”

As soon as Lin Xin'er was done speaking, Lin Xiaomi's face turned darkened.

As expected, Lin Xin'er added, “I actually like small animals. I suddenly want to raise a Guinea pig after hearing this news .”

Hearing this, Lin Xiaomi couldn't help refuting back, “Lin Xin'er, if you like it, I'll send you ten Guinea pigs tomorrow.”

“But you know only those animals raised by others can turn good pets.”

Lin Xiaomi ground her teeth and said, “Don't even think about it. I won't give it to you!”

Lin Xiaomi had guessed Lin Xin'er's motive. As lin Xiaomi grew up, Lin Xin'er wanted to grab everything Lin Xiaomi liked away.

It was fine if Lin Xin'er treasured them. On the contrary, once she got what she wanted, she would destroy them in less than one minute.

Under the circ.u.mstances, Lin Xiaomi would never give Little Nipper to Lin Xin'er!

Lin Xin'er said with a conceited smile, “I don't mean to s.n.a.t.c.h it from you, but...”

She paused purposefully and then continued, “When auntie learned I liked it, she wanted to give it to me. I said no to her, but she said it was alright and went to your apartment to fetch it for me.”

Lin Xiaomi's heart sank at the news.

“Lin Xin'er, if you dare to hurt it, I won't let you go.”

Lin Xiaomi then hung up the phone. As she pounded the steering wheel, the car instantly went off the direction.

Leng Yihuang frowned. “Focus on driving.”

She pursed her lips and hurried to grasp the steering wheel.

“Is she your stepsister?”

She powerlessly nodded and got home as soon as possible. She didn't directly head for the Lin family in case it was Lin Xin'er's conspiracy.

If Lin Xiaomi went to confront with Lin Xin'er, she would be definitely attacked by others.

Lin Xiaomi couldn't stay calm anymore when she didn't see Little Nipper and its cage after getting home.

It was dusk when she reached the Lin family.

Butler Lee stopped her with an angry face. “Why are you back?”

Lin Xiaomi was reluctant to see his face. “Where is Lin Xin'er?”

Hearing this, Butler Lee got vigilant. “Why are you looking for our lady?”

Before Lin Xiaomi spoke to him, Lin Xin'er came out of the house as if Lin Xiaomi was sure that Lin Xiaomi would come. However, Lin Xiaomi considered the smile on Lin Xin'er vicious.

“Where is Little Nipper?” asked Lin Xiaomi with her anger controlled while stepping one step forward.

Butler Lee stood in front of Lin Xin'er for fear that Lin Xiaomi would hurt Lin Xin'er. But, Lin Xin'er calmly said with a faint smile, “I got this, Butler Lee. You can leave.”

Lin Xiaomi asked again, “Where is Little Nipper?”

“The Guinea pig is named Little Nipper. Alas, what a pity on such a funny name.”

Lin Xiaomi's heart sank at the news.

“What do you mean?”

Lin Xin'er said with an innocent smile, “It was not obedient at all and ran wildly in the house. To my surprise, it ended up in Da Mao's bowl. In the end...”

Lin Xiaomi's eyes instantly turned red. Da Mao was Lin Xin'er's wolf dog.

Lin Xin'er looked at the tears in Lin Xiaomi's eyes with a brighter smile, walked forward, and gloatingly whispered to Lin Xiaomi's ears, “You can't imagine how pathetic it was just like the fuzzy toy your grandmother sent you. Its belly was bitten to pieces.”

“Lin Xin'er!!” Lin Xiaomi couldn't stand it anymore and pushed this vicious woman away with one action.

However, Lin Xin suddenly screamed and fell backward before hitting the ground hard, grazing her palms and arms and leaving blood on them.

Jiang Hui came out because of the screams, then screamed in surprise upon seeing Lin Xin'er fall onto the ground, and rushed over in a disorderly manner.

Having seen her hands, Lin Xiaomi puckered her lips and looked at Lin Xin'er lying on the ground.

Lin Xiaomi didn't use much force.

Lin Xin'er slandered Lin Xiaomi again. As she grew up, Lin Xiaomi couldn't remember how many times Lin Xin'er used this trick.

Lin Xiaomi coldly looked at Lin Xin'er with a mocking smile but unexpectedly saw a man hurtle over from afar and help Lin Xin'er up prior to Jiang Hui.

“What's up? Are you hurt?” asked the man nervously.

Lin Xiaomi looked at his face with astonishment, for she had googled this face many times.

Lin Xiaomi couldn't understand why he was here.

Xue Haolin! Was he back?

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