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[Chapter 28 - You did it on purpose!] I want to go home!

On this side, Xiao Zhan was brought by Hua Tang to wait in the front hall, while on the other side, Qin Shao Yu calmly called the errand boy to send in warm water.

"What are you doing?" Shen Qian Ling was puzzled.

"Bathing, of course." Qin Shao Yu slowly removed his clothes.

Shen Qian Ling: ".........."

What are you bathing during the day for, also there's someone waiting for you in the front hall!

"I rode the horse too fast, and got dust all over me." Qin Shao Yu threw the torn book in his hands onto the table.

Shen Qian Ling immediately remembered that c.o.c.kroach,  and thus said stringently, "Yes, you have to bathe a few more times."

"Together?" Qin Shao Yu invited him.

There was no need to join in the fun for these sort of things alright. Shen Qian Ling firmly rejected him, and used a small stick to poke that book --- he's actually quite curious and wanted to take a look, so he wanted to chase out the insect first.

"What are you doing?" Qin Shao Yu, immersed in the water, was puzzled.

Shen Qian Ling calmly stated, "When Master Li pa.s.sed it to me, there was a c.o.c.kroach within."

Qin Shao Yu's face instantly turned green.

"But now it's gone ." Shen Qian Ling pulled over a piece of paper, and used it to open the first page.

Sect leader Qin brandished his palm and stirred up wind, sweeping the clothes he previously worm out of the window.

Wow! When the pa.s.serby on the street saw it, they were all stupefied! The average person would throw their clothes out of the bed curtains at most, what kind of level is throwing them out of the window.

Simply can't think closely about it.....

It must be very very intense.

"Maybe it has already climbed into your hair." Seeing him suffer a rare loss, Shen Xiao Shou has no ounce of pity.

Qin Shao Yu smiled calmly, "No matter, I had carried you all the way back anyway, this is then called going through hards.h.i.+ps together."

Shen Qian Ling: ".........."

"Quickly look, what's that on your shoulder?" Qin Shao Yu acted shocked on purpose.

Shen Qian Ling went to call for a tub of bathing water frantically, how can there be such an abominable person.

Simply so frustrating.

Qin Shao Yu soaked in the warm water, seeing him remove his clothes in a flurry, his mood exceptionally good.

"Turn around!" Shen Qian Ling glared at him.

Qin Shao Yu cooperatively closed his eyes, and also shamelessly left a tiny gap open.

Shen Qian Ling jumped into the water naked, and then ordered, "Throw my clothes out too!"

Qin Shao Yu did as he said.

Thus crowd became excited once again, and speculated lively about just what extraordinary thing had happened during the time when "Master Shen was still wearing clothes but sect leader Qin has already stripped down".

"Achoo!" Shen Qian Ling sneezed.

Qin Shao Yu frowned, "Caught a cold again?"

"No." Shen Qian Ling shook his head, "Nose is itchy."

"That's good." Qin Shao Yu sighed in relief, then "casually" asked, "The medicine that Mistress Shen gave you before, how many have you eaten?"

"Not many." Shen Qian ling thought about it, "Only a one or two till now."

"Hua Tang said its effects are too strong, it's better to eat it less." Qin Shao Yu said, "As for the cold poison in your body, it can be sealed using silver needles."

"Acupuncture?" A chill went down Shen Qian Ling's back.

"Scared?" Qin Shao Yu smiled saccharinely.

Shen Qian Ling: "..........."

It certainly is very scary to have your head stuck full of needles.

Do you think everyone is like you.

Rough skin and thick flesh.

"Sect leader." Hua Tang knocked outside the room, "Second master Xiao is fighting his way over."

"Call all the highly skilled people to exchange moves with him, if they can't beat him then run away." Qin Shao Yu said, "Take it as training."

Shen Qian Ling immediately looked at him with wors.h.i.+pful eyes, warrior you truly are shrewd, to be able to even have free training like this.

"Yes." Hua Tang left with his words, but also reminded, "It's best for sect leader to prepare early, we cannot stop him for long."

