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After meeting Luo Yu Sen again and obtaining his contact information, Qi Mu didn't contact him even once.

Partly because Akkad gave Qi Mu a task: to visit some famous maestros. And partly because Qi Mu knew if he was too enthusiastic, Luo Yu Sen would know something was wrong. He wasn't that stupid.

When he left a famous violinist's house with his violin case, Qi Mu looked down at the path and walked toward his hotel.

At noon, the bright suns.h.i.+ne lit up the land, painting the red-brick lane with a layer of gold. Qi Mu recalled the phone call he received the other day. His eyebrows creased as he was lost in thought.

He secretly hired a private detective on the first day of his arrival to see if he could find the person behind Luo Yu Sen.

From his point of view, since the other person could make Luo Yu Sen take the risk of drugging him, they had to have a high status. And they must have promised some kind of benefit.

As long as there was money exchanged, it left a paper trail. Being caught was just a matter of time.

However, when Qi Mu thought he could easily catch the person behind the scenes, the private detective he hired returned in distress, "Luo Yu Sen's bank account didn't receive any large amount of money in the last 10 months. Would you like to look for other information, sir?"

It shocked Qi Mu. He thought for a moment before replying, "Look for other things."

After receiving another sum of money, the private detective began searching for other things involving Luo Yu Sen over the past 10 months. Qi Mu hung up the phone, puzzled.

If it wasn't a deal with money, then. . . What was in it for Luo Yu Sen?

Qi Mu knew that in the months after his death, Luo Yu Sen wasn't promoted to the deputy of the second group violin. The seat remained empty. And from what he saw that night outside the concert hall's building, the other members had alienated Luo Yu Sen.

If Jacques was the one Luo Yu Sen was helping, then. . .

Why was he so miserable now?

Qi Mu first thought the truth had already emerged on the surface, waiting for him to scoop it out. Only now did he understand the whole matter was wrapped in layers of thick silk webs like looking at the reflection of the moon in water, unclear.

And now, after three days, Qi Mu was planning to contact Luo Yu Sen again to see if he could find any anomalies.

Before he could, his mobile phone vibrated. Qi Mu saw the familiar name on the screen and was surprised. He pressed the answer b.u.t.ton and whispered, "Min Chen?"

A low "Um" came from the other end of the line. Min Chen continued in the same low tone, "Long time no see, Qi Mu." 

Qi Mu was still surprised but chuckled. "Well, it's been a while since I last saw you. Is Bai Ai busy with rehearsals nowadays? If you have some time, let's go have a meal together or something. I've been somewhat idle lately."

Min Chen came to Vienna as early as ten days ago. He had sent Qi Mu a text informing him of his arrival.

At that time, Akkad was still glued to Qi Mu's side, and he was unable to escape. When Akkad finally left Vienna, Bai Ai was getting busy with their rehearsals, leaving Min Chen with no time to spare.

"Where are you now?"

Qi Mu looked around and answered bluntly, "I just visited Master Anton near Gaul Street." After a pause, he nearly cried, "What a coincidence, you're nearby?"

Qi Mu thought it was too coincidental. The corner of his lips curled upward, and he couldn't help but chuckle. "Okay, how can there be such a coincidence. . . Vienna is so big, how lucky we are for this to happen."

The other end of the line was silent for a while. The handsome man's thin lips curled even higher, and he thought, Well, it's really fate. . . It had already happened twice.

"Did you get the ticket for Bai Ai's concert tonight?"

Qi Mu continued to walk forward, nodding, "Yes, I got it this morning. I didn't expect Daniel to personally send it to me. Thank you very much, Min Chen. You know Bai Ai's ticket is tough to get. I heard that on the black market, the price shot up to 500 euros for one ticket."

"Well, it's good you got it." The man's mellow and magnetic voice came through the speaker.

Qi Mu laughed. "But it seemed a little bit too much for you to send Daniel in person. . . I was surprised when I opened the door this morning. I thought you would either courier it or pa.s.s it to me along the way. It was quite over the top."

Min Chen: ". . ."

So. . . Between he delivering the ticket in person and Daniel delivering it, the latter was more serious?

The two chatted for a bit and, after saying "See you tonight" to each other, they hung up the phone.

After the call, Qi Mu somehow felt his complex mood clear. Taking advantage of his good mood, he cast the thought of the disturbing sc.u.m aside and wondered what was for lunch.

