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Chapter 245: Chapter 245 Fas.h.i.+onable Animation

Zhou Fu was really speechless, and he didn’t know what boy Yu was thinking. It was already late autumn, but he was half-naked on the beach in the Billow Sound Pavilion. What weather did he think it was now!? One more layer of autumn rain would bring one more layer of coldness, this continuous drizzle has urged people to put on more clothes, but he was surfing in swimming trunks?

Even if the physical fitness of those who knew martial arts were good, he never saw Xiaobao doing it. Therefore, Zhou Fu was determined that this was a strange trick that boy Yu had come up with, to avoid work, because he had not attended the work meetings that he was supposed to attend for a while now. No one could have imagined that he would be hiding in the billow sound pavilion.

However, although Zhou Yu indeed didn’t like to work, this had nothing to do with the meetings. In this rainy weather, it was rare to have a chance to do sunbathing.

The business of The billow sound Pavilion was really good in the ACG world after the Sun Stone was installed. Many local tourists have come here to visit in cold weather. The best thing was that there were no tourists from the real world. Such a large swimming pool could be fully enjoyed by him alone, not to mention that he was still making Moe Coins from those tiny visitors. With Moe Coins constantly coming in, he would eventually be able to produce new anime, games, and comics again to increase the income in the real world.

Therefore, the billow sound pavilion must be open all year round. Anyway, he was still making money.

After entering the autumn, the billow sound Pavilion became bleaker and bleaker, so Zhou Fu had no choice but to put on an extra dress before he came to the swimming pool and talked to Zhou Yu. And because it was too cold, he could only go through the business quickly and then run out to get warm. In this way, the working time was greatly shortened, and there was no time to talk about other things, such as hurry up finding a girlfriend.

Because of this, Zhou Yu found that he was more and more fond of staying in the billow sound pavilion. He could jump into the swimming pool immediately if he didn’t like the topic. He dared Zhou Fu to get into the water to talk to him.

Zhou Fu was wearing a thick coat, which was in sharp contrast with Zhou Yu, who was just wearing a pair of swimming trunks. Helplessly, he let out a sigh and said, “Boy Yu, are you really not cold at all? Don’t force yourself, it won’t be worthwhile if you catch a cold. ”

It was actually really impressive that he was lazy to such an extent. However, looking at Zhou Yu’s relaxed look, and he even picked up ice cream and licked it twice, it seemed like he really didn’t feel that cold. He even took out one and wanted to give to Zhou Fu, which made him completely speechless.

Zhou Fu couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver. He quickly rejected Zhou Yu’s “good intentions”, and said, “The first season of the little Muli’s incredible maze is almost over. The TV station wants to buy the second season as well. But the price and airtime will be adjusted. Other video websites hope to buy the second season at the current price, and the product development department hopes to get to see all the episodes in the second season first so that they can start designing new products. ”

It was still some business talk. Although Zhou Yu has always just nodded his head and signed the doc.u.ment, this job could only be done by him, so he could only force himself to be patient and then finish it one by one.

The animation variety show was a brand-new genre. The current popularity was mainly due to the unparalleled high-quality production. If it was viewed from the production standard of the real world, the income obtained from the show was actually not enough to support the production cost. The various anime peripheral products and authorizing other companies to use their anime characters’ images, later on, was the main focus. And it was also the area that Zhou Fu put his focus in.

Knowing from some professionals that the funds required to produce such quality CG animation, would definitely be an unimaginable figure, so Zhou Fu felt that he needed to work harder. Although he didn’t know how much Zhou Yu needed to pay for that animation, the number was definitely not small. Therefore, as long as there were any new money-making ideas, Zhou Fu would be interested.

“Clothing brand? Uncle Fu, what is this? ”

Zhou Yu suddenly saw a letter of intent to cooperate with a clothing group. He couldn’t help but be dazed by it. What’s this got to do with animation? If it was a costume, then it would make some sense. But establis.h.i.+ng a formal clothing brand for a costume? This was something that had never been heard of. Could it be that animation was going to penetrate the fas.h.i.+on world?

Zhou Fu said with an expression of ‘It’s all your fault’, “you even have the audacity to ask me this question. Can you please tell me just exactly what kind of people do you have in your team?”

Speaking of this matter, Zhou Fu’s heart was aching constantly. Because this was regarding a huge loss of the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

It happened during the time when Zhou Yu just locked himself in the studio and started filming the second season of the show.

Liu Ying was a first-cla.s.s fas.h.i.+on designer and had a great reputation around the world. She also had her own original brand store. Her recent invitation to partic.i.p.ate in an international fas.h.i.+on design compet.i.tion made her very excited.

For Liu Ying, it didn’t matter if she could win the compet.i.tion or not. The most meaningful thing was to exchange ideas with the world’s top designers. However, when she saw the designer who won the golden award with his model, she could not stay calm anymore.

Because Liu Ying had seen these designs before!

It was on a boring night, Liu Ying turned on the TV. Originally, she wanted to see some variety shows to release her stress. However, after the TV was switched on, it was playing an animation. At first, she thought she was on the children’s channel, but after checking it a few times, she found that it was really an entertainment channel.

Liu Ying couldn’t figure out why the channel would be playing an animation at this time. She originally wanted to change channels. However, when she saw the gorgeous dresses that those adventurers dressed in the opening of the animation, she was completely stunned.

Holy cow, is this really an animation? This is clearly a top fas.h.i.+on show, Okay?!

Each of the adventurers that appeared in the animation dressed very stylishly. Because these people were the top idols in the ACG world, competing with each other for beauty, was like daily activities for them. In order to make their idols more attractive, the management companies also went to great lengths to find various design masters to design clothes for their idols.

It was like seeing the top gems, Liu Ying couldn’t move her eyes away from it anymore. But it was a pity that the opening of the animation soon pa.s.sed, and those characters were changed into strange costumes that people often saw in animation, although it was still very gorgeous it was not very artistic.

Liu Ying had no interest in the content of the show, so she turned on the computer and started searching for this show, only to play the opening repeatedly and enjoy these master-level works.

Afterward, she couldn’t help feeling a little bit ridiculous. Why does a master designer want to design clothes for an animation? With this kind of skill, they could make money everywhere. Besides it was just an animation studio, how could they afford to hire a master designer to design clothes for the anime characters?

However, after being amazed, Liu Ying also did not think too much about it, because she was about to partic.i.p.ate in a fas.h.i.+on compet.i.tion, and she still needed to work hard to make her work more perfect.

However, she never expected that these clothes would appear in front of her again in the fas.h.i.+on compet.i.tion.

Was it the designer, who was hired by that animation studio? It seemed like the designer should be Chinese. She should get to know that designer.

This was that Liu Ying thought.

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