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Chapter 306


A hint of gentleness appeared in his frosty eyes that practically filled with a fatal attraction . Mu Yunyao’s mind went into a trance as she blankly looked down at Yue w.a.n.g, who had raised his arms downstairs .

The night was quiet, and the moon was as cool as water .

Mu Yunyao could clearly hear her heart beating faster than usual, which made her feel helpless for the first time . Her fingers, which were placed on the windowsill, gradually tightened as her nails pierced into her palm, allowing her to regain her reason slowly . “Your Highness, why are you here?”

Just now, for the moment, she seemed to see a warm halo behind Yue w.a.n.g, giving her the urge to follow his orders and jump straight down . It seemed that as long as she jumped down, he would catch her and then welcome the warmth of the blossoming flower…

Seeing Mu Yunyao come back to her senses, a trace of pity flashed in Yue w.a.n.g’s eyes . He slowly lowered his arm and grabbed an osmanthus flower . With a smile, he said, “I’m here to admire the flower . ”

Mu Yunyao raised her eyebrows and tried her best to suppress the strangeness in her heart . “Your Highness, could it be that you’re joking? After all, it is the Su family Residence . Aren’t you afraid of causing trouble by coming here to admire the flowers?”

Yue w.a.n.g blinked and threw the flower branches in his hand to Mu Yunyao’s side with precision . “But the flower here is the only one . ”

Not only he wanted to admire the flowers, but he also wanted to see someone . However, he couldn’t say these words out loud . If he opened his mouth, it was afraid that he would only push Yunyao even further away . He failed once, and he wouldn’t make the same mistake again .

Mu Yunyao lowered her eyes to look at the flower branches beside her . The smile on her lips slightly faded, “Your Highness has already finished appreciating the flowers . It’s time to go back . ”

“Yes, it is indeed late . You also need to rest early . ”

Mu Yunyao nodded her head . At this time, a voice suddenly came from outside, causing her heart to tighten . She quickly opened the window wider and moved to the side, “Come up quickly, don’t let anyone find out . ”

A hint of happiness flashed quickly in Yue w.a.n.g’s eyes . He lightly tapped on the tip of his feet and jumped up quickly to the second floor of Jiyue Pavilion . He then stepped on the windowsill as he jumped to Mu Yunyao’s side .

The voices outside seemed to pa.s.s by and gradually faded after a few sentences . Mu Yunyao slightly heaved a sigh of relief, but just as she turned her head, she looked into Yue w.a.n.g’s smiling eyes . She suddenly felt a wave of numbness flash past her back . She hurriedly took two steps back and leaned against the wall .

The expression in Yue w.a.n.g’s eyes became extremely deep for a moment . At this moment, Mu Yunyao had just finished her bath, and her body was still emitting light steam . Her entire body was like a piece of jade that had been placed in the water for a bath, making her appear extremely clean and moist .

She wore a slightly thin dress, and her whole person looked weak and delicate . Under the night sky, she was no longer as calm and distant as she usually was . Instead, she nervously leaned against the wall, a mandarin duck cat who has lost its owner, as she vigilantly surveyed her surroundings, bringing with her a soft, bluffing aura .

“Your Highness, the sound outside is gone . It seems to be …” Mu Yunyao hadn’t even finished speaking when she saw Yue w.a.n.g bullying her body and shrouding her in shadow .

Mu Yunyao tightly clenched her fist as if something was pressing down on her chest, causing her to suffocate . Yue Yang stretched out his hand and slowly approached Mu Yunyao, but just as he was about to make contact with her, he bent down and picked up the cloak that fell to the ground . He gently shook it and handed it over, “In the Capital, you can’t compare to Jingling City . After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sky became cold, especially at night . It’s easy to get caught in the cold if you don’t pay attention . Don’t open your windows at night, and don’t be coy about the cold . ”

Mu Yunyao let out a breath of relief . Only when she came back to her senses did she realize that her palm was actually drenched in sweat . “Thank you for your reminder, Your Highness . ”

Seeing that Mu Yunyao did not receive the cloak, a trace of helplessness flashed across the eyes of Yue w.a.n.g . He resolutely lifted it up and placed it in front of her, “Put it on!”

Mu Yunyao pursed her lips . Looking at the resolute expression on Yue w.a.n.g’s face, she extended her hand to grab the cloak and draped it over her shoulders .

