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"Announcement for everyone in the server! The Huaxia District takes the lead to activate the instance zone and gets 10 points of honor as the reward!"

"Announcement for everyone in the server! The Huaxia District takes the lead to activate the instance zone and gets 10 points of honor as the reward!"

"Announcement for everyone in the server! The Huaxia District..."

"Announcement for everyone in the server! The Huaxia District..."

"Announcement for everyone in the server! The Huaxia District..."

The announcement for everyone in the server repeated for five times and all the players around the world were shocked. Then the announcement for the district also repeated for three times to wake up all the players in the Huaxia District.

"Announcement for everyone in the Huaxia District! The player *** has activated the instance zone and the trial mission has been opened. Players who reach level 10 can receive the trial mission from the priest in the bind of the Novice Village. Players can only enter the main city and transfer professions after completing the trial mission."

"Announcement for everyone in the Huaxia District! The player *** has activated the instance zone and the trial mission has been opened. Players who reach level 10 can receive the trial mission from the priest in the bind of the Novice Village. Players can only enter the main city and transfer professions after completing the trial mission."

"Announcement for everyone in the Huaxia District! The player *** has activated the instance zone..."

A buzz of excitement filled the Huaxia District and countless players opened the ranking immediately.

"Oh G.o.d! Did someone already reach level 10?"

"It's impossible. The highest level in the ranking is 7 and I don't find any player who has reached level 10!"

"How can he activate the trail mission without reaching level 10? Players can accept the trial mission only after they reach level 10!"

"Well, maybe he found the entrance of the instance zone by accident. After all, the Novice Village is not very big and there are always boring players who like to go around."

"Yeah, I guess so. Maybe he receives the task to activate the instance zone. But now it's useless for us. The trial mission is used to transfer professions in the major city and n.o.body can receive it before they reach level 10."

While numerous players were talking about the news, Xiaofeng had already entered the trail mission of the underground hole. The biggest surprise of the Ring of faith was that it offered Xiaofeng an extra opportunity to enter the instance zone without considering any conditions. These attributes were really awesome.

There was no doubt that the most important items in a game were equipment and skill books.

And only the BOSS could drop the above items.

However, the wild BOSS was rare. Players needed a lot of luck to find one and they also faced the risks of being robbed of their BOSS by others.

Then the importance of the instance zone was prominent. Players could get enormous experience and rewards by pa.s.sing it. What's more, there must be a BOSS in the instance zone and sometimes you can find more than one of them!

And the instance zone belonged to the independent s.p.a.ce. In addition to your team, there were no other players who entered this s.p.a.ce at the same time, which meant that no one would grab your BOSS.

Due to the limited number of team members, the difficulty of the instance zone had increased dramatically. After all, it was different from attacking wild BOSS and you couldn't ask thousands or tens of thousands of people to work together to kill the BOSS.

But the stable BOSS rewards, advanced equipment, and even rarer skill books still attracted numerous players.

Because of this, the number of times each player could challenge the instance zone was limited. Whether it was an advanced instance zone or a low-level one, the player had only one chance to challenge each day. After they used the opportunity, they also couldn't enter other instance zones.

Thus it could be seen that the Ring of faith was great! It offered the players an extra opportunity to enter the instance zone without any conditions. However, the Ring of faith was the 5th-level equipment and it seemed that it could only be used in this trail mission of the Novice Village.

"You've entered the trial mission of the underground hole. Besides, the instance zone is difficult, and the cooperation between the teammates is required. "

The underground hole was dark and damp, and Xiaofeng took a moment to adapt to the environment.

After pa.s.sing the downward steps of the entrance, Xiaofeng saw a deep stone cave.

Inside the stone cave, there were dense th.o.r.n.y vines which were like nets. They were on the left and right sides and under his feet. They were too dense that Xiaofeng could not find a place to stand. He accidentally touched the thorn, and immediately he was poisoned and his HP was reduced by 5 points per second. Fortunately, he could purify and quickly purified himself.

The hissing sound.

The pa.s.sage which was filled with the thorns was more than 30 feet long. After pa.s.sing the thorns, the pa.s.sage gradually brightened up, and he could see the oil lamps on both sides. At the same time, he also found traces of monsters.

Poisonous rock snake

Level: 10

Grade: ordinary

Health Points: 1100

ATN: 30

Defense: 12

Skills: poisoning, venom spitting

Introduction: rock snake that mutates under the influence of the underground hole, it's extremely difficult to deal with

Features: adapt to the dark environment, fast, attack with poisoning effect

The rock snake was nearly four times the size of his thigh and it had already reached level 10. Moreover, like the monster in the instance zone, it had two skills despite its ordinary grade.

Four huge rock snakes lay on the rock wall and were close to each other. Besides, their hatred ranges almost completely overlapped, which meant that it was difficult to kill them one by one. And the skill introduction indicated that it had the power of the ranged attack, which made it even more difficult for Xiaofeng to kill them.

In the trial mission, a team could have up to five members. But even a team of five would usually be blocked by these monsters.

Obviously, Xiaofeng was not one of them.

