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Chapter 26

Lu Ying went to see Bai Chou and his wife first . When he heard that Bai Fu Ling was out and would to come back in the afternoon, he was slightly disappointed and had to go to the guest house to wash and eat first then have a rest . The servants of the guest house knew his habits very well, and they had already prepared everything in advance when they heard of his arrival . After Lu Ying bathed, he soon fell asleep on the bed of the guest house and slept much more soundly than the ‘home’ of the General in the city .

It was noon after waking up, his bodyguard Nan Tang gave him a letter saying that someone had just sent it . Lu Ying’s heart felt strange . When he opened it, there was only a small piece of paper on which there was simply four big characters; ‘inspection on behalf of heaven’ .

These four letters are usually engraved on the imperial seal! Lu Ying raised his eyebrows and asked Nan Tang, “where is the messenger?”

Nan Tang said: “He already left . My subordinates recognize that it was the man from Daixing Courtyard . his name is Gan Lan . ”

Lu Ying thought about it, got up and took Nan Tang and another bodyguard straight to Daixing Courtyard .

Bai Fu Ling went back to Bai family village to see her parents and went to see Lu Ying in the guest house, but the bodyguard said that Lu Ying had gone to Daixing Courtyard . She was very depressed . If only she had just pa.s.sed through the gate, she would not have to go back and forth .

She sent other guards and maids and forced Bai Guo to carry her to Daixing Courtyard as a footman . She went straight to the garden as the servant had said . And indeed, she saw Lu Ying’s two bodyguards guarding the intersection . Nan Tang grinned at her and went forward with a salute . “The General is talking to someone in the courtyard . ”

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know . The person seems to have some status . I’ll go in and let him know . ” Nan Tang took the initiative to turn around and run in . He knew the importance of the Bai family’s Miss in the General’s heart . Even if the General is now seeing the Emperor of Heaven, he should go to report immediately . The General said ‘no one is allowed to disturb’ but this ‘on one’ never included Miss Bai .

Bai Fu Ling raised a pair of crescent eyebrows and immediately thought of ‘Peng Tie’ .

Since the day Bai Fu Ling forced Yang Heng to be her own servant’s teacher, she never dealt with him anymore . She heard Bai Ping Zu say that, although he walked around Bai Li mountain, he didn’t go to any places he shouldn’t . As for other suspicious places, they would not care if he didn’t intend to bring harm to the Bai family village .


Lu Ying, who was talking to Yang Heng and Lie Dang, heard that Bai Fu Ling was coming and had not yet said anything . He heard Yang Heng say: “Miss Bai is the host . Please invite her to come here . ”

Lu Ying looked up at him and said in a deep voice, “Your Highness, forgive me . Men and women are different . It’s inconvenient . ” His tone seemed to say that he regarded Bai Fu Ling as his close family member .

“General Lu is worried too much . Miss Bai saved Bengong only a few days ago . She had to meet with me once, but I was forced to hide my ident.i.ty from her because of the situation, so I should apologize to her face to face . ” Yang Heng turned around and walked back and forth with a smile . He wanted to see for himself how close Lu Ying was to Bai Fu Ling .

 (本宫 [běngōng] = I, this palace; this person from/a part of the palace . Mostly use by women of the palace in other novels, but could also be used for a Prince too . )

Bai Fu Ling stood by the path and waited for Lu Ying, but when Yang Heng arrived, she paused and pretended to be confused . “Eldest brother met with you? Do you know my brother? Who the h.e.l.l are you?”

Lu Ying caught up with him, took Bai Fu Ling’s arm and drew back a few steps . He whispered, “Ling’er, don’t be rude . This is His Royal Highness, the Sixth Prince . The Emperor sent him to Beiguan City to reward the visiting minister . ”

Indeed, as expected, he really is a ‘Tortoise’? Bai Ping Zi is right? He could be a sage! Originally, there was still some doubt that Bai Fu Ling had with Bai Ping Zi’s skills that time, and then immediately thought of another green eye ‘tortoise’ who was saved on the same day . That s.h.i.+ Jiu might also be some barbarian prince or something …

(王八 [wángba] = tortoise/ b.a.s.t.a.r.d; sounds the same as 王霸 [wánɡ bà] of monarch/ruler . )

(TN: s.h.i.+ jiu = nineteen . She might have named him this, same as her guards . I can’t find any other meaning . Might be explained in the future…)

Yang Heng and Lie Dang saw that Bai Fu Ling listened to Lu Ying but did not greet him . They were just lost in thought . They did not know what she was thinking, and their hearts were not happy . She knew his ident.i.ty and still dared to ignore him . It was so rude! Did she really think Beiguan City belongs to her?!

Lu Ying patted her on the shoulder and warned: “Greet his highness, quickly…”

“Oh! Greeting’s Sixth Highness!” Bai Fu Ling reluctantly bent her knees to salute . Fortunately, in addition to formal occasions, kneeling ceremonies were not popular here, otherwise, she would feel depressed to death!

Yang Fu Heng just wanted to see her unwilling appearance . Only when she had finished the ceremony did he say with a smile: “Miss Bai is excused . ”

Put on airs! Hump! Bai Fu Ling was not happy in her heart, and she hated even more is that when she looked at his face, it had a faint smirk . With a pout she dodged behind Lu Ying, she didn’t notice the flash of cold light in Yang Heng’s eyes because of her obvious resistance to him .

Bai Fu Ling was sure that Yang Heng could not see her at all, so she said: “Your Highness and brother have some business to talk about . I’ll leave first . ” Without turning back, she left with Bai Guo, leaving only a slim back .

Had she known that she would run into Yang Heng’s public ident.i.ty, she would have stayed in the guest house and waited for her elder brother .

