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Wind blew chillingly in November. Ye Juechen found a place to live in. Not until the two kids fell asleep did Ye Juechen come to find some firewood. It had been raining gloomily these days, and he got the firewood from a ditch. Ye Juechen conjured to ignite the firewood. His shoes had been completely wet, as he went on in the rain. Afraid that the kids might catch colds, Ye Juechen covered Spirit Power on the kids. He found a clean place closer to the fire, and added more firewood, as he felt too cold. Smoke rose from the fire, and firewood cracked. He rubbed his frozen fingers, and did not sit down untill he regained consciousness in the fingers. He wrung his clothes, and water dropped from his wet hair. A shudder ran down Ye Juechen's back, and his thoat was itchy. But he stifled the itch in order not to wake the kids up. Ye Juechen stretched himself and then lay down. Looking at the blue flame, he thought about the past. He used to travel with his Mentor. There were the days when he lay at the log fire, and his Mentor guarded beside for fear that Ye Juechen would be taken away by demons at midnight. At the young age, Ye Juechen was the Mentor's copycat. Every day, he served face-was.h.i.+ng water for the Mentor. Though he was very young at the time, he was rather happy. But not knowing when everything changed, Ye Juechen became shrewd and the Mentor became severe. Ye Juechen remembered clearly that on one morning, the Mentor led a little boy in and asked Ye Juechen to take care of the boy. At that moment, Ye Juechen felt uneasy, since Mentor had never taken a mortal to Kunlun. Till one day, Ye Juechen saw the Mentor imparting Kunlun's unique technique in person to the little boy, and sourness ran through him, because everything that should have belonged to him was given to others. Jealosy sprouted in his heart and grew rampant. Desire controlled him, and made him blinkered and ruthless. Kunlun was not the place that he would guard. Evil eroded him. One day, he became a traitor, but his Mentor gave him a way out. However, it was he who did not cherish it, and he got into such a plight.

Ye Juechen did not sleep well. It had been at noon when Xiao Douya woke up and felt hungry. The two kids got up and wanted to escape quietly when seeing the bad person still sleeping. Xiao Douya was a clever child, and he crept cautiously. The fire had gone out. The ground was deadly cold, but the man was rather fevered. Since Xiao Douya had dealt with the injured, he knew that the person in front fell sick. So it was the best time to escape. His chubby legs came forward several steps, but withdrew. Thinking that the bad person used Spirit Power to warm them for fear that they might get cold, Xiao Douya squatted down, tore down a clean piece of clothes and wiped for Ye Juechen. Xiao Douya's hands were frozen to red. The hands suffered alternately between hot and cold. Xiao Douya helped Ye Juechen to lower the temperature. When Ye Juechen's forehead cooled down, Xiao Douya sank to the ground and shook his little hands. He was really exhausted. The two kids waited for Ye Juechen to wake up. In fact, Xiao Douya had his own plan. Young as he was, he had experienced many things. Xiao Douya had considered to escape, but Phoenix's child was too young. So it was not an easy job, since there were demons everywhere outside. Xiao Douya had a delicate mind, knowing that Ye Juechen still had kindness in his heart, and that the man was not a totally vicious one. The man protected the two kids all the way for fear that accidents happened to them. Therefore, the little boy was making a bet again. However, win and lose were common in the bet. The little boy hoped that he would be the winner, and that the man would save them.

The moring in November was cold but fresh. The house was a deserted hut. After the overcast rainy days, sun finally came out. Xiao Douy waited with anxiety, his stomach groaned. The man on the ground did not wake up. It seemed that he was badly hurt. Xiao Douya walked out of the hut to find something to eat. But for a kid at the very young age, it was hard to get a living creature. Phoenix's kid cried with hunger. Xiao Douya had no chance but to come out of the hut and moved deep into the forest. Thinking of how his mother searched food for him, Xiao Douya hoped to find some mushrooms. In the past, his mother picked up the mushroom in the damp place. Xiao Douya walked along the path to the depth of the forest. Because it was desolated and spa.r.s.ely populated, the road was grown with wild gra.s.s. Xiao Douya pushed his way ahead, and his legs were slashed many cuts. Two hours had pa.s.sed when he arrived at the forest. His little hands rummaged the wilted leaves. Mushroooms were dug out one after another. Thanks to the gloomy rainy days, Xiao Douya could find out the delicious food, with his armed full of mushrooms. For the boy of three years old, he was mixed with happiness and worry. He was happy that he could get the delicious food, but was worried about how to return to the hut. The mushrooms full in the arms would drop along the way and remain few when returning to the hut. Pondering for a while, Xiao Douya took off the coat and wrapped the delicious food. But lacking the thick coat, Xiao Douya hunddled herself up. His hands kept rubbing each other to get more warmth.

On the morning in November, suns.h.i.+ne could not resist the damp chill. Xiao Douya held the delicious food and came back. With several steps forward, Xiao Douya was surprised to find there was a persimmon tree on the slope with red fruits. Several days rain washed the fruits more attractive. It was not so easy to spot ripe fruits in the forest in the mountain. Xiao Douya's eyes were greedy for the fruits. He held the delicious food and walked to the persimmon tree. No matter how clever the three-year-old boy was, he could not resist the lure of fruits. His chubby legs ran fast, hoping to arrive at the tree as soon as possible and then pick the biggest.

