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Chapter 325 Beside the Fairy Pool

“Experts from the Dragon Race?”

Tianpi raised his eyebrows, his tone full of sarcasm. “Here comes the daredevils again.”

Hua Qiyue, however, frowned. She didn’t want to cause trouble. Maybe because she had been through so much, she just wanted a quiet place. She had not expected that after she had been sitting for only a moment, some daredevils would come to her.

When the diners dispersed, waiters, the two workers, and the boss all moved aside. Only Hua Qiyue, Tianpi, and Tianci had never moved. The other diners had already fled.

The offspring of the Eight-horned Demon Dragon ran roughshod in Ice City and committed many crimes. Most people would run away when they heard their names. In the presence of such unreasonable and overbearing evildoers, one had no choice but to accept his bad luck.

But how could Hua Qiyue and Tianpi be afraid of such small potatoes?

“Grandfather! It is exactly him… Aye, there is another person who is in league with him. They are the ones who have blinded us!” cried a man gruffly.

Hua Qiyue still did not look back. Her back was to the door so that she could see nothing outside.

Nevertheless, Tianpi and Tianci chuckled and paid no attention to the fierce crowd at all.

The crowd was even angrier when they saw that Hua Qiyue did not turn her head. Tianpi slowly threw a sour meatball into his mouth and looked the group up and down lazily.

There were about ten of them.

Five of them were elders, and one of them was so old that his hair and beard were all gray. The other four were young people; three of them were the ones Hua Zun had made blind, and the other was a pretty woman with cold eyes.

“Yo, they truly think much of us, for they actually asked the grand elder here to lend them a helping hand, hahaha!” Tianpi laughed and put a sour meatball into Tianci’s bowl.

“Here, eat this. Don’t worry, it’s just a swarm of worms. I could crush them with one finger,” Tianpi said, smiling. When Long Shen—the oldest expert from the Dragon Race, heard this, he immediately flared up!

After all, since the three young descendants returned to the family and right after he emerged from his retreat, his grandson came to complain to him, saying that a young man in Ice City blinded him.

Although the Dragon Race was banished from heaven, in the mortal world, it was an ancient and powerful family.

When their family members walked on the way, everyone pa.s.sed by must show them enough respect. After that went on for a long time, the members of the Dragon Race turned haughty and cold. And they did all kinds of evil and feared nothing.

It was the first time since Tao Xian’er that anyone had dared to mess with the Dragon Race. How could Long Shen not be angry?

“Where the h.e.l.l are you from? How dare you run amok in our territory?” Long Shen asked coldly, with a murderous look on his old face.

Hua Qiyue paid no attention to those people. She left everything to Tianpi and did not bother to look back.

“When I ventured in the world, you were not born yet!” Tianpi laughed wantonly. Tianci squeezed his big eyes triumphantly and made faces, saying, “Uncle, people say that the old don’t respect themselves. Tsk, tsk, you are an old man. Don’t you think it’s rude to ask us juniors in this way?”

When Long Shen heard this, he was so angry that he vomited blood. Long Gao, the blind man, shouted excitedly, “Grandfather, don’t talk that much to him, just kill him!”

The irony deepened on Tianpi’s lips. “You’re merely a good-for-nothing who only asks your elders to stand up for you. What are you doing alive?”

And then he abruptly flung out the chopsticks in his hand!

Although the chopsticks were just ordinary bamboo chopsticks, in Tianpi’s hand, they became the most powerful hidden weapons. They flew in front of the man in an instant, making a gut-wrenching sound!

“Be careful!” The grand elder felt a mighty oppressive aura, but it was too late for him to save the man. Long Gao screamed, and the chopsticks had sunk into his chest, taking away his life with one move!

The onlookers gave shouts of surprise!

After all, Long Gao was roughly at the great completeness of Moon Eclipse, and it would only take him one step to reach the Holy G.o.d Realm. However, Tianpi killed him with one move. Moreover, the grand elder of the Dragon Race was standing beside him, but he could not save him!

That proved how mighty Tianpi was!

The eyes of the onlookers glowed with delight. The Dragon Race, an evil race, fell into Devil’s Path because it swallowed the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead and the Hallucinatory Pearl back then. Although they had been deprived of the Hallucinatory Pearl, evil still ran in their blood.

Everyone in Ice City had the right to punish such an ancient family that had done all kinds of evil. But because of the lack of strength, they always dared not show their dissatisfaction.

Now that they had seen Tianpi kill a member of the Dragon Race with one stroke, they were delighted. It seemed that there was going to have a good show!

“Gao’er!” Looking at Long Gao, who had no breath in his arms, Long Shen was shocked, furious, and desperate. After all, Long Gao was his only grandson. How could he not despair when he had been killed by a single move?

He was at the great completeness of Holy G.o.d, but he failed to protect his grandson. If this news spread to his family, it must be a piece of bad news and yet a joke.

“Eldest brother!


Other elders were stunned, too. Seeing that Long Gao was dead, they could not help feeling sad and staring at Tianpi with rage.

“Ignorant lad, give me your life!” shouted the grand elder of the Dragon Race. The Dragon Race had never experienced anything depressing for ten thousand years except for the fact that Tao Xian’er had deprived them of the Hallucinatory Pearl and the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead.

