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Competing for the thicker skin?

Ye Xuan had never been afraid of anyone!

He never had an opponent in this thing!

Not far away, the woman in the green s.h.i.+rt was also stunned. Obviously, she did not expect that Ye Xuan would answer like this. In a flash, she suddenly went to the front of Ye Xuan. She used her index finger and gently lift up Ye Xuan's chin, smiling with wicked charm. "You can do all kinds of position? Really?"

Obviously, she did not want to concede!

Ye Xuan looked at Lu Banzhuang. Lu Banzhuang said lightly, "You can play. I'll just watch."

Ye Xuan: "..."

At this time, the woman in the green s.h.i.+rt blinked. "Do you want to play together?"

Ye Xuan shook his head. This woman was really too strong!

He did not continue to flirt with the green-s.h.i.+rted woman and sat on the ground. He then swallowed an Incised-wound Pill.


The tough battle before not only consumed a lot of his energy but also wounded him throughout his body, especially his arms. He still felt his arms numb now!

Now, the top priority was healing!

Because he did not know when Cangmu College and Dark World would start the next round of attack!

Lu Banzhuang at his side suddenly sat on the ground and then leaned on a stone, falling asleep...


She did not suffer any injuries. When she was fighting with the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man was only trying to pin her down. Therefore, the two did not fight too hard. She wanted to kill this man, but this man did not give her a chance at all. He was constantly dodging, and when she wanted to leave, the man caught up on her...

She was not injured. She was just tired and wanted to sleep.

The green-s.h.i.+rted woman took a look at Lu Banzhuang, shook her head slightly, and whispered, "You could just be a big miss of the Lu family, yet you came out to suffer. But you are now much stronger than before!"

Shen then also sat down and leaned against Lu Banzhuang.

On the other side, Ling Yue just sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes slightly, meditating.

Behind them, the aura of Ling Han and others was getting stronger and stronger...

In the city.

After Jiang Jiu returned to the city, she immediately returned to her camp. When she just entered the camp, an old man appeared quietly.

The old man slightly greeted Jiang Jiu. "Yue Country and Chu Country planned to retreat, but they did not do that for no reason. The two countries' armies are stationed not far from the border of our country. They have not moved!"

Jiang Jiu slightly narrowed her eyes. "The Dayun Empire has moved."

The old man nodded. "The king thought the same. Even though the Dayun Empire is far away from our country, if they really want to attack us, I'm afraid..."

Speaking of this, he glanced at Jiang Jiu and did not say anything more.

Jiang Jiu sat in the chair with a trace of sorrow in her eyes.

Dayun Empire!

The largest empire in Qing Continent!

If the Dayun Empire really waged war against Jiang Country, Jiang Country's fate...

Ning Country.

In a large hall of the palace, Tuoba Yan wore a very large fluffy coat. She leaned on the dragon chair, and a pile of memorials lied in front of her.

At this moment, a shadow suddenly floated into the hall. After entering the hall, the shadow floated into the dark corner of the hall.

Tuoba Yan looked at the corner. "How is it?"

The shadow said, "Your Majesty, the Tang Country has been defeated. Now, Jiang Country has detained Tang Country's king, Tang Mu, and Tang Country's grand marshal, Pei Xiaohu. I think they haven't thoroughly reached an agreement. However, with these two people in their hands, Tang Country is just a piece of meat in Jiang Country's hands. We should just wait and see how Jiang Country would eat it."

Tuoba Yan said lightly, "Speak the point!"

The shadow slightly saluted and continued, "The kid named Ye Xuan resisted the attack of Cangmu College and the Dark World!"

Tuoba Yan said, "You have attacked?"

The shadow shook his head. "We haven't attacked because suddenly, there were two incredible talents from the Central Divine Continent attacked. However, according to my investigation, the Dark World and Cangmu College have not stopped, and there are people continue to step into Jiang Country's boundary. Among them, there may be people from the Dayun Empire."

Dayun Empire!

Tuoba Yan's slightly narrowed her eyes, and there was cold light flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes. "The Dayun Empire... Why does the Kaoshan King intervene in this matter..."

