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translator: xiin
editor: Pyromancer

At the moment, the first team was confused.

It had been about three minutes since the start of the game, and under normal circ.u.mstances, they would have already engaged in a group battle and fought back and forth two or three times.

But where were the people from the other side? They had seen them approaching from far away, but now they were gone without even leaving their shadows behind once again?

The commander was confused. “What's the situation? Let's ignore the fact that Lord Four disappeared, but the other side isn't coming over either. Could it be that there's a black hole over there, and they've all fallen in?"

The main tank had already held his s.h.i.+eld up for a good while, and had gone from being ready to not knowing whether to laugh or cry as he said, "Could it be that Lord Four dragged them down?"

“But there's six people!" The support spoke, "We haven't even encountered them yet. Could Lord Four be fierce enough to 1v6?"

Just after his voice fell, they heard the system announce: [ Blue Team has resurrected 5 times. Remaining lives: 15. ]

Although they chose not to have every death reported, the system would still provide a notification when the teams reach 15, 10 and 5 lives left on either side.

Everyone: “…”

The commander felt that he was about to explode on the spot!

“What the h.e.l.l! We just stood here for three minutes and the other side has already collapsed?!"

“I must be dreaming… d.a.m.n, can we lie down and win like this?"

At this point, the second team had also collapsed.

They found Tyron's figure after they opened the scanning skill, but unexpectedly Tyron did not continue following them but instead went back to their resurrection point.

The healer emerged from the resurrection point, followed by the mage, and finally the berserker.

The healer was with the mage, and prepared to rejoin the team in order to partic.i.p.ate in the group battle.

And then, a familiar popped out.

Healer: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh he's at the entrance!”

He screamed shrilly. Tyron stabbed, then stabbed a second time… The squishy healer died again.

When the mage saw this, he immediately placed a s.h.i.+eld around himself and turned around to run back!

He wouldn't have to die if he hid in the resurrection point!

Then, he was horrified to discover that Tyron was much faster than he was; fast to the point where he had already caught up before he made it to the resurrection point.

Tyron's eyes did not fluctuate at all as he s.h.i.+fted his short sword and dagger into position.

The s.h.i.+eld was broken after two successive tinkling sounds as it was. .h.i.t twice; the squishy mage died again after taking on another set of damage.

Five of the second team's lives were gone just like that.

After the mage died and was resurrected again, he broke down, opened up the communication channel, and cried, "That is blocking the way! The healer and I can't leave at all!"

The commander said, “You two should wait a minute. The berserker was also killed… the three of you can come out together as a group. Hold on and don't get killed again. We'll come back to pick you guys up."

Mage: “…”

A few seconds later, the healer, the mage and the berserker came out as a group, trembling as they stepped forth, turning back to check their surroundings three times with every step.

In the distance, they could see the figure of their commander.

As soon as the commander saw them, he shouted in horror, "From above!”

In the next moment, Tyron's figure suddenly jumped down from upstairs and launched himself at the healer. They smashed through the wooden fencing, and fell down towards the bottom of the temple.

The healer died again a few seconds later.

The five remaining team members huddled together, and the commander spoke in despair, “This… Forget it. Main tank, use your ultimate skill."

The tank silently started his big skill, 'Immovable King', which protected all his team members from being pushed back or towed away, allowing them to maintain their formation and protect the healer when they resurrected so that they could finally make it back to the temple.

Tyron didn't show up this time. Everyone was so moved by this fact that they didn't know what to say.

The commander pointed to the first team and said, "Quickly! We'll fight a team battle, and then surrender!"

“Yes, captain!” As soon as everyone heard that they could surrender, they immediately recovered their spirits and rushed happily over towards the first team.

The first team had already waited to the point where they were about to grow mould when the other side finally showed themselves.

The commander of the first team also spoke happily, “Quickly! We can finally have a fight!"

Support: “How come I feel like our opponents' expressions seem so tragic…"

Main Tank: “It's like they're being forced to go back to their hometowns to get married after this fight?"

As soon as the two teams met, they fell into a familiar fighting pattern.

The second team was incredibly moved by this fact. This was what a normal game should be like! This was the right way to fight, and they had finally gotten rid of that… ahhhhh…

Even before they finished with the 'ahhh', the commander of the second team suddenly raised his head and found that the was squatting silently on the temple's statue, his expression the same as the statue of the G.o.d as he looked down at their group battle.

All his hair stood on end the moment the commander saw Tyron!

Tyron met the commander's gaze, and then retreated back into the darkness.

He began to hide and rush out around the fringes of this battlefield, silently observing the situation and looking for every possible opportunity.

Just like how he had done during the free-for-all battle.

If his enemies were focused on his teammates, Tyron would suddenly jump out and harvest kills; if his enemies were looking around for him in order to try and avoid his attacks, Tyron would make feints, or hide deeper into the shadows.

And Tyron's teammates suddenly discovered that as long as they could beat down their opponents to half health, a magical shadow would flash over, and harvest their opponent's lives like a sickle of death!

They couldn't possibly be more relaxed. The entire situation couldn't be any more astonis.h.i.+ng.

Half a minute later, the system announced loudly, "ACE! Wiped out!". The group battle was finally over.

Second team: Wiped out.