In the concert hall no. 3 of Musikverein, the members of Bai Ai were horrified to find out——

Their conductor smiled!!!

He was in a good mood!!!

They saw the cold man in the middle of the auditorium with the corner of his lips raising while he gazed at his mobile phone. Something happened, and it made him happy.

This scene was so shocking for the members of Bai Ai they had suspicions. Their conductor with such a poisonous tongue that could make them cry for their mothers. . . Did he blow a fuse?

Daniel, the representative warrior, tiptoed over. After hesitating, again and again, he asked, "Min. . . Have you been upset lately? Our concert starts tonight. If you have something on your mind, don't bury it in your heart. Daniel's ears are always open to you, my friend!"

Min Chen lifted his gaze to look at Daniel. Disdainfully, he repeated, "I'm upset?"

After a long while, Daniel gloomily said, "You call this not upset? You scolded all the members the other day! Whenever they saw you, they would walk the long way around to avoid you, did you know that? Although you seem to be in a better mood today, you're still terrible!"

Min Chen raised his eyebrows in protest and stated, "Daniel, my mood is as good as my temper."

Daniel: ". . ."

After a long while and a loss of restraint, Daniel spat out, "Well, you strange fellow, you've had a cold face all day long. You looked like everyone owed you millions. And suddenly, you're happy. Min, I've known you for more than a decade. I always knew you have a strange temper, but I didn't know you were this weird."

On the rehearsal stage, Christole began leading the orchestra in a new round of tuning their pitches.

Under the stage, Min Chen was deep in thought. After a while, he parted his lips and asked, "Daniel, if. . . if you're 99% sure of something and only missing that remaining 1% so you can never be sure it's the total truth, what would you do?"

"What the h.e.l.l is with this problem?" Daniel silently muttered. After thinking about it for a bit, he replied, "Now that you got 99%, how important can that 1% be? It's only 1%, right?"

Min Chen was apparently satisfied with his answer. His grim face softened. After a gentle "Hmm," he stopped talking.

Daniel's curiosity was thoroughly provoked. He asked, "Hey Min, what on Earth is going on with you?"

Min Chen: "Nothing."

Daniel: ". . .There must be something!"

Min Chen looked at him and said, "Nothing."

". . .There absolutely must be something!!!"

Not bothering to listen to the weirdo any longer, Min Chen stood and walked up to the stage.

Behind him, Daniel kept repeating things like, "You d.a.m.n fellow, say it, ah," "Hey, Min, you have to take responsibility for piquing my curiosity," and "d.a.m.n, you devil!"

. . . 

As for. . . What was going on with Min Chen?

Well, it didn't seem like a big deal.

Why was Qi Mu, who had never studied German, suddenly fluent in German? Why was he familiar with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra? Why did his 《La Campanella》 sound exactly the same as Lu Zi Wen's? Why did he stand under Lu Zi Wen's apartment and look at it for so long? Why did he suddenly go to Luo Yu Sen, someone whom he should have never known?

All these questions pointed at only one answer.

The answer was so fantastical and unbelievable that he couldn't accept it at first.

Three days later, as Daniel said, since you've affirmed it 99%, even if you were missing the remaining 1%, it. . . didn't matter much either way.

You see, bold conjecture, careful investigation, and confirmation was a very scientific means for research, ah.

In a 24-hour convenience store half a city away, a young man, who didn't know he'd exposed his secret scrutinized, two bok choys.

"The left one is a little thicker, and the leaf on the right one is a little dry. Hmm. . . which one is the best choice?"

Having spent nearly half a year in Huaxia, this was a great change. He now had. . . very critical eyes toward food. He wasn't this picky in his previous life, he even bravely tried Britain's dark cuisine. But. . .

Who wouldn't cry eating bread, pizza, spaghetti, and pasta after rich and colorful Chinese cuisine for half a year?

A week after arriving in Vienna, Qi Mu asked the staff of his hotel for permission to borrow their kitchen.

Even if his cooking was regarded medium-level in Huaxia, it was better than eating bread, pizza, spaghetti, and macaroni every day. . .

After half an hour spent tangled in the convenience store, Qi Mu finally walked back to the hotel with two bags of food in tow.

Looking out at the lovely blue sky and the smooth clouds, Qi Mu couldn't help but stare. He smiled then sighed, "Today's weather is good. The sun is bright, and the sky is clear."

Well, yes. . . In fact, you're also very clear.

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