Speaking of this, she was silent for a while. Suddenly, her pupils suddenly narrowed. "Does she want to take this opportunity to unite the entire Qing Continent?"

Unite the Qing Continent!

Suddenly, the hall became quiet!

After a while, Tuoba Yan looked at the shadow in the corner. "Pay attention to Jiang Country and Ye Xuan. If it is a critical moment, you can help."

The shadow hesitated and then said in a deep voice, "Your Majesty, if we attacked, I am afraid that we will offend Cangmu College and the Dark World. Offending these two forces for a man who is not born in our country, I'm afraid this is..."

Tuoba Yan suddenly narrowed her eyes which looked like blades. "What, do I need you to teach me?"

The shadow quickly knelt on one knee. "I dare not!"

Tuoba Yan looked aside and said, "Aunt Jiang!"

As her voice fell, an old woman and an old man appeared in the hall.

The old woman deeply saluted to Tuoba Yan. "Your Majesty, it's my fault that I didn't train well."

Tuoba Yan said lightly, "You concern Ning Country and dared to advise, so you should be rewarded. You can go to the martial arts library to pick a martial art skill."

Upon hearing this, the shadow quickly said, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

At this time, Tuoba Yan said, "You are a killer and a Death Squire, but not a courtier. What I need is a sword for me and Ning Country to kill people, not a mouth. After receiving the martial art skill, immediately quit the Shadow Guards and wait for observation."

When hearing Tuoba Yan's words, the shadow was stunned and then quickly knelt down. The shadow was about to speak when Aunt Jiang, who was on the side, suddenly thundered, "Back off!"

The shadow trembled a little, then turned and disappeared.

Aunt Jiang looked at Tuoba Yan and gave a slight salute. "It's my fault."

Tuoba Yan shook her head. "Xiaodie is just young and doesn't know when to do the right thing. She should be punished. Her talent is very good, and she also has a special const.i.tution, so her future is boundless. Aunt Jiang, you can secretly observe her. If she does not have other thoughts, she can be fully trained in the future."

The old woman deeply saluted and said, "Understood."

Tuoba Yan said, "Send people to pay attention to Jiang Country all time. At crucial moments, the Shadow Guards can help."

The old woman hesitated and wanted to say something, but she stopped.

Tuoba Yan whispered, "I know that you have concerns. Helping Jiang Country and Ye Xuan will offend Cangmu College, the Dark World, and the Dayun Empire... However, you haven't thought about this. Now, it may not be just between Ye Xuan, Cangmu College, and the Dark World."

Speaking of this, she got up and looked out of the hall. "The setup of Qing Continent might change! Compared to Cangmu College and the Dark World, I prefer to believe him..."

Frontier City.

Jiang Jiu went out of the city gate and walked to Ye Xuan. She sat in front of Ye Xuan and said, "I want to know your thoughts on something."

Ye Xuan looked at Jiang Jiu. "What is it?"

Jiang Jiu said in a deep voice, "About Tang Country. Now, the court has been quarreling on how to deal with Tang Country. Some people want to detain the hostage so that Tang Country will pay a lot of money to redeem. Some people want to make Tang Country become a subsidiary of Jiang Country... There are even people who want to completely eliminate Tang Country to end the trouble."

Speaking of this, she looked at Ye Xuan. "What do you think?"

Ye Xuan asked, "What about you? What do you think?"

Jiang Jiu took a look at Ye Xuan and said, "I am asking you!"

Ye Xuan smiled. "I don't know about this!"

Jiang Jiu said in a deep voice, "You can talk about your thoughts!"

Ye Xuan thought about it and then said, "Let both of them go!"

Jiang Jiu looked up at Ye Xuan. She was a bit stunned.

Ye Xuan said lightly, "If Tang Country has to pay a lot of money to redeem people, this will cause turbulence, even riots, in Tang Country. They will only hate Jiang Country more, which will push them to the Dayun Empire. As for destroying them, Jiang Country does not have the strength to completely annihilate Tang Country."

