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Wasps were located in the south of Floating Ice City, in the Poisonous Wasp Forest. This ‘Poisonous Wasp Forest’ name, really sounded like it came from a horror movie. It was obvious that the Wasps were poisonous monsters. The main reason for me to have chosen to catch a Wasp was not only because of its high growth rate, it was also because the wasps’ level was quite high and suitable for me to level.

After around thirty minutes, I arrived at the Poisonous Wasp Forest. When I reached the outskirts of the forest, to my surprise, I heard a voice sounding from the forest–

“Boss, would there really be a level 1 Wasp sp.a.w.ning here?”

“Of course, search the bushes a little more. It definitely will sp.a.w.n here!”

“Oh, alright….”


Pus.h.i.+ng the leaves aside, to my surprise, I saw a line of four people killing monsters in the forest. They were all similar-looking, level 30 and above players who had already had their second job advancement. Looking through the players in Floating Ice City, the only group who could have this kind of elite troop members would naturally only be the Domineering Clan!

Domineering Heaven Blade carried his sharp sword and moved right in front. He slashed his sword and neatly execute two continuous slashes onto the Wasp in front of him, which was buzzing noisily. The Level 34 Wasp had a head larger than a soccer ball, a poisonous stinger on its bottom, and produced a loud buzzing noise when it flew. Suddenly, it lowered its body and raised its bottom, hooking its body. With a quick movement, it had stinged Domineering Heaven blade. In an instant, the Domineering Heaven Blade’s complexion turned green. He had been poisoned!

“Priest, please heal, thanks!”

Domineering Heaven Blade slashed his sword two more times and killed the Wasp. A holy light descended on his body and he immediately gained more than half of his health back. That was a level 29 Priest, it was obvious that he was a talented priest that the Domineering Clan had nurtured themselves.

“Ca Ca!”

With his quick attacks, Domineering War G.o.d beheaded another Wasp, and as the Priest was helping him recover some of his health back, Domineering War G.o.d confessed honestly that it was a little difficult for him to single-handedly defeat the Wasps. He needed supplies and support.

“Boss, did you hear about what happened yesterday?” Domineering Knight G.o.d asked.

“Huh? What happened?” Domineering Heaven Blade asked.

Domineering Knight G.o.d took back his spear and said, “The Mad Dragon Guild had organized a hundred man team to defeat the final BOSS of the Bluestone Valley, but just as they were about to finish it, Wind Fantasy and Fallen Hero had kill stolen it.”

“Oh, I heard about it already…”

Domineering Heaven Blade chuckled, “Descent of the Dragon, that brat, is really a clown. How dare he think of us as a rival with that kind of low quality clan. They were practically seeking death. Humph, this time Wind Fantasy and Fallen Hero had benefited from it. Next time, it will be our Domineering Clan’s turn!”

Domineering Knight G.o.d frowned and said, “Boss, aren’t you worried that Wind Fantasy and Fallen Hero would join hands together?”


Domineering Heaven Blade couldn’t help but sneered, “That’s right, Wind Fantasy and Fallen Here are indeed extremely talented players. However, they both aren’t leader materials, they would only be able to influence a small group at the most. In such a wide world in the , how would they be able to fight us? Don’t forget that our [G.o.d Destroyer] guild has more than 2000 members in our records!”

Domineering Knight G.o.d added cheerfully, “There are really too many of Boss’ fans. In this game, a solo player wouldn’t be successful at all. However, if we could persuade Wind Fantasy and Fallen Hero, these two people, to join our Domineering Clan, how good would that be? Tsk tsk, I just realised it the previous time we met. Wind Fantasy is really a true beauty!”


Domineering Heaven Blade couldn’t help but laugh, “You, brat, you are good in everything, especially your gaming skills, but you are simply too blinded by beauties. If you can change this then you would probably be able to do great things in the future!”


I decided to avoid these Domineering Clan group. I didn’t want to seek trouble with them, not because I was afraid that I couldn’t defeat them, but I just didn’t want to waste the time I should be spending on catching pets to PK instead. There was no meaning to it.

I entered the Poisonous Wasp Forest from the west side. This forest area was very big, and the Wasps level were also very high. The distribution of the monsters were quite close together, there would be at least one flying Wasp in every 2 metres. Hence, I had to be extremely careful when luring a monster. I could already attract the monster’s aggro at around four metres, so I had to calculate a good distance before making my move.

I carefully attracted one Wasp over. It was level 35, three levels higher than me, so it should still be manageable.


The Wasp flew towards me like a flash of lightning, revealing its extremely quick agility. The stinger on its bottom advanced towards me quickly and gave me a [p.r.i.c.k]!


Fortunately, my defense currently was extremely high!

I raise my Weeping Fireblade high up in the sky as a huge MISS floated out. Then, I quickly executed my second attack, fast as a lightning. Obviously, I was executing amy [Vindicate] and [Death Blade] attack!

“Pu Chi!”

Slas.h.i.+ng onto the Wasp’s head that was like a soccer ball, a large damage number flew out — 1287!

Not bad, my attack was extremely sharp. However, this Wasp had around 3000 health, its level was simply too high.

After a few continuous attack, I managed to kill the first Wasp in an instant. However, I need to drink a bottle of health potion. Luckily my [Undead Regeneration] skill was quite a good skill. A level 3 [Undead Regeneration] would regenerate 0.3% of the maximum health in one second. On the other hand, a level 10 [Undead Regeneration] would regenerate around 1% maximum health per second, healing the user’s health back to maximum in 100 seconds. Such a powerful skill was definitely befitting of an Undead Swordsman’s special skill.