First team: Everyone survived.

Everyone in the first team: staring-blankly-mouths-open.jpg

Their support basically felt like there had been no pressure at all, and the group battle inexplicably ended just like that.

It wasn't until the very end that Tyron's figure finally appeared in front of them.

Tyron's straight nose was stained with a little blood. He curled his index finger and gently wiped it off with his knuckles before looking calmly over at the support.

The support didn't know why, but their heart stuttered as they subconsciously took two steps back.

Tyron spoke, “Heal.”

The support finally noticed at this point that Tyron only had half of his health. He quickly summoned a light spirit that followed him and healed him up.

Tyron glanced at the little light on his shoulder and said nothing else before turning and jumping down, once again disappearing from sight.

As the faint light from the goblin of light disappeared into the darkness, the a.s.sistant gasped violently.

The main tank commented, “A little scary?”

The support had a crying face as he said, “Almost scared daddy to death. I'm a squishy support, and I jump up in fright every time someone comes over. Lord Four's concealment ability is so insane… Showing up so suddenly, I'm scared enough to pee even as a support!"

The commander spoke, “I feel that the healer on the other side is about to cry…”

He had just finished speaking when the system's notification came up again!

[ Blue Team has resurrected 15 times. Remaining lives: 5. ]

Everyone: “…”

The commander swallowed hard and said, “Is Lord Four… slaughtering again?"

Their movements stopped all of a sudden just as he stopped speaking.

System: [ Blue Team has surrendered. The game is over. Red Team wins. ]

The game ended, and both teams emerged from the virtual arena.

The second team died 15 times, 11 of which were killed by Tyron; n.o.body from the first team died.

The other five people in the first team had confused expressions on their faces.

The six people from the second team looked as though their hearts had already turned to ashes.

After watching the whole match, the coach patted the commander of the second team on the shoulder, “You've worked hard.”

The commander of the second team said, “Is it okay if we don't play in the second round? Even sandbags need to have some dignity…"

Coach: “We'll a.s.sign a map with a plain for the next game, I can guarantee that there will be no place to hide!"

Second team commander: “No!”

Coach: “The first team will only be given 10 lives!"

Second team commander: “No!”

Coach: “Fine then. We'll halve Lord Four's health, and he won't be allowed to use stealth."

Second team commander: “… Fine!!!"

However, even though they had agreed that it would be a map of a plain in the next round, and Lord Four would be given a handicap…

Lord Four still abused them, and beat them b.l.o.o.d.y.

Because they could only fight group battles on the plain map and had no way to set up ambushes, Tyron spent the entire time wandering around the edges of the team. Even though he only had half his life left, this time, he had a healer! It was true that he had nowhere to hide, but he could make use of his teammate's flesh and blood!

Main tank: “…” Oh dear! Lord Four hid behind my s.h.i.+eld. I actually feel a little flattered?

Second team commander: “…” Motherf*cker! We were fooled! We would have a chance if Lord Four came over on his own, or if the five of them came over we would also have a chance, but when they were added up…

The commander of the second team wanted to cry out for his father.

Daddy, don't kill our healer anymore, okay?! The deaths of the healer added up was enough to fill up half their resurrection quota!

After the second game, the coach could see a line of text on the second team's faces when they came out: We have already turned into six salted fish.

The commander of the second team said, “Sandbags also have dignity! Coach, I f*cking want to go to the toilet to cry for a while!"

Coach: “Yes…”

The second team immediately disappeared.

The coach went over and took Tyron's hand. “Lord Four, I would like to warmly welcome you to our Seven Kills Club!”

Tyron: "It seems like I haven't said I would join your club yet?"

The coach laughed awkwardly and said, “Gee, Lord Four shouldn't regard us as outsiders. Come, come, I'll show you our benefits and facilities. We have a gym, recreation rooms, a library…"

He pushed Tyron along as he spoke, slowly moving them out of the practice room.

The coach spoke until he was parched, promoting the Seven Kills Team to Tyron as his best choice. Finally, he said, “As long as you join our club and then obtain the first or second place in the team compet.i.tion so that we get the quota for the team league! I don't dare promise anything else, but our recommendation quota for the Regional Compet.i.tion will be yours! And half of the final bonus for our team compet.i.tion will be yours. You just have to say you'll do it!"

There was no change in Tyron's expression or tone of voice as he asked, “That's it?”

The coach made up his mind, and added, "How about this. During the formal compet.i.tions, as long as you get a kill, I will personally subsidise you 5,000. If it's an a.s.sist, I'll give you 2,000! If you obtain the MVP, I'll add another 5,000!"

Tyron's eyelashes didn't even twitch as he spoke indifferently, "The price is too low.”

The coach didn't know why he had a weird feeling that he was talking to a cold-blooded killer about a contract. He rubbed at the hairs on his arm that were standing on end and said, "What about 8,000, 4,000?"

Tyron finally nodded and said, “Okay.”

The coach held back his excitement and brought Tyron over to sign the contract.

The next moment the contract was finalized, he picked up the paper and laughed loudly enough to shake the skies. "Hahahahahahaha—Jumping through all these hoops was worth it! I've finally obtained a new core DPS! Laotzu is about to take the Seven Kills team to victory!"

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