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Tang Xia felt a sense of crisis. It seemed that this CEO had no interest in her. As a heroine in a CEO-type novel, she must inspire kinds of strong curiosity for the first time they met. For example, the CEO would say, "Well, girl, you have attracted my attention successfully!"

"Save. You must find a way to save this situation!"

With reminding comments from the bullet screen, Tang Xia s.h.i.+fted into a stubborn girl who was not interested in money and would not yield under almighty power.

"Chu Tiankuo, despite that my parents have sold me to you, I have no interest in your d.a.m.n money and will never be your bed-warming girl. Don't dream about it. Even you can take my body, but you can never get my heart!" Tang Xia said in a cold voice. She slightly raised her chin. What she said was the standard lines in CEO vs Heroine novels.

Chu Tiankuo was turning the pages of a newspaper. When he heard Tang Xia's words, his fingers halted for a second. He raised his head and gazed at Tang Xia, saying slowly, "Miss Gu, it seems that you must have a wrong recognition of yourself. Who said I need you to warm my bed?"

"So why did you buy me?" In the novel, Chu Tiankuo bought Gu Mumu for s.e.x indeed.

"Ah, I am lacking a foot-was.h.i.+ng maid. I think you're suitable."

"Bed-warming girl?" Chu Tiankuo scanned Tang Xia upside down with a sneering smile on his face. It was likely that he could not believe a girl whose figure was as thin as bean sprouts even had such confidence to say something like this.

For a while, he looked away, saying some simple words, "Hindering my teeth."

Hey, what was wrong with his eyesight full of despise?

As a cool and n.o.ble CEO, Chu Tiankuo had no patience on a maid who owed him money. He glanced at Tang Xia and said in a cold voice, "From now on, you're responsible for was.h.i.+ng toilets."

Last moment, she was a foot-was.h.i.+ng maid, but now she was arranged to brush toilets?

Tang Xia raised her head with a stunned expression on her face. Chu Tiankuo lifted his eyebrows, saying with a fake smile, "Since you owe me quite a lot of money, shouldn't you work harder to pay back? Or else, you wanna..."

[Fans] Jelly: Prost.i.tution! Prost.i.tution!

A striking comment turned up in the broadcast room, which shocked Tang Xia. Actually, as a standard CEO novel, prost.i.tution was a necessary routine.

Should I give up my chast.i.ty for conquering the CEO?

Tang Xia clenched her teeth. What a joke! As a special heroine of a standard CEO novel who rose unsullied from mud and considered money as nothing, she could not abandon that easily! She must stick in her idea and criticize the arrogant CEO incidentally, which would attract him by accident!

Tang Xia addressed her att.i.tude immediately, showing out an image that would not yield to money and power. She said, "Chu Tiankuo, listen. I, Gu Mumu, is not a shameless person. Don't think you could step on my dignity with your d.a.m.n money!"

Chu Tiankuo smiled and said, "Go to brush my toilets."

"..." My big CEO, you even played cards out of routines!

Tang Xia had never expected that the first day of her live broadcast would end of brus.h.i.+ng toilets... It made no sense!

When she fell into an upset mind, the broadcast room was lighted, presenting an announcement—

[System Announcement]: A Traveller Beibei chooses a song for the anchor.

"You are my little apply, my little apply. I can not help loving you. Your red face warms my heart, lighting my life with fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire..."

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