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When Tang Xia saw that hundreds of arrows with silver glow were flying toward her, she thought that she would definitely die this time. So she closed her eyes and waited with a calm look.

However, she did not feel any pain after a while, "Am I dead?" she thought.

She opened up her eyes and found nothing had happened.

Suddenly, a drop of warm fluid with a smell of blood dripped on Tang Xia's face—she touched and looked at it—it was blood. "Where does the blood come from?"

When Tang Xia raised her head, she saw that Chu Tiankuo held her in his arms to protect her. Seeing Tang Xia open her eyes up, he wore a smile at her.

However, Tang Xia found that many arrows were inserted on Chu Tiankuo's back with the corner of her eye and the ground had been filled with his blood, which was quite thrilling.

Pale as his look was, Chu Tiankuo still took his gentle look at Tang Xia. Then he said slowly, "I'm so relieved that you are not injured."

Zui Linglong hid her head in order to protect herself. She was quite pleased when the arrows were shot at Tang Xia.

However, when she found that Chu Tiankuo blocked all the arrows for Tang Xia, Zui Linglong became so startled that she ran out regardless of her own safety and shouted loudly, "Someone, summon the imperial physician! Hurry up!" Zui Linglong became quite alarmed and bewildered when she saw that Chu Tiankuo was badly injured.

At this time, the soldier standing beside Nanmen Yi wanted to end Chu Tiankuo's life by stabbing him so that the war could end sooner. When the soldier stepped out, he was stopped by Nanmen Yi.

The soldier looked at Nanmen Yi wonderingly and found that Nanmen Yi wore a strange look.

Nanmen Yi looked at everything in front of him with a lonely and complicated look. What he saw was that Chu Tiankuo risked his own life in preventing Tang Xia from being harmed.

It made Nanmen Yi quite startled that Chu Tiankuo protected Tang Xia with his own body.

As the old saying goes, "There is no sincerity of love in the royal family." Nanmen Yi had grown up in the world of deception since he was a child.

So he had never believed in anyone, nor had he cared for someone like this. But Chu Tiankuo was willing to die for Tang Xia, which made him quite startled.

It was the reason why Nanmen Yi chose not to attack Chu Tiankuo anymore and just looked at this quietly. He knew that it would be impossible for Chu Tiankuo to survive after he was shot by so many arrows.

So Nanmen Yi wanted to let Chu Tiankuo talk with Tang Xia before he died instead of letting him die with regret.

Chu Tiankuo brought Tang Xia down in such a pandemonium. Although his back had been stuck with many arrows, Chu Tiankuo just looked at Tang Xia tenderly as if he did not feel any pain.

Tang Xia looked at Chu Tiankuo blankly. After a while, she stretched her arms to hold Chu Tiankuo. However, she felt warm and sticky fluid in her hand.

As she held back her hand, Tang Xia found that her hand was filled with blood, Chu Tiankuo's blood. She froze with amazement, looking at the blood in her hand.

After a while, Tang Xia came back to her senses and said to Chu Tiankuo in panic,

"How are you, Chu Tiankuo? Are you all right? Someone! Someone, summon the imperial physician!"

Tang Xia started to cry in her paleness and wildness while big tears rolled down her cheeks. Chu Tiankuo struggled to raise his hand,

helped Tang Xia wipe the tears and said, stroking her cheek, "Tell me, the baby in your belly is mine, right?"

"How could you care about the baby instead of yourself at this time?" As Tang Xia heard Chu Tiankuo's question, she roared with rage, "The baby is yours! I have never been touched by anyone else but you! Never!"

Looking at Tang Xia's behavior, Chu Tiankuo wore an obscure smile.

