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"I am invincible. You suit yourself!"

The Cangmu College was silent!

Everyone was looking at the sword. They all knew the head on the sword—it belonged to a Senior in the Cangmu College. His strength could definitely rank top five in the college!

However, at this moment, his head was nailed right there!

The Cangmu College had offended a Sword G.o.d?

Not only did many of the students look blank, but everyone in the entire Dayun Empire was also stunned.

Sword G.o.d!

The first time a Sword G.o.d appeared in Qing Continent, but it was because of the Cangmu College!

What did Cangmu College do?

At the moment, countless people were undoubtedly very curious!

Jiang Country, Qing Continent.

Under the moonlight, the white-dressed woman looked even purer. She still turned her back to everyone, so no one saw her face.

The woman pointed to the horizon on the right. "The sword, you will take it back within six months. If you can't, I'll break your legs."

As the sound fell, the woman disappeared under the moonlight.


The Ninth Floorlord and Jiang Yuetian looked at each other. Finally, the two looked at Ye Xuan not far away.

Ye Xuan walked to the two people and gave a deep salute. "Thank you!"

If these two people did not help him with full effort, they were already dead. As for the mysterious woman, she might be alarmed when he forced to summon the Prison World Tower.

Seeing Ye Xuan acting so respectfully, the Ninth Floorlord felt very comfortable. It's not good to help someone who had no grat.i.tude!

The Ninth Floorlord gently patted the shoulder of Ye Xuan. "Little friend, it's us two who should say thank you. With your master's help, we can take our strength to the next level in half a year. This is a huge favor for us."

If there was no other fortune, they might not be able to go any further. Now, with the help of the mysterious women, they could break through again. For them, this is really a reborn.

Jiang Yuetian also nodded. He glanced at Ye Xuan. "What's your plan? If you don't have one, you can rest in the Imperial Palace for a while. You and Xiao Jiu are also friends, and you two will have company!"

Roping in!

The Ninth Floorlord glanced at Jiang Yuetian and quickly said, "You can also come to my Drunken Fairy Building. I would like to take you to the central mainland of the Divine Continent. We will treat you as a VIP!"

He naturally wanted to rope Ye Xuan in!

This was not entirely for the mysterious woman. Ye Xuan himself was not bad! With a Sword G.o.d master, Ye Xuan could only get stronger.

Now that Ye Xuan was still young, and he would encounter difficulties. If the Ninth Floorlord did not help Ye Xuan now, he would have no chance to help in the future!

Ye Xuan looked at the two and then shook his head. "Predecessors, thank you. I am going to rebuild the Canglan College."

Rebuilding the Canglan College!

Jiang Yuetian and the Ninth Floorlord looked at each other. They sighed in a low voice and did not speak.

On the side, Ji Anzhi glanced at Ye Xuan with tears in her eyes.

At this time, the Ninth Floorlord nodded. "Little friend, to rebuild the college, you must need a lot of things. If you have any needs, just come to the Drunken Fairy Building and tell us. We will do your best to help you!"

Jiang Yuetian also nodded. "I can help you with manpower. I will let the people in the handcraft department come to help you!"

Hearing this, Ye Xuan once again gave a deep salute to the two people and said, "Thank you!"

Jiang Yuetian laughed, "It's nothing. Don't be polite to me!"

The Ninth Floorlord also nodded. "Exactly, don't be too polite!"

Ye Xuan nodded. "Two seniors, I still have a lot to deal with, so I'm leaving!"

He then clasped both hands to the two people and turned to Mo Yunqi and the other two. "Pick up the loot, let's go!"


There were a dozen All-methods Realm experts who had died here, and some of them were at Peak All-methods Realm. One was even above Peak All-methods Realm. They naturally had advanced items on them.

They won't bring useless items!

Hearing this, Mo Yunqi and Bai Ze walked aside. Soon, everything on the ground was cleaned by them.

Jiang Yuetian and the Ninth Floorlord did not say anything. Although they also had some jealousy, they all knew that these things should really belong to Ye Xuan and others.

It was the mysterious woman who killed them!

Soon, Ye Xuan and others disappeared in the sight of the Ninth Floorlord and Jiang Yuetian.

The Ninth Floorlord said lightly, "This person is steady and calm, and he pays great value to friends.h.i.+p. This time, we did not help the wrong person!"

Jiang Yuetian nodded. "Cangmu College didn't accept him at the beginning. It was really stupid to the extreme. This Old Ji, alas..."

The Ninth Floorlord said lightly, "I'm afraid that it is not over yet!"

Jiang Yuetian looked at the Ninth Floorlord, who said in a low voice, "The headquarter of Cangmu College is not in the Qing Continent but Central Divine Continent! The headquarter of Dark World should also be in Qing Continent. This time, they suffered a big loss. Do you remember what happened in the end? I wonder what the predecessor did... I reckon that these two forces will not let this go easily!"

Jiang Yuetian said in a low voice, "This is a Sword G.o.d. Are they really going to risk everything to offend a Sword G.o.d?"

The Ninth Floorlord shook his head. "In the eyes of both of us, a Sword G.o.d is undoubtedly a G.o.d. But in Central Divine Continent, a Sword G.o.d... I am afraid that she is not a top expert there! A Sword G.o.d is not enough for them to bow down."

Jiang Yuetian whispered, "Let's just wait and see if they will give up."

