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After a sharp pain shot through her head, Tang Xia opened her eyes and came back to her senses. Then she found that she had come back to the broadcast room, "Why am I back so soon?"

Tang Xia looked down at her clothes and found that she was wearing the same dress before she made the time-travel. "Since I have been popped up, my task must be completed."

Tang Xia felt quite pleased as she had completed her task. What's more, she could get rid of those heavy attires, "How can those ancient people survive with those heavy attires in hot summer?"

Lying comfortably in the revolving chair, Tang Xia pushed off her foot to rotate the chair with herself, "Haha, I'm back... That's great..."

As the chair stopped slowly, Tang Xia felt down and drooped her head. Then she covered her flat belly, "So this is the end?"

Tang Xia gradually felt sad for parting. Her first pregnancy and her expectation of a child for the first time disappeared as the task was completed. And was the man she met just in her dream?

The scene of Chu Tiankuo being shot to death still haunted in Tang Xia's mind. Although Tang Xia knew that it was the plot's needs and Chu Tiankuo must be living well, she still felt unhappy since the separation might be permanent in real life.

Tang Xia cared more and more about Chu Tiankuo gradually and her mood was changed with his. But it came to a so-called end before Tang Xia could realize her love for Chu Tiankuo.

Everything that had happened in the scene was haunted in Tang Xia's mind—their first meet, the wedding and their first sweet s.e.x which made Tang Xia blush. What's more, the happy and nervous mood when she was aware of her pregnancy would always be remembered by Tang Xia.

"Chu Tiankuo, it's unfair! How can you appeared and disappeared so suddenly? Who allowed you to make me cry? I have been sad for you for a long time. Who told you to block the arrows for me... (sobbing), you fool! I'm still crying for you although you disappeared!"

Tang Xia kept cursing Chu Tiankuo. However, she cried for her own words and tears fell down.

But Tang Xia calmed down in a short time. Then she wiped her tears, suppressing her grief and put on a smile with joy, "I may meet Chu Tiankuo again in the next broadcast room! Life needs expectations!"

As the prompt tone of messages kept ringing from the computer on the desk, Tang Xia called to mind that she had not read the comments from her fans, "What would they think!"

Tang Xia was about to read the comments with an uneasy mood as there were too many keyboard men who would criticize her bitterly. When she held the mouse,

the notification bar below the screen told her that she received a letter from the senior executive of the broadcast room.

Tang Xia had to read the email which congratulated her on completing the task first.

After reading all the holiday words patiently, Tang Xia knew the real purpose of the message from the ending which said, "Please go to the high building as soon as you read this letter in order to negotiate important matters!"

Although Tang Xia could not figure out what did the senior management meeting have to do with her, she would be too rude if she did not attend the meeting as the letter was quite clear.

Tang Xia still remembered clearly that she had been sneered when she went to the company last time. So this was one reason why she did not want to go—she was not willing to be laughed at again.

After dressing up casually, Tang Xia hailed a taxi to the company.

In no time, Tang Xia arrived at the company. After paying the driver, Tang Xia got out of the taxi with change. She stood by the roadside and put the change into her wallet.

As Tang Xia raised her head, the majestic building gave her a sense of pressure. After squinting at the building for a while, Tang Xia felt a little dizzy and looked away.

As many people were walking in and out of the building, Tang Xia suppressed her resistance and adjusted her expression. Then she walked into the building on a pair of low heels.

Given the fact that some people knew Tang Xia, many people looked at her when she entered the building. Some people looked at Tang Xia with envy, others with jealousy. And Tang Xia felt quite uneasy under their gazes.

Although it seemed that Tang Xia walked at a steady pace, she felt quite disturbed. The distance between her and the elevator seemed so far away at the moment. Finally, Tang Xia arrived at the elevator. It happened that an elevator was about to ascend. Tang Xia ran to it quickly and someone helped her to hold the elevator by stretching out his hand as he saw Tang Xia coming. After Tang Xia got in the elevator, she thanked the man lowering her head.