Then Tang Xia looked at Chu Tiankuo blankly and asked worriedly, "How are you now? Do you feel any pain?" "You have lose so much blood, do you feel dizzy? Hang on! The imperial physician is on his way! He will come in no time! "

At this time, Chu Tiankuo appeared very calm and shook his head at Tang Xia. Then he said with a smile,

"As we have been together for such a long time, I have seen your look of slyness, happiness, and angriness. However, I have only seen your look of true vexation twice."

"The first time was in the broadcast room of the last world where I was a president who was dying in a car accident."

"You were as worried as you are now and tried to stop bleeding for me. The second time when I see your look of vexation is now."

Chu Tiankuo wore a yearning look and stroked Tang Xia's face. Then he sighed with emotion,

"You washboard (indicating Tang Xia's b.r.e.a.s.t.s are as flat as the washboard)! I wish you don't need to come back again so that you can live your own happy life."

"But there is severe inner conflict in my mind as I cannot see you if you don't come here again. I will miss you so much. "

Tang Xia covered Chu Tiankuo's hand on her face with her own hand and firmly held his hand. Then she said to him chokingly, "What are you talking about? I will come to you next time and I will definitely find you every time! We will get together forever in the afterlife."

"What a fool." Chu Tiankuo looked at Tang Xia and said slowly.

"Why not stay in your own world. There is no wars, troubles, and infighting. As long as you come here and meet me, everything will be troublesome."

"I hope you can lead a peaceful and happy life forever."

"You fool!" Tang Xia shouted in tears, "How can I be happy without you? Hang on! Don't you dare to die!"

"What are you afraid of?" Chu Tiankuo wore a tender smile at Tang Xia, "It is just a scene in the broadcast room. When I die, your task will be completed. Then you can leave here. You will see me again if you make another live broadcast."

"But...but," Tang Xia cried with tears rolling down her cheeks and said, "I know that. But it is the second time that you die in front of me. How can I not be sad?"

Chu Tiankuo did not say a word anymore. He just helped Tang Xia wipe the tears and stroked her cheek. Then he closed his eyes and lay back on Tang Xia's breast silently.

"What's wrong with you?" Tang Xia shook Chu Tiankuo, "Get up!"

But Chu Tiankuo did not make any reaction. Tang Xia stretched her hand below Chu Tiankuo's nose to feel his breath, however, she felt nothing. Chu Tiankuo was not breathing anymore. He was dead already.

Although Tang Xia knew that she would meet Chu Tiankuo in the next world, she felt quite sad and cried out bitterly at this moment.

So Tang Xia wrapped her arms around Chu Tiankuo's neck, burying her face into his chest and broke into tears, "You fool! This is the second time! You will never do this again! Never!" Tang Xia shouted to Chu Tiankuo.

"Who do you think you are! Do you think that I will be happy for you sacrificing your life for me? I won't! That is impossible! Don't die in front of me! Aren't you a system bug? How could you die as you are so formidable?"

Although people around them could not understand what they were talking about, the atmosphere was quite bleak while the scene was rather quiet so that Tang Xia's cry was the only sound that could be heard.

Nanmen Yi felt a little sad, too. Although he could not sacrifice his life for Tang Xia, he felt grieved if Tang Xia cried for another man.

As Nanmen Yi clenched his fist, he wore a disappointed look, "Although I won this war and I can be the new emperor, I feel uncomfortable instead of happy?"

When Tang Xia was crying, her belly started to throb painfully, making her look paler.

"Oh, my belly! My belly!"

The throb reminded Tang Xia of the fact that she had a miscarriage. The rain of arrows and Chu Tiankuo's death made her forget the pain temporarily. But a fierce stab of pain shot through her at this moment.

"Why am I suffering such fierce pain?" Tang Xia murmured to herself.

In the meantime, she felt warm fluid coming from her private parts with a stronger smell of blood.

Then Tang Xia was getting breathless and dizzy with muscle weakness, making her unable to hold Chu Tiankuo's neck.

"I guess this is the end of my live broadcast." Tang Xia thought.

Suddenly, Tang Xia saw that a white light flashed.

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