Furthermore, in this kind of situation, [Undead Regeneration] would save me a lot of potions.

In a blink of an eye, two hours had pa.s.sed, and it was 1 a.m. right now. I have killed countless of Wasps but I hadn’t see the legendary level 1 Wasp yet.


I received a new message from Wind Fantasy, “Little Cheater, what are you doing?”

“I’m catching pets!”

“Oh, what are you going to catch? I’m also catching pets~”

“Wasp, how about you?”

“Little Red Riding Hood, teehee…”

“What’s Little Red Riding Hood?”

“You don’t know?”

“Yeah, please teach me…”

“1 gold for my teaching fees!”


Seeing that I didn’t reply, Lin Yi Xin finally sent me a screenshot —

[Flame Blade]
Attack: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★☆
Health: ★★★★☆
Agility: ★★★☆

I was immediately frozen. I sighed as I replied, “Such a strong attack and health!”

Lin Yi Xin laughed, “Yeah, if only I could catch one. It would be best if I could catch one with a BN value of 70 and above!”

“Yeah, wish that you accidentally kill a level 1 monster…”

“Die, you Little Cheater!”

I laughed out loud as I turned off the chat window. I swept my glance through my surrounding, and suddenly, I was petrified on the spot. There it is! I had finally managed to wait for one to f.u.c.king sp.a.w.n!

Not far away, a Wasp was flying slowly. The letters on top of its head was really moving for me: Wasp LV-1

Finally, a level 1 Wasp had appeared.

I couldn’t help but be overjoyed. I kept my Weeping Fireblade and ran towards the Wasp with big steps as I took out a Sealing Card from my inventory. I locked my target on that Wasp, and threw my Sealing Card right towards it!


The Sealing Card flying in the air suddenly morphed into a giant talisman, encasing right on top of the little Wasp’s head. The taming process had started!

A green progress bar slowly filled up, but suddenly, it stopped —


System Announcement: Sealing failed, you have 4 more tries to seal the target!

My heart twitched a little. There was only four more tries left. If I failed continuously, this level 1 wasp would level up to level 2, and that would mean there would be no chance for it to be tamed anymore. Heaven help me, please give me lots of luck!

I threw out another Sealing Card, and with a ‘Shua’, the card floated in the air on top of that little Wasp. The little Wasp continued to buzz as it float around, continuing to ignore me just like it had from the start.


I gritted my teeth. Let’s continue, the third try!


Fourth try!


In that instant, I crumbled to my feet as I howled out, “Heavens, please help me this once!”

When the fifth Sealing Card flew out, it turned into a hexagonal talisman on top of the little Wasp, enveloping it with its light. The little Wasps’ body continuously shrunk, then expanded, shrunk and expanded again. Finally, in the last moment, the little Wasp’s body disappeared as it turned into a golden ray of light and flew towards me, entering my pet’s slot. The only pet slot I had was immediately occupied, I wouldn’t be able to get a second pet now.


System Announcement: Congratulations, you have successfully tamed the wasp!


Anxiously opening my status, I found the Wasp’s attributes plainly visible on my window —

Level: 1
Attack: 5
Agility: 6
Stamina: 3
Health: 5

Growth Rate —
Attack: ★★★★☆
Defense: ★★★☆
Health: ★★★☆


I calculated that its total initial stats value was 19 points. That would mean that its BN value was 19 points. There were two ways to measure a pet’s quality. First was the growth rate. Different types of monsters would have a different growth rate than another, however, monsters of the same types all have the same growth rate. Secondly, the initial stats for all pets were different. Generally speaking, the higher the initial point, the stronger it would be in the future. This was its BN value.

The Wasp that I had managed to catch had a BN value of 19. I was a little dumbfounded.

Hence, I sent a short message to Lin Yi Xin, “Beautiful Yi Yi, what do you think of a Wasp with a BN value of 19?”

Lin Yi Xin replied, “That’s not bad, train it..”

I felt that her reply was a little bit weird and asked, “What do you mean by not bad?”

Lin Yi Xin sent me a smiley and replied, “If you train a pet with such a noob initial stats, it would be much easier for me to beat you up in the future. Of course it’s not bad…”


I turned off the chat window. Dammit, this wasp was actually trash. What do I do? I can’t bear to throw it away, but if I don’t throw it away, if I wanted to become a powerful player, I couldn’t have such a trashy pet. That was equivalent to seeking your own doom. Just as Lin Yi Xin had said, if I train this pet, it would be very easy for her in the future to bully me.

The rules in was that a level 30 player could only have one pet. But if they raised their levels higher, they would be able to get their second pet slot. The highest number of pet slot was three, but you can only summon one pet at any time, even during combat. When your pet dies, you wouldn’t be able to summon it in 10 minutes. Hence, people’s requirements for a powerful pet had become extremely high.

The little Wasp flapped its little wings, flying around in front of me. It even flew in a circle, and it looked as if it was extremely happy.

As I was greatly distressed and was about to leave, a voice suddenly resounded from my right —

“Dammit! This brat had managed to catch a level 1 Wasp!”


Turning around, I saw Domineering Knight G.o.d and Domineering War G.o.d approaching me. The two of them glared at my little Wasp intently, their eyes filled with greed. Such a greedy look might have been equivalent to Dong Zhuo’s look when he first met Diao Chan.
(s.h.i.+ro: Dong Zhuo was a tyrannical emperor who was overthrown after he was bewitched by one of the Four Great Beauties of Ancient China, Diao Chan.)

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