I Didn't Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! Chapter 130: Day 3'S Night

I Didn't Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! -

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When my parents returned home on my third day of school, as expected, they rushed off to ask me about my thoughts regarding the two exciting lessons.

Obviously, I covered the part that involved the Grabberton house.

"Norma, is it? I didn't expect her to be like that! Well, it is true that she seems to be admiring me, but whenever I see her at the royal court, she seems to be very calm and collected," Mom's opinion greatly surprised me.

Could it be that Miss Norma is actually so good at keeping up her 'good image' in front of her 'idol'?

If that's the case, then I'd like to see her at the royal court! It would be very interesting!

"That's amazing, Lyra! As expected of my and Ca.s.s' daughter—you're able to get the honorable mentions for both swords and magic!" Dad smiled proudly as he patted my head—lightly messing my hair.

Though I don't like my hair being messy, I love how his hand patted me, so I'll just bear with it!

...Speaking of hair! Right now, my hair has become slightly longer than my past self's hair before I died back then. I had no hairstyle in mind, but let's try having a long hair, this time!

My hair style back then was short and tidy—and basically, it had always been like that, giving me the image of a "tomboy" girl—plus the fact that I practiced swordsmans.h.i.+p.

My current style and image right now as Lyra are different than Reinst's already. Perhaps the genetic disposition plays a major part here, but I'll gladly take that, as the differing aspects can help me hide the fact about my past self!

"Ah, right! Normsensei and Keith-sensei both mentioned that they're teaching special cla.s.s' students throughout the years, so... they're also your teachers, Alt-nii?"

When Alt-nii clapped his hands happily and added a few comments on my accomplishments, I quickly asked.

"Hmm? Ah, yeah! That's right~!"

"T-then, were they also very excited when they tried to compare between swordsmans.h.i.+p and magic? How did Normsensei react to you?"

"Yup, it's like their annual event to compare and boast the [honorable mentions]! Normsensei also acted the same—but from your story, I think she's more excited when she sees you...," Alt-nii slightly pouted before adding, "and I'm mainly using magic, so I'm not a honorable mention at physical combat. Lyra is awesome!"

"B-but Alt-nii is even more amazing than me!! I think you're very cool!!"

I quickly praised Alt-nii when I noticed his dejected mood—I wouldn't want to risk damaging our sibling relations.h.i.+p just because I was considered to be more superior than Alt-nii. After all, Alt-nii is older and he's also a male.

Alt-nii giggled bashfully at my praises. After he glanced a bit towards Dad, his eyes suddenly lit up with idea.

"I know! I must have taken after Dad so much, while Lyra takes after Mom more! That's why Miss Norma was very excited at first, but then she gradually becomes more composed and serious when she faces me!" Alt-nii clapped his hands together.

"Well well, I think it's also because she's thinking on how she should teach you—as you're a [Void] user, Alt," Mom added her own opinion.

"Hmmm, is that so?" Alt-nii looked at Mom in wonder.

Our night conversation continued on with trivial matters and my planning on the fourth day—as I already told them that I'd come home late by then. When I said that I wanted to take a look at my friend's dormitory...

"No, Lyra! No matter what, don't be tempted to move to the dormitory!! It's better for you to go home everyday!! You may think that it's interesting to be in the dormitory, but remember that also means you won't be able to meet me and Ca.s.s every day like this!!"

Dad quickly voiced his paranoia while Mom only sighed.

"Don't you think so too, Ca.s.s?" Dad picked up Mom's long sigh and asked back.

"Well, I also don't want to let Lyra go there alone... At least, I'd like to accompany her longer," Mom calmly said.

"I also don't want Lyra to live in the dorm! If Lyra goes to the dorm, then I will go to the dorm as well!" Alt-nii added some oil to the fire...

"Not you, too, Alt," Dad's tone of voice showed that he was having a mini panic attack deep inside, but his face remained even calmer than usual.

"I guess it's true that parents can't really keep their children with them for so long, huh?" Mom only sighed again.

But when I looked at Mom and Dad's gazes—I could see some hints of loneliness reflected there. Were they trying to imagine how it would be if Alt-nii and I went to the dormitory?

Normally, n.o.bles are not fortunate enough to experience the closeness and warmth of a family like this. I might have never realized that there were such things in this world if I wasn't reincarnated. Back then, though I lived in the same residence as the rest of my family members, I couldn't really say that I had met and spent time with them as often.

n.o.ble children being sent out to study at a dormitory-facilitated schools weren't that rare, too. Some who were also used to spend their time being attended by their servants wouldn't feel that different—it was practically the same whether they lived at home or at the dormitory. Especially if their schools were elite schools for n.o.bles that allowed them to bring their servants along.

Obviously, such things don't exist in Harmonia Academy with their "equality" motto. Therefore, living in the dormitory would surely train the children to be independent. That's also why some n.o.bles don't want their children to enroll there, or to stay at the dormitory. They'd rather pay more for transportation than to let their children be troubled over having to be independent at the dormitory.

Speaking of which... Iris!! Sorreil house is a n.o.ble house, but I get the feeling that she's left alone...? Could there be some circ.u.mstances behind it?

But... the loneliness of being distant... I never really thought of it when I was still Reinst. I also thought that it didn't matter even if I was told to live in the dormitory. Not until this very moment did I realize that we could feel lonely from being separated from one another.

"Don't worry, Dad, Mom, Alt-nii! I prefer to stay at home! If I want to experience dorm life... at most, I'll just ask to stay over at Iris' room, but that's it!" I tried to rea.s.sure them.

After I made sure that they no longer thought of it, I remembered what I was determined to ask back at school.

"Hey, Dad, can you please tell me more about the royal family's secret? Like, the reason some of them are considered eccentric?"

"E-eh?!" Dad exclaimed in surprise.

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