After the two walked out and made some distance, Bai Guo saw that Bai Fu Ling did not intend to leave Daixing Courtyard, and could not help but ask: “Miss, where are you going?”

“Going to see another green-eyed ‘tortoise’, what kind of barbarian Prince is s.h.i.+ Jiu . Let’s quickly cured him to charge a good price! Save us some trouble!” Bai Fu Ling is excited at the thought of how much that ‘green eyes’ is worth, which slightly diluted her depression just now . An extra ‘tortoise’ is already very annoying for no reason . If you have two, double the trouble . It is better to make a move as soon as possible .

Lu Ying watched Bai Fu Ling leave, turned to Yang Heng and said, “My little sister is young and doesn’t understand . it’s disrespectful! Please pardon, Your Highness . ”

Yang Heng said casually, “the General’s surname is Lu . Why did the Bai Family’s Miss become the General’s sister? This is really interesting . ”

Lu Ying spoke, “Miss Bai is the adopted younger sister of this lower official . ”

“Oh? I heard that General Lu’s wife came to visit the General from the capital . Bengong will not disturb the reunion of the General and his wife . Please consider what was mentioned before . ” Yang Heng deliberately changed the topic and mentioned Lu Ying’s wife . Seeing his face with a look of surprise, it is clear that he didn’t know the news of his wife’s sudden arrival — that is to say, he really came back to Beiguang city without even entering his own house, and directly came to the Bai family .

Of course, Yang Heng is not exactly kind enough to remind people to go home and see their spouse . He just deliberately jabbed at Lu Ying to stop thinking about his ‘beautiful little sister’ .

The Cui family where Lu Ying’s wife came from, is loyal and reliable to the eldest Prince . Her sudden travels to such a wild place in the eyes of people in the capital, obviously wasn’t just because of her love for her husband .

Yang Heng nods to Lu Ying and turns away with Lie Dang . Remembering the legendary indifference of Lu Ying to his wife’s family, he secretly felt lucky . However, when he thinks of Lu Ying’s close relations.h.i.+p with Bai Fu Ling, he can’t help but feel upset .

Lu Ying is ten years older than Bai Fu Ling . He is more steady and resolute than other men of his age . With his sword-like eyebrows and tiger eyes, he looks like a man of iron blood . He has been promoted from an ordinary soldier to a General of the unified army in less than ten years . He is the commander of the second army . Of course, he has extraordinary luck . However, Beiguan City’s radical reversal since his appearance has proved to the world that his strength is far greater than his luck .

Such a person, even Yang Heng; who is also a man, cannot help but praise . Let alone a young girl in her prime of life … Are Bai Fu Ling and Lu Ying, really only brother and sister?

(if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

Yang Heng went back to his room in Daixing Courtyard with a frown . After a meal, he heard someone knocking at the door . It was Bai Ping Zi and Gan Lan . Bai Ping Zi’s eyes glistened as soon as he saw Yang Heng, bowing down and saluting, “I didn’t know the ident.i.ty of Your Royal Highness, the Sixth Prince, and I have sinned a lot . Asking His Highness to come with this lowly one to He Ling Lake pavilion . ”

Knowing his ident.i.ty, she immediately improves treatment? Yang Heng was amused at the thought of the feral cat that was almost defeated that fled . He nodded and asked Gan Lan to take some sundries from the room for him, and took Lie Dang to follow Bai Ping Zi .

He doesn’t know what att.i.tude the kitten will adopt when meeting him next time . Will you please him in every possible way like the n.o.ble daughters of the capital and give him shy and warm eyes? He hopes that she won’t disappoint him . Women who are too easy to conquer are not interesting .

(TN: I dislike him already… hope he improves . )

In fact, he thinks Bai Fu Ling is too sensible . She did not know how to entertain him, only Lu Ying would move him . It was actually the Bai couple who thought about the reception for the imperial envoys .

After Lu Ying and Yang Heng separated, he immediately sent someone to urgently report to Bai Chou and his wife . For an imperial envoy to come; it was no small matter . They just didn’t know before . Now they knew, they must dedicate their hospitality to the highest standard . Otherwise, it would be disrespectful to the Emperor . At the lightest would be banishment, at the heaviest; it would be a great crime punishable by decapitation and seizing all their property .

Bai Chou and his wife are both people who have seen the world . They immediately decided to send Bai Ping Zi to invite the person . They instructed their servants to clean up the most luxurious house on Bai Li Mountain and prepare it as a temporary base for the imperial envoys .

Unfortunately, this house is on the bank of He Ling Lake, Bai Fu Ling’s favorite summer place .

While leading the way for Yang Heng’s master and servant, Bai Ping Zi also secretly congratulated himself that he did not really offend the ‘monarch’ because his eyes were bright and knowledgeable . Otherwise, the Bai family would be in great trouble .

Yang Heng has never set foot near He Ling Lake before . Looking at the lush lotus flowers in the lake, and then look at the swing, bamboo couch, tea stove, zither, and so on under the willow shade beside the lake . Yang Heng can’t help but secretly lament that the Bai family really knows how to enjoy life .

Bai Ping Zi led Yang Heng’s master and servant to a luxurious mansion near the north of the lake . The Bai couple have been waiting for him in the front courtyard . Yang Heng self-boasted that he was knowledgeable and had a good mental focus of ‘even if Tai Mountain collapsed in front of him, he wouldn’t budge’, but suddenly; he was shocked to see this pair of extremely ugly people .

Looking at Bai Fu Ling; her parents… even if they weren’t the ‘Dragon and Phoenix among people’– They shouldn’t be like this! No wonder they were so low-key and seldom go out… Yang Heng was a little shaken and excused them while full of doubts .

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