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Chapter 230
“Less than ten minutes of sleep feels like sleeping for a whole night . ” The First Crystal Contemplation into the Deep Sleep, it is Deep Sleep second layer boundary, I indeed have become a Hypnotist talent . ”

Su Jing felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart . Deep Sleep can be divided into three layers . The first layer requires a long time of meditation, breathing, and guidance before one can enter it . The second layer requires little meditation, and they can immediately enter a state of peace of mind, the whole person enters Deep Sleep . Feeling the breathing, heartbeat, pulse, can faintly see the internal organs of the body; the third layer is where one can enter Deep Sleep at any time during exercise, the movement is in a dream and one didn't feel exhausting at all, his spirit will get perfect rest . The spirit starts to change the body through nerves, blood vessels, and endocrine . This is a kind of ultimate practice, sleepwalking practice, and also the artistic conception described by the ancient Drunken Master .
It takes a long time for ordinary people to step into the Deep Sleep first layer, Emperor of the Cosmos' protagonist Jiang Li was already in third-year of high school and he still didn't step into the Deep Sleep first layer state . Later, because he got a piece of mysterious milky white stone, he jumped from being a dog into being a dragon who soared forward .

In Su Jing's first meditation, he entered the state of Deep Sleep and reached the Deep Sleep second layer . Having such talent is enough for him to be proud . Of course, this should be irrelevant to the previous spiritual cultivation .

“Let's try this hypnosis technique . ”

Su Jing began to browse the notebook carefully to understand the Hypnosis Secret Technique . He found that the hypnosis technique is similar to the spiritual attack and zither magic . They all belong to a spiritual control system . However, Hypnosis Technique not only relies on spirit and sound but also relies on handprints, language, and movements . All fall under the hypnosis technique .
In addition, the hypnosis technology mentioned in the notebook is more concerned about the “rhythm of life” of hypnotic objects . This includes breathing . A melody composed of heartbeat, pulse and even brain wave can also be said to be the frequency of life magnetic field fluctuation . Only those who enter deep sleep can grasp this rhythm of life . When you understand the rhythm of life . Hypnosis becomes handier . For example, in the past, it used to take 10% of the spiritual force and 10% of the musical magic to hypnotize people . Now it may only take 5 to successfully do it . It's like a master fighting, the master will see through other people's weakness and will exert his maximum effect while using least strength .

“I see!”

Su Jing's eyes brighten as he looks at the information on the notebook . After reading the whole notebook, he closed his eyes and digested the information for half an hour . When he opened his eyes again, he suddenly released his spiritual force and hypnotized the nearby Battle Wolf .

In the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe . A hypnotist is at the top of the food chain . Hypnotist Apprentice is similar to modern general hypnosis psychologists and requires other people to cooperate to hypnotize . Low-level Hypnotist hypnotizes others through language and actions . The physical activity will help in the process and causes strong hints and infections, causing the other's brain to be affected by the hypnotist and he will be able to ultimately control the subconscious; Intermediate Hypnotist can use their abilities without gestures and sounds . They directly use their brain waves to invade other people's brain waves and control their behavior…

Su Jing skipped the initial stage because of his strong spiritual force . He is at least an Intermediate Hypnotist . So it's mainly about spirit, fingerprints, language, and voice, which are just auxiliary functions . Of course, if he plays music magic, the auxiliary effect will be much stronger . After all, this is the wisdom of the zither emperor universe, which is the peak of musical hypnosis . However, it's impossible to bring a zither everywhere in normal times, so it's better for him to have a method that can be used directly without any outside help .

“Battle Wolf, go to sleep . ”

Su Jing releases his spiritual force and feels the rhythm of life that was ignored by him before . It seems that he can feel the heartbeat, breath, pulse and brain wave of the battle wolf . In the past, it was necessary to use three times the spiritual force to successfully attack the battle wolf's mind, but now, to find out the rhythm of life of the battle wolf, I'm afraid that he only need the same amount of spiritual force as that of battle wolf to invade without the enemy's awareness, which is a big difference .

Su Jing's spiritual attack wasn't detected by the Battle Wolf, after a while, his eyelids began to fight the sleep and then he stumbled and closed his eyes before falling down . If he finds the rhythm of life while using the zither magic's 'Forgotten Intention', that would have an even better effect .

“Huh! What happened?”

Su Jing was suddenly surprised to find that at the moment the Battle Wolf fell asleep, he not only sensed the heartbeat, breathing, pulse, brainwaves of the Battle Wolf… he even saw the mind of Battle Wolf just as he saw inside his mind when he awakened to become a Spirit Reader Master . However, there is very little liquid in Battle Wolf's mind and there is almost fog everywhere which means that the spiritual capacity of the battle wolf is weaker than that of Su Jing . What surprised Su Jing was that when he raised his thoughts and wanted to resonate with Battle Wolf, he felt as if he could control Battle Wolf's brainscape .

“This mysterious feeling, I seem to have entered the body of Battle Wolf . ”

Su Jing suddenly felt a move and began to move Crystal Contemplation and began to form a crystal human figure shape in the mind of Battle Wolf, as more and more crystal was used, it became more and more spotless, while the breathing of sleeping little wolf began to become rhythmic…

“Haha, I can not only hypnotize the Battle Wolf but also pa.s.s Crystal Contemplation to Battle Wolf . Now the Battle Wolf can be mentally cultivated . ”

Su Jing is ecstatic, in fact, Emperor of the Cosmos Universe protagonist Jiang Li, also had a dream of a black cat, so that the black cat also began spiritual cultivation, and finally, the black cat became a cat demon . However, it was with the effect of the Great Emperor Spiritual Seal and Su Jing did not think that he could do it . But still, It seems that the help of the Spirit Reader Master is still huge .

Su Jing can use the Ten Thousand Beasts Tablet to explain to the pets and let them meditate . However, the pet has limited IQ, this kind of meditation is difficult for the average person, how can the animals understand it and only by doing this direct spiritual transmission can this method is possible .

Su Jing was so excited that he hypnotized the pets such as golden eagle, A'Li, red fox and the man-eating vine and other pets and let them all enter the Crystal Contemplation Spiritual Cultivation . The golden eagle, A'Li, red fox are successful and other pets wasted Su Jing's efforts, the humanoid crystal in their mind has a lot of impurities . It seems that even if he can implant the process, it still depends on talent .

“Haha, I want to build a real pet army . ”

Su Jing had a picture in his mind with a super pet army and he couldn't help grinning . He didn't indulge in the fantasy either . He stood up and continued to clean up the garbage . He looked for it carefully . This is the garbage from the Emperor Of The Cosmos Universe . In addition to the hypnosis notebook, he should be able to find other useful garbage . (to be continued)

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