Although the Eight-horned Demon Dragon had stolen the Hallucinatory Pearl and the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead from someone else, they had remained to be their family treasures. However, they were not that lucky when they met Hua Zun and the others.

What they didn’t expect was that the people they provoked were still the same group who had deprived them of the Hallucinatory Pearl and the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead more than 10,000 years ago.

The grand elder flared up. He shouted coldly, and all anima energy around gathered madly on his palms. When he pushed them out, the giant ball of anima energy hit Tianpi.

Tianpi twitched his mouth coldly. “A trifling skill. How dare you show it to me!”

With that, Tianpi swung his sleeve lightly. The wind formed by his sleeve hit the oncoming giant ball so hard that it made the latter disappear silently.

Everyone looked at the relaxed Tianpi in shock, unable to believe their eyes.

After all, the grand elder was an expert in the clan and was the most powerful one. However, they had not expected that his strongest move would be tackled easily by Tianpi.

“If you don’t want to die, get the h.e.l.l out of here now!” Tianpi said with a cold face. The grand elder foamed with rage, and his limbs trembled. Tianpi was far superior to him, but he was much younger than him, which was unacceptable to him!

“You… you’ve gone too far in bullying others!” the grand elder screamed as he pointed at Tianpi. For the first time, he was so embarra.s.sed and furious. There should be a young man whose Qi Art level was higher than his on the Tianyuan Continent!

The grand elder estimated that Tianpi’s Qi Art level was above the Great Deity Realm. He dared not think further. If he really offended this big potato, his whole family would be annihilated!

Tianci snorted coldly, “If you didn’t want to kill me, how did you end up like this?”

Although Hua Zun had a short fuse, it was time to make members of the Dragon Race suffer, since they had committed all manners of crimes.

“Grand elder, kill them!” An elder was so wrathful that his blue veins stood out on his temples. He was about to rush forward, but the grand elder stopped him.

The grand elder heaved a deep sigh. “Forget it. Let’s go first!”

When they heard this, they restrained their anger and followed the grand elder to leave. But given the rage they felt today, they would never let it go at that! The grand elder was the mightiest in the Dragon Race, so if he weren’t sure of winning, they would die on impulse!

Hua Qiyue never looked back from beginning to end. These people didn’t deserve one glance from her.

But the Dragon Race, which had done evil for ten thousand years, would probably be gradually expelled from Ice City.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. To tell the truth, when the people from the Demon Dragon Race appeared, they thought that Hua Qiyue and Tianpi could not be lucky enough to leave, for the comer was the grand elder.

However, Tianpi easily tackled one stroke from the grand elder, which made the onlookers delighted.

As a result, the three were warmly welcomed by the people wherever they went and could eat and drink as they please without charging them. Moreover, people began to send them a variety of rare treasures and precious medicinal herbs. Their common wish was to eliminate the Eight-horned Demon Dragon Race from here.

Once the Eight-horned Demon Dragon Race came, someone must die or get robbed. They would injure people and rob them of their wealth. Local bureaucrats couldn’t do anything to them.

Hua Qiyue and the other two were resting in the inn. However, the waiter came to tell her that the governor of Ice City wanted to meet her.

Hua Qiyue was not interested and gave the governor the cold shoulder. So the governor had to stay in the inn, patiently waiting for them to go out.

Someone who was even more potent than the Eight-horned Demon Dragon appeared. How could the governor not ingratiate himself with them?

The three of them left the inn lazily after a noontime snooze. They found the governor waiting for them downstairs. But Hua Qiyue didn’t want to deal with such a person. She had heard that when the Eight-horned Demon Dragon Race did evil, the governor protected them desperately.

It was merely a waste of food for such a local official to live.

When the three of them ignored him, the official became very angry. Nonetheless, he was afraid of their Qi Art, so he had to watch them leave with a swagger.

But before they were outside the city gate, a letter was delivered, telling them to meet at the pool a hundred miles outside the south gate.

Of course, the person who asked her to meet was the grand elder of the Eight-horned Demon Dragon Race just now, saying there was something important to discuss.

“This is clearly a trap. Tut, tut, Mom, what do you think they’ll do to us?”

After reading the letter, Tianci flicked his fingers, and the letter turned into dust. “It’s boring anyway, why don’t we go and have a look?”

“It’s up to you. Tianci, what you lack is actual combat experience. It’s good to have a look and exercise first. What’s more, the Demon Dragon Race is a public nuisance. How do I think they shouldn’t be here?”

Hua Qiyue frowned. She could not like or sympathize with those people when she remembered their arrogance.

Tianpi folded his hands lazily on his chest. Tianci, however, was very excited and headed out of the south gate.

A hundred miles outside the south gate, there was a pool called Fairy Pool. Every day, it gave off white steam from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. People didn’t know why, so they named it Fairy Pool.

The water was clear all year round. But there was neither gra.s.s nor fish in the pool, and people could only see little stones inside.

“Grand elder, will our Dragon-locking Array genuinely work? That stinking lad seems very formidable!” asked a woman who had lost one eye in a low voice.

She hated Tianpi and Hua Zun so much, but she hated Hua Qiyue even more. If she could capture Hua Qiyue alive, she vowed to destroy her whole face!

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