They hurried on with the journey, and Ye Juechen could not spare time to take care of their food. Xiao Douya's stomach rumbled louder. He came to the front of persimmon tree, put down the wrap and grabbed the branch to pick a big fruit. But after standing on his tiptoe several times, he still could not reach the fruit. For a hungry boy, danger meant nothing, but to fill the stomach mattered a lot. His little feet moved slowly, and his little hands grabbed the wild gra.s.s on the slope. He crawled to the persimmon tree, and did not realize that a monster was looking fiercely at him. The monster was extremely hungry and had already cast greedy eyes on the st.u.r.dy boy. The persimmon tree was transformed from its tail, and the red fruits were from its fur. As long as the little boy climbed up the tree, it meant that he fell to its stomach. The thought made the monster drool and the fresh food made it excited. Its eyes were fixed on the prey, ready to pounce at him. Xiao Douya rubbed his hands and handed over the trunk. His little feet stamped on the branches, because it was much easier.But unexpectedly, he slipped down after climbed just a little up. The monster glowed green light anxiously, hoping that the little boy would not delay its meal time. With a deep breath, Xiao Douya seized the branch more tightly and surrounded the trunk. This time, he climbed up slowly step by step. The monster began retracting its body, and red fruits moved. He was about to reach the fruits, and he jumped to a high branch. Xiao Douya was more curious and climbed to the top of the tree. His little hand straightened his hand with the hope to pick the fruits. But to Xiao Douya's surprise, the red fruit became a long tongue and rolled the kid. The monster appeared in the dampness. Xiao Douya was forced to be hanged upside down with a red face. The monster's feed were giant, and it was what Xiao Douya saw. The monster rolled back its tongue. To have some nutrition, the b.l.o.o.d.y things were the best. The little boy did not have any strength to fight back, but was reduced to the monster's food. Thinking about his mother and father, Xiao Douya could not stop his tears. Would he become the food of the monster today? He cried loudly. The monster became impatient. Wasn't the boy just a kind of food? The food was born to be food. Why was the food crying so fiercely? The monster rolled up the little boy to its mouth. Xiao Douya was still a kid. Even if he was brave, he was scared, and his face turned paler. Fright and despair filled his eyes. When Ye Juechen arrived, he saw the little boy being rolled up by a monster, and its tongue was plastered with digestive juice. Those dissolving mucus could turn Xiao Douya into a pool of b.l.o.o.d.y water at any time. Ye Juechen swept his Spirit Power out. The monster was at a low rank, so it could not resist the blow. Although Ye Juechen collapsed with fever, he was still capable of dealing with such monsters. The monster's tongue was cut half. Ye Juechen flew up to hold firmly Xiao Douya. Xiao Douya fell into a warm hug, since the man had the same arms as Xiao Douya's father. The little boy thought he won the bet. The monster fled in panic. Ye Juechen held Xiao Douya and flew to top of the slope. When they landed on the ground, Xiao Douya freed himself from the arms and picked his package up, because it contained the food for them for a whole day. This was the food prepared for all the people. At that moment, Ye Juechen felt his heart melted, and his eyes had not been so clear as now. The little boy's kindness ripped off a breach and let suns.h.i.+ne in. Ye Juechen thought he would never shed tears, but was still moved by Xiao Douya. His mind was not so broad as a child's. The kid treated a bad guy with great tolerance. Ye Juechen still felt his headache. In order to enrich the lunch and make the boy happy, Ye Juechen even hunted two rabbits. Xiao Douya carried the rabbits and wagged his head to the hut. All that came to his mind was only the meat flavor, instead of the miserable rabbits.

Gloomy clouds were torn off finally. Under the sun, Xiao Douya ran like split, followed by Ye Juechen from afar. Several years ago, Xu Linghe was also as lovely as the little boy. Time flew. Instantly, the child had grown into an adult, and the adult now had his own child. Now, Ye Juechen's heart was coated with dust, and his heart, like the clouds, would not see the sun any longer. Without the little boy's kindness, the suns.h.i.+ne would not have penetrated into his heart. In the mountain, wind blew with warm. Ye Juechen did not feel so easy as now. The moment Xiao Douya entered the hut, he began cleaning mushrooms. A little crockery contained was.h.i.+ng water for Ye Juechen, and the water was got from the rains. There were damp clothes on the ground. Although Ye Juechen had a fever, he still knew that the little boy helped him to bring down the fever. What a lovely boy! How could others not love him? A person's heart was sometimes like a monolith, and sometimes like a cotton. And the key to open the heart was only kindness. Xiao Douya was the key that could make Ye Juechen smell the suns.h.i.+ne. Although just some rays came in, they could make Ye Juechen's heart warm and open. Xiao Douya cleaned up the crockery and found some rain water. He began setting up a fire. The firewood became dry overnight, and was ignited by the Spirit Fire. Ye Juechen cleaned up the rabbits. Xiao Douya closed his eyes and threw them into the crockery. The little boy's sentimental behavior made Ye Juechen laugh. The two kids sat beside and warmed their hands. Their hands stained with water braved the steam. The smell of the rabbits wafts from the crockery. The soup boiled over. The blue flame shot to the crockery. The rabbits were stewed spicily. Ye Juechen divided the food to the two kids. The little crockery was full of soups and meat. Xiao Douya could not resist the temptation. Xiao Douya's little hands picked out a piece of meat and engorged it, and his mouth became brightly oil. Ye Juechen took sips of the meat soup, and his eyes kept glancing at the kids. For him, there was seldom such chances as sitting around in his whole life. Although they were in a hut, the atmosphere here was fantastic. Ye Juechen could not tear himself away from the atmosphere. After the meal, it got darker outside. Afraid the kids might get cold, Ye Juechen came out to find more firewood. After tonight, tomorrow would be the time to part. Ye Juechen found that he did not have a place to go, because he felt shamed to return Kunlun. Ye Juechen's nose twitched. And the Mentor's serious look chilled Ye Juechen's heart. That night, Ye Juechen was on the alert, afraid that accidents happened to the kids. He could not fall asleep untill the daybreak.

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