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With contract Skill many Brides! Chapter 31: Female teacher in a suit with is my justice

Ch 31: Female teacher in a suit with is my justice

"Sharing food with us too, can our food stock be enough until we reach the town? It will take about 15 days, isn't it?"

"Yes, vegetables will not last for a long time, so we brought in small amounts but I think they will be enough until we reach the town, and we can make up with monster meat for which we lack."

"Meryl may not like it, but will you give it try with black tiger?

"... I'm an adventurer, I don't care."

"Can we eat Black Fang?!"

"Is it about black tiger?"

"That's right! We can rarely eat any monster with rank B!"

"Rank B?"

It's a black tiger known as black fang and it seems monsters have ranks, it seems like the necessary knowledge for the future, I have to ask them well and have Luna remember it well! I cannot expect much from me, I do not trust my memory!

"Yes, there are ranks for both adventurers and monsters."

"I'm sorry, but can you explain it a bit?"

"I don't mind, as long as I know you can ask anything, anything-desu! From hobbies to three sizes! I've been slightly overwhelmed by Meryl right now, but I'm proud to be in shape!"

"... I'm not losing in shape too... /// Mine is much softer and can feel more comfortable too... ///"

They were suddenly derailed before getting started to explain it... And it's a difficult topic to intervene again...

"I cannot let it pa.s.s... Feel good to touch? ... That's right, same as Meryl's stomach 'punipuni~ne'!"

"Haaa~, where is my stomach! Punipuni~yo! Tanya, you practice too much sword and became rigid! Soon your b.r.e.a.s.t.s also become hard!"

"... you... you want to die..."

"Wait! You two!"

Luna and Lily (Muu) put their hands on their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and are depressed, Meryl was excited and getting angry, but the worst one is Tanya! Original sharp eye was narrowed and it is scary! Where did your older sister character go! The dark purple hair is now losing color and the hair that hangs down behind now unravels, it's definitely not a reverse sword that you're trying to put your hand on, right!? Just how angry you are!? Wasn't it always happen?!

"Isn't common fight! If you put your hand on that sword, I am "Tos.h.i.+-kun wait".


"This also happens often!"

"... but weapon..."

"I think you don't know, but it's a skill!"


"We often use this skill in interpersonal battles and capture requests, but it will acc.u.mulate damage without getting hurt. I have this [Tekagen(hold back)] skill! So, I'm just trying to beat Meril with it!"

"... I'm sorry... I... I do not know well about it and got angry..."

... I did it... When I think about it I can understand easily, Luna and Lily are not worried at all, I do not think that Tanya will seriously hurt Meryl...

"I'm really sorry!"

"I'm sorry too... I've done it in my usual way... If you do not know about the skill, I think it is a natural action."

"I'm sorry too... about yesterday also... I'm really sorry!"

"... the atmosphere of Tanya had changed, so I tried to stop in a hurry..."

"I have a skill that activates with my anger... The color of my hair will changed and my eyes have been disillusioned... I really hate these sharp eyes from day to day... I also want cute dripping eyes like Meryl... I wanted to be born again... "

"Hmm? Tanya's eyes are cute?"


"I was scared a little a while ago, but usual Tanya seemed like an mature older sister, so I like it!"

"Eh!? Eh!? Eh!? ... ... Since I was born because of my eyes how many were scared..."

"Is that so? That's because the men you have encountered have no eyes, isn't it?"

"... ///"

"... Tos.h.i.+... you ..."

"... Tos.h.i.+-sama is swearing... cheating..."

"Tanya how nice."

Am I swearing? I just said what I thought... I think that it would definitely fit if she put on in a suit. I also wanted that kind of teacher to teach in various ways...

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