Yue w.a.n.g nodded his head in satisfaction as his gaze swept across Mu Yunyao’s face . “Have you recovered from your injuries from a few days ago?”

“Thank you for your concern, Your highness Yue w.a.n.g . I am fine now . ”

“Meng Yanran attacked you . You shouldn’t have just slapped her . In the Capital, the human heart is unpredictable, and the environment is much more complex than the one in Jingling City . Since you have come here, you should be prepared to fall into a deep and scheming trap . ”

Mu Yunyao’s fingers, which were holding onto the strap of her cloak, trembled . She did not understand the intention of Yue w.a.n.g’s words . The reason why she had punished Meng Yanran in such a manner was to leave a strong impression on the Emperor . Otherwise, when Meng Yanran framed her that day, she would have taken the opportunity to destroy her legs: “After all, the relations.h.i.+p between the Su family and the Meng family is different . It depends on the relations.h.i.+p between them . ”

“When you talk about feelings, if you were in a strange place, others might not be able to talk about it . In the turbulent undercurrents of the ocean, sharp reefs are hidden everywhere, so be careful . ” He would try his best to protect her, but there was no way for him to do so at all times . Moreover, Yunyao was not an ordinary girl like those other girls . She had her own intelligence and planning . Even if she didn’t rely on anyone, she would still be able to walk down steadily the path of plans and schemes .

“Thank you for your reminder, Your Highness Yue w.a.n.g . ” Mu Yunyao lowered her eyes as she replied .

Moonlight shone in from the window as Mu Yunyao stood at the edge of the window, her slender and long eyelashes slightly curling up, which makes Yue w.a.n.g have the urge to stretch out and touch it with his fingers .

“Even though the Capital is dangerous, it’s a good thing that I’m back . If you have any difficulties, feel free to send someone to find me . I stay in the Yue Palace, and it’s not too far from here . ”

Mu Yunyao suddenly raised her eyes . “Your Highness doesn’t intend to return to Western Guangdong?”

“Yeah, I don’t plan on going back for now . ”

“But, the Emperor …”

“Don’t worry . I have a plan . ” Yue w.a.n.g lowered his voice . The clear and cold voice was no longer there . Instead, it had a hint of hoa.r.s.eness to it, bringing with it a feeling of kindness and gentleness .

Mu Yunyao’s heart suddenly tightened . The bright moonlight shone through the window and reflected into the eyes of Yue w.a.n.g as if millions of stars lit up in his eyes . Those stars were all revolving around the image that was reflected in his eyes and was very touching .

Mu Yunyao’s chest tightened . She could feel the abnormal panic in her heart, which made her feel at a loss, “It’s getting late . It’s time for Your Highness Yue w.a.n.g to return . ”

“I found something . ” Yue w.a.n.g did not move, but he looked at Mu Yunyao with a smile . After a while, he did not see her ask any further questions and couldn’t help but slightly raise the corners of his lips, “Every time you want to pull away from me, you will always call me Your Highness Yue w.a.n.g . I still like it when you call me Fourth Master Ning, or …”

“Your Highness!” Mu Yunyao interrupted Yue w.a.n.g’s word . She subconsciously did not want him to finish his words . She had a feeling that the words Yue w.a.n.g was about to say would definitely disrupt her peaceful life completely, “When you return to the Capital, you will no longer be the Fourth Master Ning, but His Royal Highness Yue w.a.n.g . ”

In this place, no one had the right to act willfully again, especially someone like her and Yue w.a.n.g, who struggled every step of the way . They’ll lose everything if they are careless . The t.i.tle of Fourth Master Ning should be deeply buried, and it’s better not to see the sun again .

“I should go now . ” Yue w.a.n.g picked up the osmanthus flowers from the window sill and carefully tucked them into his sleeves . He then stepped onto the window sill and jumped straight down .

Mu Yunyao’s fingers tightened slightly . She wanted to turn around and leave, but in the end, she couldn’t control herself and stood by the window, looking down at the Cinnabar Osmanthus .

The flowers were red, and the cl.u.s.ters of flowers were like clouds and mist, but the handsome figure beneath the tree was nowhere to be seen .

He was injured when he left Jingling City . Is he fully recovered now…

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