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Chapter 201 – The Fallen Fire Dragon

Before Liszt crossed, he was once fascinated by the HBO drama, Game of Thrones, which featured a very magnificent structure, the Wall.

With the help of giants [1], humans built a 300-mile-long, 700-foot-high ice wall. 

Since the beginning of the show, he was very interested in The Wall, so he looked up a lot of information, and found out that the original shape of the Wall was a cliff formed by a basalt rock pillar in Western Iceland. And so he learned about the great wonders the basalt columns of nature can create.

Ireland's Giant's Causeway, America's Devil Tower, Scotland's Fingal's Cave, and Nanjing's Liuhe Guizi Mountain Stone Column Forest are typical basalt columns.

It would be hard to believe that these neatly arranged pillars were derived from volcanic eruptions.

When a volcano erupts, its magma cools and gradually contracts with pores due to the bubbles to form basalt. The cracks form a very regular geometry. In most cases, hexagons are formed, as if they were co-processed.

“This is a basalt column, for sure!”

With the continuous excavation of the large pits, the appearance of the basalt columns was revealed little by little. Hexagonal stone pillars in an orderly manner, one after another reveal their true colors.

Kosto, who was behind List, suddenly shouted, “I remember, my Lord, I remember this rock, I saw it on an island!”

“What island?”

“An uninhabited island I encountered on a voyage to Deep Throat Island. It has dense stone pillars, shaped in the same way as the stone pillars here. “

Kosto's words supported Liszt's ideas.

The rock underfoot is a basalt pillar, a geological structure formed by a volcanic eruption. Looking again at the huge skeleton, he suddenly thought of a possibility.

Liszt had an idea in his heart, “Perhaps my previous judgment was wrong. This is not the remains of just any dragon, maybe this is the remains of a fire dragon!”

Like how wind dragons can form wind roar valleys with strong winds all year round.

Fire dragons can naturally form volcanoes.

“If it was a dragon, the last moments of its life would be falling here along with its magic. It would have caused a volcanic eruption and the dragon's body would be swallowed by the volcano. It may have been tens of thousands of years ago, and the magic of the dragon has dissipated. The volcano had died and the upper layers have weathered or blown away by the wind and created the landma.s.s that now forms Black Horse Island .”

Black Horse Island  does not look like a volcanic island.

But Liszt feels reasonable and thinks it might have been the deep sea. Since the fall of the fire dragon, there have been continuous volcanic eruptions and it created magma layers that cooled down. Eventually it surfaced from the water and became the island.

“If I could dive down now and see what's going on beneath  Black Horse Island, it's probably shaped like a volcano. The exposed island of Black Horse Island is just part of the crater.”

“Not to mention, it looks a little bit like the shape of a ‘mouth' formed by the four hills forming a low lying valley fitting the structure of a crater. The location of the bones, between the Needle Gra.s.s Hill and the Ice Gra.s.s Hill, it's not far from the crater. It may be the remains of the dragon that caused the volcanic eruptions.”

Liszt thought so.

Even though his Magic Eyes couldn't really detect fire magic in the area.

Liszt still gradually felt that the fire properties in his body were fighting and becoming agitated, as if the fire element was very active here.

Of course, it seemed like an illusion. After calming down, he did not feel such signs anymore, and his restlessness returned to normal.


Fire dragon!

Liszt stood up and stepped on the basalt rock pillar close to the bone.

He reached out and stroked the rough surface of the bones. There were too many complex and unspeakable emotions at play and he vented out,  “I know I have a relations.h.i.+p with dragons ; invisible dragons, smoke dragons, fire dragons. It is rare for ordinary people to see them. But I am destined to ride a dragon in my life. “

Unfortunately, it was not a metal dragon or a gem dragon that fell here, for it left no metal or gemstone deposits.

But if one would think about it, if there was no metal dragon or gem dragon and  there was no volcanic eruption, maybe Black Horse Island is just composed of silt from the bottom of the sea. No matter how rich the mineral deposits were, Liszt couldn't touch it.

Everything a person sees has a reason.

He thought again,  “If the Fire dragon fell here and it was not  killed, then it should prove the existence of the Valley of the Dragons …” According to the "Dragonlance Chronicles: Twilight Dragon” records, when a dragon turns old, it will fly to the Valley of Dragons. “It's just a sea, there's no dragon valley.

At that moment.

Marcus, the supervisor in charge, came up with an idea. “My Lord, I'm guessing since there are five bones embedded in these rocks, does that mean that there are more bones also embedded in the rocks below? It's just that these parts decayed since it came up to the surface?"

“It makes sense, it seems that you have to clean up this area … this place where the bones are buried.” Suddenly, Liszt felt that this name was very inspirational and very stylish. “Here is the place where the bones are buried. Dig straight ahead and see how much more bones can be collected. “

The bones of the fire dragon, though it has decayed, was still very hard and could be an excellent raw material.

The upcoming bone shop won't have to worry that it'll run out of suitable raw materials.


Liszt felt that there was no need to study anymore about the bones in the pit and how it came that way. So early morning the next day, under the bright red sun, he set off to leave Black Horse Island.

Of course, he brought a group of bone fragments back with him.

He kept on thinking what else can these bones do in addition to being made into bone tools – it seems a huge waste to just make them into bone tools for the serfs to use.

Back in Flower Town, Liszt saw Elkson Truth again.

The mage came back to Flower Town to prepare the next batch of Flame Mushroom Magic Potions.

As soon as they saw each other, Liszt handed the bones to Elkson. "Mr. Elkson, I recently came across these relics and bone fragments. You will help me study them, find out which creature they belonged to and how it can be useful." It was not important how such old bones were exposed.

What's important was to find out its use.

Elkson took the bone fragments and nodded, “Please rest a.s.sured that I will have time to study it. In addition, Lord Baron, you have entrusted me to purchase works by magicians. I have brought them. Six books. As for Knight novels, you can easily let the caravan procure them. “

Liszt was hungry for knowledge.

He was going to write a chronology of “The War of the Dragons in the Wild,” and he's going to need a lot of data to copy……*cough*, to refer to. Magicians who seek the truth and refuse lies write books that are relatively authentic, broad and highly valuable.

“Thank you very much. I will ask Mr. Carter to pay for the book as soon as possible.”

Elkson laughed. "I'm not in a hurry, Sir. I'm a.s.sured by your credibility."

[1] and with the Children of the Forest (uhhh, i watched GOT a lot)

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