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Chapter 9—translated by Doza

Liola only frowned and stated, “I didn’t do it to myself.”

Kaiser made an expression that seemed to say “like really.” However, in the next moment, it changed to a perplexed one as he looked toward the unknown round object at his side. “No matter what, it’s still a lot better than your son’s. His appearance is really… I don’t even know what the h.e.l.l he is.”

Only now did Liola look at the “object” off to the side. It merely appeared to be a white, roundish ball-shaped thing. What on earth is this thing…?

As if it would not allow him to continue his state of denial, that ball-shaped thing rushed into Liola’s embrace and even called out, “Papa! Papa!”

“Baolilong?” Liola was completely baffled. Could it be that dragons would turn into this kind of odd thing when they enter this place?

The Dictator of Life smiled sheepishly, “I’m truly sorry about that. The NPC who watches over the entrance and exit probably made a mistake… Because he kept shouting that he was Baolilong, I think that NPC may have thought that he wanted to be Styrofoam, and so changed his appearance to look like Styrofoam.1”

Hearing this, Kaiser made a pained expression. He murmured, “Baolilong, ‘baolilong,’ hasn’t he just been saying Baolilong all along? What nonsense is this…?”

“I’m truly sorry.” When he heard Kaiser’s mutterings, the Dictator of Life could only smile wryly.

Liola looked at the round and chubby Baolilong in his arms, but was not very concerned. As long as he got the necklace, they could leave this place, and Baolilong would naturally return to its original form.

“Please give me the Dragon Cross Necklace.” Liola lowered his tone.

The Dictator of Life chuckled and said patiently, “Please, hear me out. It is useless even if you obtain the necklace in this place. In reality, this necklace has not been created yet. Everything you see now is merely a virtual image.”

“I do not understand.” Liola replied bluntly.

“Then, I’ll explain it like this. You should have already felt that your real body is still present outside of this place, correct?”

Liola nodded. He did indeed sense it.

Seeing that Liola understood this point, the Dictator of Life continued, “In fact, this place where you currently are is not reality. That’s why you cannot bring the items that you acquire here out of this world.

“This necklace…” The Dictator of Life pulled out the Dragon Cross Necklace, and said slowly, “just like the female body you have right now, does not exist in reality.”

“Alright. In short, just treat it as a fake necklace.” Kaiser shoved his huge face between them. “Right now, the important thing is, why would you have this necklace… and just what sort of place have the two of us arrived in?”

“My guess is—well, actually it’s my calculated hypothesis based on all of the clues—I think…”

At that moment, everyone else rushed forward, and listened wide-eyed to the Dictator of Life’s words.

“You are from the future, a very, very distant future.” The Dictator of Life smiled faintly.

Kaiser looked at Prince and asked curiously, “You’re people from the past?”

On the other hand, Prince said rather disappointedly, “So, you’re not aliens?”

Kaiser rolled his eyes. Why is this person still going on about aliens…? In a gloomy tone, he asked the Dictator of Life, “Then, how do we return home?”

“Originally, there was no way to solve this problem. However, it currently looks like you should hurry and return to the real world. That black hole that previously sent you here has opened up once more.” The Dictator of Life looked rather regretful. “It’s a pity that I couldn’t talk more with you all…”

Kaiser jumped in fright and hurriedly took off his helmet. At that moment, the switch between the two worlds almost made him faint. When he was less dizzy, he found that he was still in that living room, and the people around him had yet to remove their helmets. He frantically looked around, and the first glance almost made him jump up in shock. A black hole had appeared at the spot where they had originally arrived at, and it was currently shrinking little by little.

“Liola!” Kaiser couldn’t help but shriek.

Liola also removed his helmet. When he saw that the hole was growing smaller, he grabbed Kaiser with his right hand and picked up Baolilong with his left hand, then threw the both of them precisely into the black hole. He too then leaped over to the black hole. Just before going in, he turned his head.

The Dictator of Life’s image was standing in the center of the living room, while the others were taking off their helmets one after another and waving goodbye to him.

The Dictator of Life smiled faintly, “I will have the Dragon Cross Necklace made. However, whether you can attain it in the future depends on you.”

Liola nodded earnestly. He would take back the Dragon Cross Necklace. After that, without turning back anymore, he stepped into the black hole and headed toward Kaiser’s world… maybe. Who could tell?

Feng Lan smiled broadly. With her hands on her hips, she said proudly, “If you have time, remember to visit Prince’s residence. We welcome all sorts of living and non-living things.”

[Kill No More VS ½ Prince END]


1 “Baolilong”: Baolilong’s name (寶利龍) is a play on baolilong (保麗龍), which means Styrofoam. Both are p.r.o.nounced the same way but use different written characters. The last character in Styrofoam is long (龍), which actually does mean dragon by itself.

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