Speaking of this, he made a slight pause and then whispered, "If we don't let them go back, the Dayun Empire is likely to raise a puppet in Tang Country. At that time, the two people we caught will be useless. Let them go back and form an alliance with them."


Jiang Jiu looked at Ye Xuan. "The two countries are nemesis!"

Ye Xuan shook his head. "You should know Jiang Country's current situation. The main army of Tang Country is still there. If they attack Frontier City at all costs, plus Yue Country, Chu Country, and the Dayun Empire, Jiang Country will end up even worse."

Jiang Jiu said in a deep voice, "But what if they turn to the Dayun Empire when they go back?"

Ye Xuan smiled. "They have been abandoned by Cangmu College and the Dark World once, and they have paid a painful price for it. I believe that they will not join hands with Cangmu College."

Jiang Jiu looked directly at Ye Xuan. "But what if?"

Ye Xuan smiled. "Then destroy them again completely. Let Tang Country completely be gone. You can just tell them like this. Tell them I said this!"

Jiang Jiu looked at Ye Xuan for a long time. Finally, she suddenly walked to Ye Xuan. She gently touched the wound on Ye Xuan's face. "You can go, actually!"


Ye Xuan could go indeed.

If he walked away, Cangmu College and the Dark World simply could do nothing to him if no All-methods Realm experts allowed.

Ye Xuan smiled. "My brothers, the people I care about, and Canglan College are all here. I promised Old Ji!"

Jiang Jiu smiled. "And me?"

Ye Xuan was stunned a little and then smiled. "You are also the person I care about."

Jiang Jiu's mouth curved slightly. "How much do you care?"

Ye Xuan seriously said, "Very much."

Jiang Jiu looked at Ye Xuan for a long time. Finally, she gently hugged Ye Xuan. "If Lil An and I both fell into the water, who would you save first?"

Upon hearing this, Ye Xuan's face was full of black lines...

Jiang Jiu laughed and gently patted Ye Xuan's cheek. "Nerd!"

After that, she turned and left.

The silver armor made her look graceful.

Ye Xuan shook his head. "What are these women thinking all day..."

After two hours, Tang Country's king and Pei Xiaohu suddenly went out of Frontier City. The two people came to Ye Xuan. Tang Mu glanced at Ye Xuan and said, "Farewell."

Ye Xuan nodded and said, "Take care."

Pei Xiaohu walked to Ye Xuan and looked directly at Ye Xuan. "Are you not afraid that we will go back and join Cangmu College and Dayun Empire?"

Ye Xuan faced Pei Xiaohu. "If you believe in me, Tang Country will not perish as long as Jiang Country is there."

Pei Xiaohu said, "Can you represent Jiang Country?"

Ye Xuan shook his head. "No! But I can represent myself. If Jiang Country breaks the covenant, I would object first. Of course, if Tang Country breaks the covenant, I promise that there will no longer be Tang Country in this world."

Pei Xiaohu took a deep look at Ye Xuan. "If Jiang Country does not break the alliance, Tang Country will not break the alliance as long as I'm alive."

At this moment, a black-clothed man suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xuan and others. The black-clothed man quickly came to Ye Xuan. He gave a fist and palm salute. "Master Ye, Yue Country and Chu Country suddenly launched a raid. The south and east border of Jiang Country were lost! The two countries' army has entered Jiang Country!"

Ye Xuan frowned slightly. "How come?"

The black-clothed man said in a deep voice, "The Dayun Empire has moved."

At this time, Jiang Jiu suddenly came out of the city with a team of cavalries. Jiang Jiu came to Ye Xuan and said, "I will go and support!"

Ye Xuan was silent.

Aside, Pei Xiaohu suddenly said, "The Nine Princesses, if you believe in me, I can bring the Black Saber Guards and Death Squad with you together!"

Jiang Jiu looked at Pei Xiaohu. "Thank you!"

After that, she looked at Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan faced her and said, "Wait for me!"

Jiang Jiu smiled. "Rea.s.sured, even if I die, I will look at you before I die and listen to your voice. Otherwise, I will not die in peace!"

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