As the elevator doors closed, Tang Xia pressed the b.u.t.ton of the floor where the senior managers worked. It was so quiet in the elevator that Tang Xia knew that everyone was looking at her without turning around.

So Tang Xia had to straighten her back and tried not to be as embarra.s.sed as she was last time. As the experience of being laughed at was still haunting in her mind, Tang Xia managed not to think about it again by closing her eyes and taking deep breaths. Luckily, she did not feel nervous anymore.

When they arrived on the first floor, Tang Xia was standing in the center of the elevator. So she hurried to jump aside when the door opened. People got out of the elevator and took a look at Tang Xia. She just lowered her head and looked at her shoes, not responding to their gazes. The building was high and many people were in the elevator although some people had left.

Luckily, Tang Xia could stand in the corner of the elevator and leaning her head against the wall, feeling the rising of the elevator. Then she heard others' whispers.

"It is her. Have you ever watched her live? I cannot believe that she completed the task. Unbelievable!" One woman said in a shocked tone. As she finished her sentence, her company said, "Because she is capable! You should care more about yourself. How is the click rate of your artist?"

"Forget it! It is always the same. How could I compete with her?" "I heard that she comes to the company this time because her salary will be increased!" "That is none of our business! Let's go."

Those two women left the elevator although they had not finished their sentences. Tang Xia was quite puzzled by their words as they seemed to talk about her, "Salary increase? Why didn't I hear about that?" Tang Xia shook her head, "Maybe they were not talking about me."

In no time, all people left the elevator except for Tang Xia who needed to go to the floor of senior managers. As Tang Xia looked at the increasing numbers and got closer and closer to the floor, she felt quite rattled. "Will my salary be increased? But I'm not an employee. My income is totally from my fans. How can my salary be increased?"

"Ding-dong!" The prompt tone of the elevator told Tang Xia that she had arrived. Tang Xia took a deep breath like a general who was about to fight a battle when the elevator door opened.

Before the elevator door was about to close, Tang Xia walked out. However... Tang Xia froze, looking at the corridor like a maze, "I totally lose the direction! Where is the conference hall for senior managers? Why didn't the letter tell me the detailed location?"

Tang Xia felt desperate since she lost her way. She wanted to think for a while in the elevator, but the elevator had been closed. Tang Xia had no choice but to ask others which way she should go.

After looking around, Tang Xia chose the cleaner who was the most familiar with the floor as she went to every office every day... Then she asked, "Excuse me, could you tell me where the conference hall of senior managers is?" Tang Xia wore a sweet smile. But the cleaner was shocked by Tang Xia who showed up suddenly.

Hearing Tang Xia's words, she pointed out the direction for Tang Xia. Then Tang Xia looked at the direction and nodded to the cleaner, showing grat.i.tude.

"How could the cleaner bear grudges like this?" Tang Xia looked at the conference hall she found with great efforts. The direction pointed out by the cleaner was completely opposite to the right direction. Luckily a secretary told her the right direction after she did not find the conference hall in the wrong direction.

After grasping for a while in the doorway of the conference hall, Tang Xia thought, "Will they be mad at me as I'm so late?"

Tang Xia pushed the door of the conference hall with an uneasy mood. Then everyone looked at her, making the atmosphere different instantly. After Tang Xia came into the hall, she bowed and said cautiously, "I'm sorry that I'm late."

Luckily, those senior managers did not care about this. The one who was sitting in the center whispered to his secretary who stood in front of Tang Xia and led her to the seat. Tang Xia sat down before she could see who were in the conference hall.

The boss who was sitting in front wore a serious look and said in a loud voice with his fingers crossed, "Ok, since we are all here, I p.r.o.nounce that the company's board has decided to increase the salary of Tang Xia who will get her salary every month. What's more, she is now promoted to the anchor who needs to work office hours of the broadcast room of time-travel!"

After hearing the words, Tang Xia froze.

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