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Chapter 231
“Hum! What is this?”

Su Jing pulls out a piece of “facial mask” from the garbage heap . It's translucent, milky white, thin as cicada wings, and light as nothing . It feels like skin with a smooth and delicate surface and feels very comfortable . However, because more than half of the garbage seems to have been immersed in the water, so the “facial mask” is also covered with water, mud, and dirt .
“Is this really a facial mask?”

Su Jing feels that the material of this thing is very good . It's not as easy to break as the general face mask . But maybe the face mask of the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe is need to be so good .

Su Jing rinsed the “facial mask” with water and tried to stick it on his face to see if it had any effect . After he posted it on his face, he suddenly felt numbness on my face, as if there was a weak current and then he felt his face tightened . The “facial mask” seemed to have a suction force and was tightly attached to his face .

Su Jing reached out and touched it . He was surprised to find that he didn't touch the facial mask and he seemed to have touched his own bare face . Even when he touched the edge, he couldn't touch and feel the mask at all . The whole facial mask seemed to have blended with his face .

“What in the name of…, what is going on?”

Advertis.e.m.e.ntSu Jing took out his mobile phone and opened the front camera and suddenly his chin almost falls to the ground .

The mobile phone camera is obviously facing him . However, the mobile phone screen shows a face that is not his own, but it shows a handsome young man whose appearance is far from his own . This is really strange . Su Jing opened his mouth and blinked . The “other's face” on the screen actually did the same thing .

“I remember . This is a make-up face mask . ”

Su Jing's eyes suddenly brightened, and he thought back to the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe . It seems that this thing does exist and the Protagonist Jiang Li did use this type of ask at one point . This is a kind of high-tech facial mask, but it's very cheap in the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe . In the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe, this kind of facial mask can't even cheat ordinary cameras and it's just like a child's toy . However, there is no such thing on modern earth . If Su Jing went out now, he would be able to walk around the whole village without anyone recognizing him .

“It's a good thing . I have to collect it . But how can I take it down? “

Su Jing is naturally happy with this makeup face mask, but this thing seems to become integrated on his face, and he doesn't know how to take it down and reach out towards the edges . After looking carefully for a while and squinting on his skin, he finally saw a pleat of wrinkles and he tore the entire facial mask along the edge .

Su Jing tries it again . He found that as long as the entire facial mask is attached to the skin, it will automatically emit a weak current . Then fit with the skin . When you want to take it down, just rub it hard at any edge .

Su Jing puts this makeup face into the storage bag and continues to look around and categorize the garbage, although most of them are similar to the earth's domestic garbage but some of the materials such as plastics and metals, and other materials . Instead of selling them as garbage, he plans to take them to Tianci Material Research Inst.i.tute for research .

“It stinks!”

Su Jing picked up a boot that was filled with water and it stinks .

Su Jing was about to pour out the water but suddenly stopped . There were a lot of small fish in the water . They were only the size of rice grains . Their bodies were still a little transparent, but they all showed sharp teeth and looked a little ferocious .

“What kind of fish is this?”

Su Jing didn't recognize this kind of fish . After thinking about it, he decided to raise them first . But first, he had to confirm whether they are salt.w.a.ter fishes or freshwater fishes . If you lick it with your tongue, you can instantly tell whether it's salt.w.a.ter or freshwater, but Su Jing doesn't want to lick such dirty boot water . So, he figured out a simple way to figure out the water type by getting a small sea fish first, and then he put it in the boot . If the small sea fish can survive in it, it will prove that it is salt.w.a.ter and these fishes are salt.w.a.ter fishes . If it can't survive them these fishes are freshwater fishes .

However, as soon as the little sea fish was put in, it was surrounded by the little fish in the boot . After a while, the fish scattered, leaving only an incomplete skeleton with no meat on it .

“What the h.e.l.l, are these piranhas?”

Su Jing is shocked . These fish are so small and they are already this fierce . If they grow up, what would happen then?

Su Jing immediately realized that these fishes are not earth creatures . In the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe, humans have immigrated to various planets, so this garbage may not necessarily come from the earth . These piranhas are not necessarily earth creatures . It may be a fish of a certain planet where humans settled themselves .

This kind of fish must not be thrown into the sea, or it will be the rhythm of the disaster of species invasion . If this kind of fish is allowed to reproduce in the sea, the scene will be probably more spectacular than the scene shown in the Piranha movie .
Su Jing threw another fish, and the two-finger-sized sea fish went down . Thinking about such a big fish, maybe it would not be eaten . He can see if it can live . He didn't expect that this two-finger sea fish was quickly surrounded by the small fishes, although it is desperately wandering around but the small fishes keep up with it, although these fishes are small, but their bite force is amazing as they tear one piece of meat after another, a moment later, only the skeleton of the fish remained .

Su Jing has no choice but to change his way and catch two small fishes . One is put into a freshwater tank and the other is put into a salt.w.a.ter tank . After a while, the small fish in the freshwater tank turns over its belly . The small fish in the salt.w.a.ter tank is still alive . That's enough to prove that these are salt.w.a.ter fishes .

Su Jing took a small net bag with a very close hole, fished out all the small fish and put it into the salt.w.a.ter fish tank . After rough calculation, there were about seventy or eighty fishes in the tank . He put another three-fingered sea fish in the tank . This time, the small fish failed to eat up the sea fish .

Su Jing catches the dead fish in the freshwater tank and throws it on the ground . Unexpectedly, A'Li, Little Li and other cats rush over at that moment and scramble frantically . A black cat is the nearest one . The black cat wanted to bite the fish with its mouth, however, A'Li is so fast that he s.n.a.t.c.hed the fish from the black cat's mouth and ate it quickly .

After eating, A'Li showed a more mouth-watering look and stared at the salt.w.a.ter fish tank and swallowed his saliva, and then growled at Su Jing, even if Su Jing did not have The Thousand Beasts Tablet, he could have easily understood the meaning of A'Li: “I want to eat . ”
Little Li and other cats are also screaming at Su Jing, as well as pets such as Battle Wolf, golden eagle, red fox, A'Da, others, who don't like fish very much . They also sniffed and came around one after another to surround the salt.w.a.ter tank .

“What's going on?”

Su Jing was amazed . He should know that all pets have their own appet.i.tes . Apart from eating the magical beast meat, they eat other fish and meat at will . Generally speaking, fish and meat are just common food for them . Why are they behaving like this now? (to be continued)

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