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Ye Xuan had no expression. But in his heart, he felt somewhat shocked!

Because the bunch of people before him came from Central Divine Continent!

"How do people from Central Divine Continent end up here?"

Ye Xuan was very puzzled. One must know that Central Divine Continent was quite far away from here!

It seemed that she knew the doubt of Ye Xuan, the women in the blouse cast a look at him and then explained, "Wandering from place to place, we make a living to experience the world and toughen ourselves without secret supports from anyone."

"They are here to experience the world and toughen themselves!"

Upon hearing this, Ye Xuan suddenly understood.

All these people before him chose to come out to gain experience. Apparently, they went out on their own, and they did not bring any experts with them!

Only in this way could they gain real experience and make themselves stronger!

If they brought experts with them, they didn't push themselves to experience the world or toughen themselves. They just pretended to do so!

Just then, a man named Ye Li next to the woman in the blouse suddenly cast his eyes on Ye Xuan and inquired, "Are you the Dean of Canglan College?"

Ye Xuan nodded.

An odd look emerged on Ye Li's face because Ye Xuan was too young to be a dean!

Beside Ye Li, Mo Yu, a man holding a long spear suddenly exclaimed, "The Canglan College in Central Divine Continent is fu*king awesome!"

Ye Xuan shook his head and said, "But it has nothing to do with me!"

When everyone heard Ye Xuan's words, they could not help looking at Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan drew a large circle on the ground. "We are now probably in this position, which is at least 500 kilometers away from the Imperial Capital of Tang Country. In the 500 kilometers' distance, we have to go through at least 12 cities..."

At this moment, the woman in the blouse suddenly threw a question at Ye Xuan. "Will we go through the Imperial Capital of Tang Country?"

Ye Xuan stopped and responded by asking. "You don't dare to go there, do you?"

Everyone in the field stared at each other. The woman in the blouse looked at Ye Xuan but made no answer.

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, "For us, there is no turning back. The further we go, the more unexpected they will be."

Speaking of this, he paused a little, and then added, "In my humble opinion, you are now in the Secluding Realm. If you guys want to improve yourselves, you have to spend a lot of money. I am afraid that those treasures and gold that you have got will provide you only a little help, am I right?"

To experience the world and improve themselves meant that all of them were going to need a large sum of money!

This group of people came out and became mercenaries only because they needed to make money. Then, they could buy cultivation resources to improve themselves!

Even though one had great talents, he would find it extremely hard to make a single move without any financial support!

After a moment of silence, those people all turned to look at Lu Banzhuang, the woman in the blouse.

Lu Banzhuang looked at Ye Xuan. "Do you have any plans?"

Ye Xuan thought for a while and said, "I have no plan. We grab and run!"

"Grab and run!"

The woman in the blouse nodded. "Okay!"

Soon, they jumped on the black wolves.

Under the guidance of Ye Xuan and Lu Banzhuang, the group of people penetrated deeply into Tang Country.

A team of a dozen people, the group members of which were all top geniuses. It could be said that they would fear no one as long as they didn't encounter experts in the All-methods Realm or the armies.

After a while, the group of them arrived in an ancient city. None of them cared about the city name. They rushed straight into the city and went directly to the Chatelain's Manor.

Each city had a Chatelain's Manor, which was the highest authority of the city. In other words, except for Chambers of Commerce like Drunken Fairy Building, it was the richest place in a city!

Ye Xuan certainly would not take these people to rob the Drunken Fairy Building... Then the Chatelain's Manor naturally became their best target!

The group of people rushed to the Chatelain's Manor at a breakneck speed. During the process, of course, they came across many soldiers. But those soldiers could not keep them out!

Ye Xuan and Lu Banzhuang ran all the way to the treasure house in the Chatelain's Manor. Without any nonsense, they plundered the treasure house and ransacked all the treasuries like mad... After a few breaths of time, there was nothing left in the treasure house!

After a quarter, Ye Xuan and the group of people with him had already rushed out of the city and headed for the next one.

Shortly after Ye Xuan and others left, a bunch of black cavalries abruptly rushed into the city. There were three hundred black cavalries. Wearing a long black saber, each one of them looked sharp and cold!

They were the Black Saber Guard!

Those people were soldiers who were ready to die anytime for the Imperial Palace of Tang Country. Each of them was at the peak of the Ascending Realm at least. They were elites selected from various military camps of Tang Country!

The leader of them was a man with a mask. The masked man looked up into the distance and ordered, "Chase after them."

Before long, this group of Black Saber Guards rushed out of the city.


In a mountain range, Ye Xuan and others were still running wildly.

Not far from Ye Xuan, Lu Banzhuang suddenly said, "There is a cavalry team of about three hundred people behind us! They are powerful, not like some ordinary cavalries!"

Ye Xuan nodded. "Can they catch up with us?"

Lu Banzhuang shook her head. "No!"

Ye Xuan told her, "Then, let's ignore them and head for the next city!"

Speaking of this, he suddenly cried, "We have just harvested at least fifty million gold coins, three pieces of Supreme Spiritual Weapons, and a few other things!"


In the field, all of them suddenly burst into laughter. "Let's do it. Do some big things. Haha!"

"Go ahead! Let's go on robbing!"

"Make a great fortune, haha..."


Lu Banzhuang cast a glance at Ye Xuan. "You don't look like a Sword Cultivator. You are more like a bandit!"

Ye Xuan, "..."

After a while, riding on the backs of those black wolves, Ye Xuan and others came to an ancient city. On the city walls of the ancient city, there were full of soldiers armed with longbows.

Seeing this scene, those people behind Ye Xuan were going to charge toward them. But unexpectedly, Ye Xuan said, "Go. Let's make a detour!"