The sounds of sword fighting gradually got closer; Shen Qian Ling was intent on getting his clothes, he totally doesn't want to have someone break through the door while he's still bathing.

But at the next second, Qin Shao Yu got up,and sat in his bathtub.

 Water droplets splashed everywhere; Shen Qian Ling paled in shocked, "What are you doing?"

"Acting." Qin Shao Yu's smile was very devious.

"Why do I have to......wu." His lips were kissed harshly; Shen Qian Ling was shocked out of his mind, struggling to get away, but was held tight at the waist.

Hoodlum! I will fight with you to death! Shen Qian Ling yelled internally, using his hands to shove him with all his strength.

"What should I do with you." Qin Shao Yu hugged him, a challenging look in his eyes.

Xiao Zhan kicked open the door, and was at once stupefied at the scene at once!

Hua Tang also glanced inside, then said "ooooh" in her heart.

She gained something again.

"Hmph!" Yao Qian had a face of hostility as usual.

Fan Yan looked at him in irritation, "Why are you snorting all day all night, I feel that fu-ren isn't that bad right now."

Yao Qian left with a dark face, obviously not agreeing with his view at all.

Shen Qian Ling put his back to the door, not moving at all and stiff like a stick -- this time it wasn't that Qin Shao Yu pressed on his pressure point, but because he was afraid of getting seen naked by the crowd at the door.

Even a bath couldn’t be peaceful, he couldn’t help but want to cry.

"What matters do second master have that it must be said right now?" Qin Shao Yu casually pulled over a towel, and covered up Shen Qian Ling's naked back.

Shen Xiao Shou's face was buried in his neck, his ears blood red.

The bathtub was already very small, and with his tall height, the two of them were almost stuck tightly to each other, just a little movement will cause him to rub against places that shouldn't be rubbed, he simply wanted to die of shame!

Don't you get "feeling" at this kind of time!

You are just a beast!

"When does second master Xiao intend to look till?" Qin Shao Yu asked him coldly.

Xiao Zhan's face turned from blue to purple, purple to white, white to green, and returned to a penetrating black.

"Can you go out first?" Shen Qian Ling really couldn’t bear it anymore, turning around and glared at him -- something will happen if he kept on rubbing against it alright.

The veins on Xiao Zhan's forehead erupted, he obviously wanted to destroy the room.

"Ling-er has cold poison in his body, if this water becomes cool, it's likely that he will get a cold again." Qin Shao Yu said slowly, "If you can bear to let him suffer, then you can stand there all you want."

Xiao Zhan snorted coldly, standing stock-still as before.

Remembering the bone aching pain from before, Shen Qian Ling's heart started racing.

Qin Shao Yu held his hand under the water, and slowly transferred him some internal energy to ensure that the cold poison wouldn’t flare up again.


"Shen Qian Ling." Xiao Zhan was practically gritting his teeth, "I'm asking you one more time, are you leaving with me?"

I don't even know who you are! Shen Qian Ling firmly rejected him.

"Very good, you better remember how you have treated me today." Xiao Zhan's eyes were full of resentment, "Sooner or later, I will have you kneeling before me and begging to return!"

"Go have your ridiculous dreams!" No matter how good his mood is, Shen Qian Ling was agitated.

"Send the guest off." Qin Shao Yu's voice was cold.

"Second master, please." Hua Tang turned sideways and opened a road.

Xiao Zhan harshly brushed his sleeves and left.

Qin Shao Yu stirred up a gust of wind with a wave of his hand, the wooden door was once again closed tightly, and calmness returned to the room.

Shen Qian Ling raised his head and looked at him, his eyes full of fury.


Before he could finish, Qin Shao Yu's face received a punch.


"Really angry now?" A moment later, Qin Shao Yu broke the silence first.

"Leave." Shen Qian Ling wasn't even looking at him.

