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Naturally, Cheng Biyuan understood that Zhu Bo was just being polite. He didn't let that bother him. He casted a glance at his daughter standing nearby and said softly,, “Xiao Xiao can make the decision as far as the pricing goes. You can go ahead and work with her on that.”

Cheng Xiao Xiao understood clearly that it was now the time to barter. She pulled out the pricing list that she had prepared in advanced. Pus.h.i.+ng it over to Zhu Bo, she smiled, “Young lord, please take a look!”

“Miss Cheng was so well prepared. Let me take a look!” After taking over the pricing list, his look was much more seriously. He studied it carefully from top to bottom.

A while later, he looked up and smiled bitterly, “Miss Cheng, isn't this price a bit high? You see, we will still need to send our people to transport all the merchandise out from here. There's a lot of overhead on our end. With this pricing, we won't be making any money!”

“Young lord, I am sure you understand the concept of low profit but high volume of sales. As for the transportation cost, young lord, are you trying to bully me because I am young and naïve? Everybody knows that big shots like you has all sorts of means such as dimension pouches, dimension bracelets, dimension rings1, you name it. You practically has an unlimited supply of these, transportation cost is not an issue for you at all. Surely you are joking”

Cheng Xiao Xiao pointed it all out point blank and Zhu Bo smiled with slight embarra.s.sment. After all, he was used to business negotiation, where one naturally try to get the cost down to the lowest possible point.

“Miss Cheng, you are not wrong, but we still need capital. Especially when it comes to mystical animals, we are transporting them out in large quant.i.ties and we must have sufficient mystical water and mystical food to provide to them. And we must buy all of those from you, we'd be losing too much money!” said Zhu Bo with fake helplessness.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was unaffected by his words. Smiling, she said, “Oh, I am sure it won't be difficult for someone like the young lord to figure out how to resolve the cost issue. Am I right, young lord?”

“Ugh, why do I feel that Miss Cheng is a better at business negotiation than I am, this is really…”

Before he finished his sentence, he looked down on the pricing list again. To be completely honest, the prices that she listed out weren't completely unacceptable. It was merely habitual to try to barter in his line of business. He thought about it for a minute and said, “Alright, Miss Cheng. I'll accept your prices. But any new species that you guys have in the future, we will continue to work together and remember to give us a discount on the new species, alright?”

“No problem!” She'd worry about those later on. She didn't care about the pricing in the future. She just needed him to agree to these right now.

Cheng Biyuan, who had been listening along close by, was very pleased. He was very pleased with his incredibly smart daughter. Even though the way she negotiate was still a bit childish, but comparing to all the other shelter girls, she was surely much better.

Granted, Zhu Bo let Cheng Xiao Xiao have the upper hand in this negotiation intentionally. Otherwise, someone as experienced as he was would have easily eaten a newbie like her alive.

Cheng Biyuan had a.s.sisted in his family businesses back in the days. He wasn't a half bad business man himself; he just never dedicated too much time into the business world.

They then spent more time nailing down the details on dates and time flew by and it was noon before they knew it!

Mrs. Cheng, along with some hired village women and maids brought out lunch!

Cheng Biyuan asked Zhu Bo and his men to stay for lunch. It was the fanciest setting, but since all the food contain mystical chi, everybody found them delectable.



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1.   I have gotta be honest here. I have NO idea what the author meant by “dimension pouches, dimension bracelets, or dimension rings”. From the context it almost sounded like these are teleporting device… but there hasn't been any that has shown up in the book thus far. Anyone have any idea, I am all ears. J

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