"Make a detour?"

Everyone was startled. "Are we not going to rob?"

Ye Xuan said with a deep tone, "Trust me, take a detour first!"

After that, riding on the black wolf, he turned around and left.

Lu Banzhuang took a look at Ye Xuan. "Go with him!"

In a little while, the group of people turned around and left. After a short time, they disappeared from the sights of those soldiers on the wall.

Seeing this scene, the face of the general on the wall suddenly became furious. "Da*n!"

In a few minutes, hundreds of cavalries came to the gate of the city. They were Black Saber Guards.

The masked man, also the leader, looked up at the wall. The general on the wall told him, "They are gone!"

At this time, the masked man suddenly said, "It is not good. They must have gone to the next city! Let's hurry up!"

When his sound fell, hundreds of cavalries turned around right away...

On the other hand, Ye Xuan and others were still running among the mountains. These mountains had complicated landform. Fortunately, the Evil Wolves they rode on were tough enough such that the complex terrain didn't stop these demon wolves from traveling fast. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to charge straight into the heart of Tang Country!

At this time, Lu Banzhuang, who was next to Ye Xuan, suddenly said, "Are you afraid that they would hold us back and then those cavalries behind us might catch us?"

Ye Xuan nodded. "We only have 13 people, so we can only fight and win a battle quickly. If we are surrounded and the bunch of cavalries behind us comes to us, it will be impossible for us to escape!"

Lu Banzhuang looked at the distance. "They should have a backup plan."

Ye Xuan nodded slightly. "So we have to be faster."

With this, he glanced around. "Everyone, once you launch an attack later, you should try your best to fight and show them no mercy."

Everyone nodded. They also knew their current situation. At this time, they definitely dared not to be careless!

Although they were all genius and marvels, they were now fighting against a country. They felt thrilled only to think about it!

They were robbing a country!

They were going to gain their rights to brag when they went back home later on.

Before long, a city appeared in the sight of everyone, which was much bigger than the two previous cities!

It was a large city!

Gradually, everyone looked dignified!

Since it was a big city, the defense inside this city must be solid!

Lu Banzhuang looked at Ye Xuan. "Will we plunder this city?"

All of them turned to look at Ye Xuan one after another.

After experiencing the few things with them, Ye Xuan actually had gained some prestige in their hearts. Or more precisely, they had good feelings toward Ye Xuan. Especially in previous, Ye Xuan did not go fifty-fifty with them on those treasures they got. Instead, he shared everything with them equally.

He was not a greedy person!

No one would like a greedy person!

Ye Xuan was silent for a moment, and then said, "We should rob this city. If we succeed this time, all of us should be able to make a great fortune!"

After that, he took the lead and rushed out.

Next to Lu Banzhuang, Ye Li suddenly said, "This guy is nice. Elder sister, when this battle ends, you can ask if he would like to join us and so we can go around the world together!"

Hearing his suggestion, all the people behind Lu Banzhuang nodded and agreed.

Lu Banzhuang glanced at Ye Xuan in the distance. "I'll ask him later. Let's go!"

As her voice fell, the group of people rushed straight out!

Ye Xuan and others, they dashed forward at an exceedingly fast speed. They were much faster than ordinary horses. Especially when they spurted, they were unparalleled fast.

"Who is coming?"

Someone roared on the wall.

Just then, a streak of sword-light flew across the field.


The city walls shattered. Ye Xuan directly rushed into the city together with a dozen companions, and they went straight to the Chatelain's Manor. But soon, a large group of soldiers stood in their way.

Poker-faced, Ye Xuan said, "Fight our way!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he bent his finger, and his Lingxiu Sword flew out instantly to cut.

"Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+"

Not far away, several heads of those soldiers were thrown out in an instant. Then, Lu Banzhuang and others also made their moves...

None could withstand their onslaught!

The thirteen people, including Ye Xuan, instantly dispersed those battle formations those soldiers made, and they went straight to Chatelain's Manor. There were soldiers continually coming up to them along the way, but they made no impact on Ye Xuan and the other twelve people!

Ye Xuan and Lu Banzhuang who led killed almost anyone they saw, and none of those people behind them were weak!

In this way, they rushed into Chatelain's Manor again. But at this point, streams of powerful auras suddenly attacked toward them!

Experts in the G.o.d-allied Realm!

And there were three!

Ye Xuan was going to attack, but Lu Banzhuang, who was next to him, rushed out all of a sudden. She was very fast, and her body directly ripped the air apart. Before Ye Xuan could see her moves clearly, she pushed an expert in the G.o.d-allied Realm nearby into the air. This expert never stood up again after he landed on the ground!

Ye Xuan felt somewhat shocked in his heart. "This woman is so powerful!"

Upon seeing this scene, the other two experts in the G.o.d-allied Realm didn't dare to come up to fight. They instantly turned around and escaped!

They were not stupid. If Ye Xuan and Lu Banzhuang insisted on fighting, they would only die in vain!

Lu Banzhuang turned to look at Ye Xuan. "Many Warriors in Qing Continent don't deserve their status!"

Speaking of this, she seemed to think of something, and said, "Among the people from Qing Continent that I have ever met, only you and An Lanxiu are exceptions!"

After that, she turned around and walked quickly toward the distance.

"An Lanxiu!"

Ye Xuan went black for a while and then hurried to follow her.

Soon, they entered the treasure house. The two of them madly raked as many things as they could even before they could get a close look.

After a while, changes happened. When they were about to walk out of the gate of the treasure house. Without warning, the two beams of cold light directly cut at the throats of Ye Xuan and Lu Banzhuang. Meanwhile, two ghost shadows popped up behind them!

They were killer from the Dark World!


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