Qin Shao Yu supported himself with a hand on the edge of the tub, wanting to use it to jump out, but didn't expect that he would use too much force, and with a crackling sound, the tub instantly.....broke into pieces...

"Ah!" Shen Qian Ling screamed, and following the water, sprawled out on his back on the floor, a sorry state with his belly facing the sky.

"Ling-er!" Qin Shao Yu was truly unintentional this time, and was shocked at the scene. He quickly helped him up from the ground.

"You did it on purpose!" Shen Qian Ling wrapped the blanket around himself, raised his leg at once and kicked over!

"Why would I do such a thing on purpose!" Qin Shao Yu grabbed an outer robe and draped it over himself.

"I will take you down to h.e.l.l with me!" Shen Qian Ling hollered!

For a lack of a better choice, Qin Shao Yu grabbed on his fists, "Stop it, quickly dry up and wear your clothes."

Shen Qian Ling stubbornly bit him.

He really had the essence of a fighting vixen!

Qin Shao You could only press on his pressure point.

Shen Qian Ling: "..........."

"If you want to fight you still have to wear your clothes first." Qin Shao Yu looked at the bitemark on his arm, also a little angry inside, and just carried him and threw him onto the bed directly, pulled over a towel and wiped him dry, found a set of clean clothes to change him into, then sat by the bed and glared at him.

You dare to even glare at me! Shen Qian Ling glared back with no hesitation, you this despicable perverted hooligan only knows how to use me all the time!

"Only you would dare to treat me like this." Qin Shao Yu really wanted to knock on his head.

Shen Qian Ling was angered till his face thoroughly reddened, how can I fight with you if you pressed on my mute pressure point!

Do you dare to be even more shameless!

"Sect leader." Hua Tang said outside the door, "The spies had just reported, saying that Xiao Zhan is going to the city's exit."

"Alright, you can leave." Qin Shao Yu released his pressure points, "You heard it, he left."

If he leaves then he leaves, what does it have to do with me! Shen Qian Ling climbed up and wore his clothes, and began to pack his things.

Qin Shao Yu: ".........."

After packing up his things, Shen Qian Ling put the banknotes inside, thought for a while and also picked up two pastries, and picked up his bundle and rushed outside.

The vein on Qin Shao Yu's temple jumped twice, "You better come back!"

Shen Qian Ling left very determinedly, not even turning his head back, so cruel!

Sect leader Qin could only catch up to him, and personally dragged him back.

"Let go of me!" Shen Qian Ling glared at him with reddened eyes, "Scoundrel!"

Qin Shao Yu was angered by him into a tizzy.

"Let go! I want to go home!" Shen Qian Ling struggled with all his strength.

Qin Shao Yu pressed him onto the window ledge, speaking quietly and angrily, "How long are you going to be disagreeable with me?"

Just how much suffering did I go through before being disagreeable, clearly you have been bullying me and using me all the way! Shen Qian Ling was dizzy, even his palms turned cold.

"Already said it wasn't on purpose." Seeing that he was almost fainting, Qin Shao Yu could only make his tone softer.

"Then what was that when I was bathing!" Shen Qian Ling wrestled away from his hand, "Don't say it also wasn't on purpose!"

"........" Qin Shao Yu was rendered speechless, because frankly speaking, he certainly just wanted to use Shen Qian Ling to provoke Xiao Zhan.

Shen Qian Ling continued to glare at him.

"Alright, I'm wrong this time." Qin Shao Yu compromised, reaching out and rubbing away his tears, "Won't happen again."

Shen Qian Ling turned his head away, obviously not accepting his apology.

"What can I do so that you won't be angry?" Qin Shao Yu asked.

Shen Qian Ling shoved him away, and returned to sit by the bed silently.

Qin Shao Yu crouched down in front of him, "Why don't we go eat something good?"

"Leave!" Shen Qian Ling didn’t want to talk with him at all.

Qin Shao Yu crossed his legs and sat down, preparing to coax him a little more, when a blanket was thrown over his head by Shen Qian Ling.

He has been covered....really well.

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