Xiaofeng completely ignored the threat of the overlap of the four rock snake's hatreds. Then he picked up a stone and threw it directly into the four rock snakes and attracted their hatreds at the same time.

The hissing sound.

The four huge rock snakes immediately turned to Xiaofeng. They moved very fast on the rock wall and chased Xiaofeng in a second.

Xiaofeng turned around and ran without any hesitation and he directly went back to the dark and damp thorn pa.s.sage.

Xiaofeng suddenly entered the dark pa.s.sage from the bright environment and the sudden change of light did not affect him. The thorns that climbed under his feet and the rock, which were like the spider web posed no threat to Xiaofeng. He was striding into the thorn net without any damage figure on his body.

The hissing sound.

"-5, -5, -5..."

However, the four rock snakes that followed Xiaofeng were miserable. They plunged into the thorn network and many damage figures appeared on their heads. They died before they even reached the entrance of the instance zone.

Xiaofeng's expression did not change at all. He continued to go deeper into the instance zone. It seemed that he had killed the monsters easily, but it was only Xiaofeng who could do this. For other players, the thorn alone was a big barrier and what's more, they had to rush on the thorn net in the dark environment.

The trail mission was not big, and the little monsters did not cause too much trouble for him. His attack ability could cause considerable damage to the 10th-level elite monsters. Besides, he could heal himself and didn't need any drugs.

Soon Xiaofeng arrived at the end of the underground hole, which was divided into two roads, one for each cave.

According to the tips of the instance zone, there was one BOSS in each of the two caves, which were physical melee, and magic remote monsters. You could get the trial certificate by killing any one of them and then you could go to the main city to transfer your professions.

"Two BOSSes?"

Xiaofeng was slightly surprised, and then first walked into the cave on the left. BOSS was very rare in the game and there were actually two of them. Of course, he decided to kill both of them.


The cave was very large as if the mountain was hollowed out. Xiaofeng also saw the BOSS standing in the middle.

It was a tall knight, but his armor was rusty and his body was rotten like a zombie. He carried a giant rusty sword and stood still without any vitality. And he was surrounded by the black air.

Corrupted born-again paladin

Level: 10

Grade: ordinary BOSS

Health Points: 1250

ATN: 62

DNF: 38

MGD: 28

Skills: holy light cut, holy light cross cut, holy light consecutive cut, holy s.h.i.+eld, holy shock

Introduction: one of the paladins who sealed the defector. After entering the Novice Village, his strength has dropped drastically. After his death, his corpse was resurrected by the evil forces but he still has the instinct of guarding the seal.

Features: a powerful paladin attached to the temple. Although his level was reduced to 10, he's still extremely difficult to deal with

He didn't expect that the BOSS of the trial mission was actually the paladin who had chased the defector mentioned by the priest. But he had been infected like the crocodile and the rock snake and his corpse was resurrected and became the BOSS. His HP and ability to attack and defense were amazing.

Xiaofeng first looked around the cave of the born-again paladin. After finding that the environment could not be used, he was sure that the born-again paladin was gonna fight with him by strength.

So he no longer hesitated, clenched the wolf-bone staff and attack the monster directly.


As soon as he stepped into the hatred of the born-again paladin, it immediately gave out a roaring sound like a beast. And then its body that had no vitality suddenly moved, and it waved the great sword in its hands against Xiaofeng.

Xiaofeng was forced back by its sword before he even approached the born-again paladin. However, when he was not prepared, he saw a flash appear on its sword, which had missed before and then the rays of light suddenly emerged. The rays were close to the ground and cutting towards Xiaofeng who was retreating.


Xiaofeng didn't expect that the born-again paladin used its skills so quickly and he was sc.r.a.ped by it. Luckily, he had a strong ability to defend and the damage was not very high.

He used the holy light to increase his falling HP. Then he moved forward instead of retreating and used the wolf-bone staff to knock on the born-again paladin constantly.



Two consecutive figures of damage floated from the head of the born-again paladin. The hit rate was not high, but the damage was still enough to reduce its HP.


However, when Xiaofeng thought about this, he heard another roar of the born-again paladin. Then it lifted its hand and a gold transparent s.h.i.+eld with three sides glowing rotated around it.

Xiaofeng was stunned. He escaped the attack and used the staff to knock on its head once again.


The damage was directly reduced by half!

Looking at the long blood strip on the head of the born-again paladin, Xiaofeng swore despite his good temper.

"d.a.m.n it..."

Xiaofeng realized that this BOSS had high HP and a strong ability to defend. Besides, it had the skill of holy s.h.i.+eld. So he had no other choice but to fight with it face to face.

As a priest, Xiaofeng had no damage skills and could only fight with it by ordinary damage.

However, the born-again paladin could not harm Xiaofeng who was always blocking. Even if it could reduce Xiaofeng's HP by using ranged skills, Xiaofeng would increase it rapidly.

At this time, the benefits of the priest were prominent. They had the strongest consumption ability.

Despite the low speed, the HP of the born-again paladin was constantly reduced. At this rate, it would be only a matter of time before he killed the BOSS.

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