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Published at 12th of July 2019 03:24:34 PM Chapter 83

Vienna’s Golden May was a season full of music . The world’s best orchestras performed in this beautiful city one after the other .

When the Vienna Symphony Orchestra finished their trip all over Europe and returned to their base camp, they were warmly greeted by the residents of the city .

That night, almost all 1000 seats were filled . The attendees ranged from cla.s.sical professionals to musicians from other orchestras to Vienna’s local residents .

Among the applauding crowd, a beautiful young man with black hair attracted some attention . When the concert was over, and the audience started to look for this seemingly familiar young man, they were surprised to find——

That youth left as soon as the concert was over!

In the dark of night, the dressed-up audience left with a smile .

And from time to time, they spoke about the concert and occasionally mentioned the famous figures in attendance . The gentlemanly concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra was present, along with the deputy conductor of the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra, and . . . the black-haired youth who sat in the front row with a smile on his face the entire time .

It felt like many years had pa.s.sed since the first time they heard the name “Qi Mu . ” So much time, in fact, that they didn’t remember it well, but they knew . . .

For being only 22 years old, his violin was remarkable!

It was a pity they didn’t get the chance to speak with him . Say . . . Why did he leave so early?

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra’s last concert of the season wasn’t held in the Golden Hall, nor in any hall at Musikverein . Instead, it was held at their own hall and was an evening full of music that was decisively their own style .

By the time almost the entire audience left the front building, a heated discussion rang out in a quiet, empty side street .  

 “Hey, Davey, where are you going to play tomorrow?”

 “I’m gonna stay home, Kirk, you fool!”

 “Melanie, let’s go to the Vienna Mall tomorrow . My summer dress is calling for me!”

 “Helen, you silly woman . What summer dress? My autumn clothes are waiting for me in those beautiful windows!”

A group of people pa.s.sed through the half-opened mahogany door . Some carried violin cases, others carried heavy cello cases, but all were smiling and laughing . They made the street look lively .

They were the members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra .

Most of the orchestra preferred to leave via the back door of the concert hall after their performance . Although this was an open secret in Vienna’s music industry, no one knew the alley well . It was also a good way for them to escape the media .

Two beautiful blondes walked out the door, and after a moment, a handsome but cold-looking black-haired man stepped out . His nose leaned a bit downward, appearing rather aquiline but it also made him look a bit insidious .

Walking alone at the end of the throng of people, no one paid him any attention . He was like an abandoned animal, walking step-by-step behind these people . He didn’t walk for long before a s.h.i.+ny, light-colored pair of leather loafers appeared before his eyes .

A little stunned, he looked up . Before Luo Yu Sen could open his mouth, he was stunned to silence . His heart skipped a beat . After a while, he coughed and said, “This friend, I don’t know . . . who you are?” His tone was deceptively gentle .

The elegant youth before him just smiled and excitedly said, “Excuse me . . . are you Mr . Luo Yu Sen from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra?”

This kid spoke Chinese!

Luo Yu Sen was stunned, and in turn, also spoke in Chinese . “Yes, I am Luo Yu Sen . And you are . . . ?”

“h.e.l.lo, Mr . Luo . When my teacher talked about the Vienna Symphony Orchestra before, he once mentioned that you were the only Chinese in this orchestra . It’s amazing to be able to work in such a top symphony orchestra . I really admire you a lot!”

The words of praise from the youth made Luo Yu Sen feel warmth in his heart . He couldn’t help but smile and said, “You are praising me too much, I don’t know who your mentor is…”

“My teacher is Reed Akkad . ”

The smile on Luo Yu Sen’s face froze . He looked at the young man in surprise . The kid had an innocent expression as if not tainted by the dark side of society .

Luo Yu Sen thought for a while, then he looked around and said, “Master Akkad! You’re awesome!” Although he said this, in his mind, he thought, Easily revealing his teacher’s name . I don’t know if this fellow is either too stupid or too naive .