The Ninth Floorlord nodded and said, "Wait and see..."

Cangmu College, Dayun Empire.

Cangmu College was located in the south of the Dayun Empire. The college was built on a mountain range. The mountains were vast, and one could not see the end of them. Mists filled the mountains, making it look like a fairyland.

This mountain range was not a normal mountain range. There was a spiritual vein at the bottom of the mountains!

Although the Cangmu College in Dayun Empire was not the headquarter, it was the largest one in Qing Cntinent. Dayun Cangmu College could be regarded as the leader among all Cangmu Colleges in the Qing Continent.

Tonight, for Dayun Cangmu College, it was undoubtedly a huge shame!

A Guardian of Cangmu College was nailed at the "Haoran Temple" of Cangmu College.

They enshrined and wors.h.i.+ped the deans and predecessors of Cangmu College in Haoran Temple. It was basically the most sacred place in Cangmu College!

No one was going to take the sword!

On one hand, they were afraid; on the other hand, some people simply did not dare to approach the sword!

Even an All-methods Realm expert dared not to approach to the sharp Sword Qi coming out of the sword.

It's no doubt a Sword G.o.d!

Everyone knew that Cangmu College had offended a Sword G.o.d!

Inside a hall.

A middle-aged man was sitting high in the hall. The middle-aged man was clad in an ink-white robe, and he held a roll of books in his left hand. He looked like a scholar.

This person was the dean of Cangmu College, Mu Xuanqing.

On the lower two sides, there were eight or nine male and female standing.

All of them were at Peak All-methods Realm!

After a while, Mu Xuanqing suddenly closed the book in his hand and said lightly, "It has been confirmed that the Sword G.o.d is from Qing Continent. Several people of our college had gone to Qing Continent. The purpose is to kill a teenager named Ye Xuan and to get the reward of Cangmu College in Jiang Country. It is a pity that Jiang Country lost a talent and several All-methods Realm experts. Now, even a Senior got killed. According to the scout, two Peak All-methods Realm killers form the Dark World also went there, and they are dead. In addition, some experts from some powerful forces, in a total of sixteen, all died! It's no doubt that a Sword G.o.d did this!"

He then glanced at everyone in the temple. "What do you think?"

It was silence in the temple.

A Sword G.o.d!

It was not someone for Cangmu College in the Qing Continent to offend!

Eat this loss!

Although it was a little shameful, this was undoubtedly the most smart decision!

At this moment, an old man stood up. "It's fine if this person only killed people. We deserve this since we offended her. However, this person nailed her sword to the top of our Haoran Temple, which is an insult to our Cangmu College. And we will also become the laughing stock of the entire Qing Continent. Our men will not raise their heads in front of people outside!"

Speaking of this, he shook his head slightly. "We can't let this matter go like this!"

Can't let it go!

As soon as this statement came out, the atmosphere in the temple suddenly became a little serious.

Did it mean to continue fighting?

Fighting against a Sword G.o.d?

How to fight?

Fight with what?

At this moment, Mu Xuanqing suddenly looked up at the entrance to the temple, where a shadow appeared.

There was just a shadow, not a man!

Seeing this, everyone's faces changed slightly.

Because they did not find out when this shadow appeared!

Mu Xuanqing said lightly, "I didn't expect the Dark Lord of the Dark World to come. Sorry for not greeting you."

Dark Lord!

Hearing the words, everyone's faces changed dramatically!

Dark Lord of the Dark World, this was definitely a name that could make people tremble with fear in the Dayun territory!

The boss of the top killer organization in Qing Continent!

Or, the only killer organization in Qing Continent.

At this moment, a hoa.r.s.e voice suddenly sounded. "Dean Mu, shall we join forces this time?"

Join forces!

Mu Xuanqing slightly narrowed his eyes. "What do you have?"

The Dark Lord said, "It's just a Sword G.o.d. Everyone joins hands, and it's not that difficult to kill her."

Mu Xuanqing shook his head. "You can't kill her. You and I still can't kill her!"

The Dark Lord suddenly said, "There are people coming from Central Divine Continent."

Mu Xuanqing's brows were slightly furrowed. "Do you really dare to make a desperate attempt? What is your purpose? Just for revenge?"

Dark Lord said lightly, "A Sword G.o.d must have cultivated the Original Golden Elixir. If we kill her, the elixir is equal to hundreds of years of tough cultivation, isn't it?"

Mu Xuanqing said lightly, "At what cost?"

The Dark Lord sneered, "Seeking fortune in danger, right?"

Mu Xuanqing was silent.

At this time, the Dark Lord said, "It's a wounded Sword G.o.d!"

Mu Xuanqing's eyes were slightly narrowed. "Why?"

Dark Lord said lightly, "If she was not injured, she had already come here personally. Moreover, why did this person appear in Qing Continent? If there is no special reason, she is very unlikely to appear in this place. Therefore, this person must be injured."

Mu Xuanqing said in a low voice, "It's just your guess!"

The Dark Lord sneered, "Her sword not only nailed a Guardian to death, but also killed the millennium reputation of your Cangmu College. If she is not dead, your students will not be able to lift their heads for a lifetime!"

Hearing this, Mu Xuanqing slowly grasped his right hand.

After a while, Miao Xuanqing suddenly stood up and said, "Send a message to the headquarter—Kill Sword G.o.d!"

Kill Sword G.o.d!

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