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Leaving Town (3)

Coldblood Group didn't have a custom pa.s.s made because they were a secret organisation. They wouldn't have a pa.s.s with their name on it, at least not out in the open. 

The pa.s.s gave them the right to skip security checks, and even the power to mobilise a small section of the troops. A very small group though, they could only request for no more than two hundred guards.

Although the organisation name wasn't stated on the pa.s.s, only the original pa.s.s owner could use it, or they wouldn't be allowed in! 

How could they be sure? The pa.s.s had markings that would only glow in the presence of the owner. 

The owner had to sign a blood contract beforehand to be able to use the card. This was similar to the blood contract used in spirit reanimation, a very useful tool indeed.

Although the Coldblood Group made efforts to keep themselves under wraps, many people within the Dragon City had heard of them. Hence their presence would attract attention all the same. 

Then again, the people were already used to them by now because the members had been operating in the city to deal with security threats, national traitors etc. 

It was much more convenient like this because the people were already used to them. Even if no one knew of their true mission. 

No one would suspect a thing!

Coldblood Group's mission to Princess Longji was almost through, only the most important part was left! 

Ye Lang was sitting on the carriage floor, playing a game of chess with Coldblood Five. 

"Checkmate, you're dead!!" Ye Lang celebrated, dancing around the carriage. 

"..." Coldblood Five fell silent. She had never won a game of chess in the past few days. Not. Even. One. 

Coldblood Five stared straight at Ye Lang. For a moment Ye Lang felt the creeps. However, Ye Lang's mood would turn sour very soon! 

Thud. Thud. 

Coldblood Five 'accidentally' pushed the board, causing the pieces to slide off. The winning position disappeared in an instant. 

"Oops, my hand slipped a little. Did you say checkmate?" Coldblood Five pretended not to hear him. 

"You liar…" roared Ye Lang. 

"What? It was an accident, don't blame me!" said Coldblood Five coldly, as if she wasn't at fault. Like it was an accident. 

"You think I'd believe you? It's the 137th time now!!" Ye Lang said angrily. Who was she trying to fool?? She didn't even make an effort to tell a better lie!! 

If it had been 137 times, then it definitely wasn't a mistake or an unfortunate coincidence. Then why wasn't he more careful? After 137 times? 

Every single time, the same drama unfolded. 

"Ah, really? It's probably because I didn't sleep well last night!" waved Coldblood Five. She would never admit or apologize, she only wanted to provoke the little idiot. 

"Didn't sleep well? You sleep so early!" Ye Lang said while picking up the chess pieces., "I'll never play another game with you! You have no sportsmans.h.i.+p at all!" 

"You've said that a hundred times!!" waved Coldblood Five airily. She wasn't afraid of Ye Lang's 'threat'. 

"Hmmph. If it weren't for the fact that there's no one else here, I wouldn't be playing chess with you!" said Ye Lang directly. If there was someone with them, he definitely wouldn't want to play with Coldblood Five. 

Coldblood Five was the last resort! 

She knew it too. She felt slightly offended. What was she then? He only remembered her when there wasn't anyone else. 

If there was someone else, would he still spend time with her? Would he forget her? 

Ah, despite all that, she would still be with him. Or, sadly, they might not meet again. 

She had confirmed this point. Because she had once asked Ye Lang this question! 

"Little idiot, will you still think of me if I'm no longer here with you?" she asked. 

Ye Lang was honest. His answer was quick, clean and simple…


Out of sight, out of mind. If someone promised him better company, he would have been gone by now. 

Coldblood Five shook her head in exasperation. Perhaps it was for the best. At least she would have one less problem. She could then focus on being the best there ever was!! 


Ye Lang was sound asleep. He looked so calm, so quiet. Coldblood Five always felt like Ye Lang was a whole different person when he fell asleep. 

He looked so comfortable!

"Actually, I think we should keep what we have now, perhaps it would be for the better!" Coldblood Five lied next to Ye Lang, her hand lightly touching his face. 

She wasn't afraid of waking Ye Lang. He slept like a log! 

"Mosquitoes again! I hate mosquitoes!" Ye Lang swatted her arm away, scratched his cheek and fell silent again. 

"It's not a mosquito, you little idiot!" Coldblood Five smiled warmly, patting him gently. 

If someone else saw her smile, their jaw would drop. Coldblood Five was smiling! With warmth! It must be her twin, definitely not her at all!! 

No one would believe the ruthless called Death could ever look this angelic! 

The carriage plunged into a sea of lively celebration when it entered the Dragon City. Streamers and lanterns were hung everywhere, all to celebrate the Empress Dowager's birthday. You really wouldn't be able to tell between the people who voluntarily put those up, and the people who were exasperated at all the festivities. 

Then again, on the surface, everyone was the same- all smiles and celebration! 

There was the third group of people, which were the people only there for the festivities, looking for opportunities to have fun. This group was probably the biggest! 

Underneath the celebrations lied a tense undertow. n.o.body knew of the battle ahead for people like the Coldblood Group members. No matter if they were a.s.signed to protect or to kill, it was the same. They were prepared for tough times ahead! 

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