After listening to Luo Yu Sen’s praise, the young man lowered his head shyly and whispered, “Actually . . . Actually, I’m not really that good . Mr . Luo, I think your performance was good . I noticed your violin at the concert just now, and it was very . . . ” Here, the young man paused, then he went on, “It was very exquisite and moving . There are few Chinese musicians in Europe . I’m really honored to meet you . I don’t know . . . ”

 “I don’t know if you would give me your contact information so that I can get in touch with you and ask for your advice in the future?”

Luo Yu Sen, who was treated coldly by the members of the orchestra for half a year, had not been adored like this for a long time . Adoration was one thing; not a single member of the orchestra respected him . And right now . . . the person who praised him so much was the student of Master Akkad . Not only that, this person was a beautiful and delicate looking young man .

Not doubting him in the slightest, Luo Yu Sen gave his phone number to the young man . After they walked for a bit and left the dimly-lit street, Luo Yu Sen realized——

He didn’t even know the kid’s name!

“Then . . . May I ask, what is your name?”

Under the dim moonlight, the youth’s lip curled upwards, making him look even more ethereal . He opened his mouth, and with a mild voice, he said, “My name is——”

“Qi Mu . ”

When Luo Yu Sen walked away, he didn’t notice that the young man whom he had just called a fool, smiled and stared him down .

His deep eyes were neither sad nor unhappy . He showed no agitation, either . He was seemingly just watching Luo Yu Sen .

After a long while, Qi Mu smiled, a bit helplessly . He sighed, “Your character is still very arrogant, ah . . . Luo Yu Sen, you actually gave your contact information to an innocent looking young man, and you spoke to him for so long . Should I say that you’re too confident in yourself or should I say . . . that you’re a fool?”

Watching Luo Yu Sen’s figure fade away from the corner of the street, Qi Mu shook his head gently and turned to the opposite direction .

The reason he came to Luo Yu Sen personally was to find out——

Just whose road did he block in the first place?

When Luo Yu Sen mentioned it in that lounge in his previous life, Qi Mu’s first suspicion was Jacques, the concertmaster of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra .

He was only the deputy concertmaster, but he was invited by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and Jacques wasn’t . . .

It was a major blow to Jacques .

But, all of this was just his speculation . There was no solid evidence .

Therefore, even if Qi Mu doubted Jacques, there is no way to prove it .

Letting out a sigh, Qi Mu looked up at the night sky . Just as he did, a cloud blew from the east, blocking the dim crescent moon .

Qi Mu looked calmly at the dark and gloomy sky . It took him a long while before he finally lifted his feet and walked towards the subway’s entrance .

If he wanted to forget and calm his resentment, he must first solve this matter .

This was a stumbling block in his music path and the inevitable obstacle in his otherwise future peaceful life .

『Compared to Beethoven, in fact . . . I prefer Mozart . 』

——Qi Mu smiled helplessly and thought this to himself .

Huaxia had an old saying: The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind .

Qi Mu walked briskly to the subway station and on the quiet and empty street, his footsteps gentle on the stairs and vanquished by the whistling by the train .

In the street that late at night, not even a single person’s shadow lingered . The only noise in the night was the wind slowly blowing the leaves on the ground, making “sha sha sha” sounds . There wasn’t a trace of anyone on the street, only two or three cars parked on the side of the road .

 One of the cars was deathly silent as if no one waited within .  

But . . . after ten minutes of pitch-black silence, the black Bentley flicked on its headlights, illuminating the entire street .

In the car, a handsome man stared ahead, in the direction of the subway .

The previous day, Min Chen learned from Daniel that the Vienna Symphony Orchestra would hold their Spring Tour’s last concert in Europe that night . Somehow . . . after his busy rehearsal, he drove there .

He had the vague premonition that Qi Mu would be there .

Min Chen was disinclined to ask about a lot of things . But regarding this matter, his patience and curiosity were getting the better of him .

He watched the audience leave the front entrance in tandem until the streets were empty . He watched the members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra leaving, laughing and smiling, and watched the young man . . . stop someone he recognized .

Eyebrows furrowed, Min Chen sighed into the boundless darkness .

This time . . . he had a question he might not be able to solve for a lifetime .

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