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Published at 24th of September 2019 06:09:09 AM Chapter 7.6

Rhonya could only see off the customers who exited the shop hurriedly while greeting ‘thank you very much’. But stopped the last customer and handed her a cup of cocoa.

After telling her that I returned first before the others, I then sat on the counter seat. Rhonya was swiftly cleaning up the seats within the shop. As I was exposed for observing her, Rhonya’s hand stopped working. I faced away in a fl.u.s.ter.

….This is badd.. I dunno what to say.

The words couldn’t come out of my mouth. More like, I’m hesitant of calling her with just ‘you’. Calling her tenchou doesn’t click with me, and if I call her by her name I’m sure B

oss will scold at me. Then, Rhonytenchou? But that feels off.

With plates on Rhonya’s hands, she headed to the kitchen.

She, standing of even when walking, she always straightens up her back. Even while sitting down and reading, as well as when having her coffee, she always has this proper stature. Every action she does has elegance. Just like a n.o.ble’s daughter….

Rhonya who came back from the kitchen then started wiping the counter table.

Oh yeah! How ‘bout transforming right in front of her to make a chance to start off a conversation. I remembered she looked happy when Chise and Boss did it the last time.

I then closed my eyes.

Feeling a tingling sensation all over my body, and the transformation’s complete.

Opening up my eyes, a cheerful pair of blue eyes flashed before me. I faced away in a fl.u.s.ter as I still can’t look straight to her eyes.

“How about a cup of juice until the rest arrives? I would recommend the mix juice of raspberry and cherries.”



Although she talked to me with a gentle voice, I could only nod in reply.

As I turn silent again, Rhonya brought over a cup of red colored juice. Taking a sip of it, it was sweet and sour. This ain’t bad.

“Is it to your liking?” Rhonya asked while tilting her head.

“Nn, yum”

“That is a relief. Ryusee-san likes sweet and sour flavors, right”

“Huh…” my eyes unconsciously opened wide.

Well, it’s true that I like sweet-sour flavors rather than just sweet ones but, I’ve never even told it to Sena and the others. She’s quite observant, huh.

“….Hey” I think my voice faltered a bit, but I continued on.

“Can I call you ojou? Somehow calling you tenchou doesn’t click with me, and ojou seems to fit you well so… Can I? Rhonyojou…”

I tried asking her about how to call her.

Rhonya’s eyes widened in surprise, and she went into thoughts. Then—

“As long as Ryuuse-san likes it” as she replied with a gentle smile.

It felt like the distance between us became closer and that made me happy.

I stretched out my long tail towards Rhonya who was trying to head to the kitchen. Wrapping it around her waist, I pulled her towards me.

Rhonya’s eyes widened and she stiffened, her face turned blush red.

“Whwhat is it… Ryuuse-san…”

W-what’s with that response? Cute.

Speaking of, Sena and Chise did mention it before. About how Rhonya’s not used to frolicking and to not force it on her. So this is what they meant.

“….I can’t.. frolic with you?” Looking up, I ask for her permission.

“…I-if.. you do it moderately.. then..”

“Then, your hand, can I borrow it” Holding out my left hand, Rhonya then shyly placed her right hand on top of mine. Taking the palm of her hand closer to my face, I lightly rubbed my face to it.

Rhonya twitched and started shaking a bit.

As I took a glance towards her, Rhonya was red till her ears. Shy, she bit her own lips, and her s.h.i.+vering body… Aaaa.. Too much! Cute!

My body exploded and heated up, and I felt like jumping on her. But I held myself back, and made do with just some face rubbing.

Aa, I like this. As I continue frolicking, such feeling well up within me.

Rhonya covered her mouth with her other hand. I guess it’s ticklish.

Looking towards that smooth skin makes me want to lick it. But I think she’ll get mad if I suddenly licked her face.

I then tried touching my nose onto Rhonya’s hand. It smelled sweet and sour, probably the residue from making the juice. As I licked the back of her hand, Rhonya leaked out a small shriek.

“Hyaa… Ryu- ryuuse-san… Is.. is it enough already?” asked Rhonya, as her big blue eyes swam around.

But, since she’s too cute. I don’t feel like stopping. I want to tightly hug her and frolic more with her. Such desire welled up within me.

“I thought Ojou wants to touch me? You are free to touch me, you know?”

“I-i.. do not.. particularly…”

“But you’re always looking at my tail”


Pointing the edge of my tail towards Rhonya, I swayed it in front of her. The moment I placed my lips on the back of her hand, the doorbell rang with a cling clang and the door opened.

It was Boss and the others.

As Boss saw how I placed my lips on the back of Rhonya’s hand, he stared at it and stiffened. Then, Chise who was behind Boss b.u.mped into him.

“What’s wrong with you, s.h.i.+ze?” as Chise’s face protruded out from Boss’s side, he too stared at me. Sena’s face also protruded out from the other side.

“W-welcome” and so Rhonya greeted with a flushed face. She then sent a look towards me as if requesting to release her hand.

And since Boss is staring over me, I had to reluctantly release her hand.

“I- I still have some dishes to do…” Rhonya then headed to the kitchen.

Boss slowly walked towards my direction. Sena and Chise headed to the table seat while paying attention to me.

…Are they mad?

Slightly cowering my body, I looked up towards Boss. The pressure he releases remains the same even when he’s in human form.

Boss held out his hand with an expressionless face. I braced myself whilst closing my eyes. He then placed his big hand on top of my head and roughly patted it. Thanks to it, my fur’s all fuzzy now. Boss then headed to the table seat and sat down on the sofa whilst staying silent.

….What’s with that.. Don’t tell me.. He’s still treating me like a child? Even though I’m not a child anymore like when he found me… That p.i.s.sed me.

Taking care to not scratch myself from my long claws, I tidied up my hair.

Looking towards what’s inside the kitchen, I could see Rhonya cooling off her face.

She’s still blus.h.i.+ng… How cute. I wanna frolic more with her.

It felt like the me up till now was a mere lie. I should have opened up my heart sooner.

As if she felt my gaze, Rhonya looked towards me and I made a complacent smile.

I like this shop where Ojou is.

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