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Published at 22nd of September 2019 01:02:26 PM Chapter 38

Ch38: Determination

Lu: " . . . I . . . I might know the cause . . . "

To: "Eh!? Luna?"

Lu: "I want to sort out my thoughts, but I can’t confirm for sure . . . but 30-yrs ago . . . Sub-species . . . there is something that concerns me . . . "

Advertis.e.m.e.ntTo: "Grandma also said that she didn't know the root cause, so you don’t have to push yourself too hard . "

Lu: "That's right . . . don't expect too much . "

To: "It's about helping other lost people, but grandma said it is not compulsory . "

Li: "Not compulsory?"

To: "There seems to be case of lost people who were forcibly summoned and treated as slaves in this world . "

Me: " . . . That's terrible . "

To: "I want to save, but I don't have any information . . . I don't know if the enemy is a country, a n.o.ble or something else . . . but I want to save . . . "

Ta: "That's why you said you might be chased by the country . "

I began to convey my thoughts that I could never say before . . .

To: " . . . I had a younger sister named Rei Toki, who is many years smaller . . . After I left home, my dad remarried a younger woman, she was born when I was 30 years, so she is 30 years younger . . . It's like a lie . . . My mother-in-law is also younger . . . "

When I was 22-yrs old, my 42-yrs old father remarried a 20-yrs old woman, after eight years later, she was born when I was 30yrs old .

To: "She is already so cute . . . maybe I didn't get married because I had a nephew . . . I could only meet a few times a year . . . but she was involved in an accident 2yrs ago when I came here . . . But if she came to this world and get caught . . . Because there is Rei I laughed and said to myself that I'm okay, so I tried to smile as bright as possible, I didn't think even after coming over here I put lid on my memory . But . . . no, it's not . . . I remembered it completely in the child's story . . . I was so angry and angry . . . How can I forget this hard feeling . . . "

Meryl and Lily are crying, Tanya has tears in her eyes and Luna covers her face with her hands .

To: " . . . so I want to look for her even if the probability is 0%, until it becomes 0% . "

Everybody clings to me and sheds tears, I can't stop crying since I started talking about Rei, it seems that the lid that I tried to close was overflowing . . . . I’m sorry, let me cry a little, and after a little while, I’ll return to a cheerful stupid older brother with a smile . . .

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