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He Jin was watching the TV while repeatedly comparing the person on the screen with the person sitting next to him.

“What's wrong?” Qin Yang asked with a smile, “am I handsome?”

He Jin said to him, “how come I feel like you're another person on TV?” Right, the Qin Yang that he'd always known was pa.s.sionate, a little rebellious, a little evil, and he' s a bad guy as well, sometimes he even liked to act stupid…

“Of course!” Qin Yang held He Jin in his arms, “because I only show the real me in front of you.”

He Jin, “…”

After the end of the show, Qin Yang politely expressed a personal request to the audience. He said that he's still studying in Hua University, and if there're junior brothers/sisters who admire him, he'd be very grateful if he could be left alone/undisturbed.

He Jin said worriedly, “is it even useful mentioning this? Now that you're on TV, I suppose more people will know about you. And more people will disturb you at school, right?”

“This is the price to pay when you're famous. Well, maybe I might as well apply for homeschooling, and my cla.s.smates can send me copies of notes, so that I don't need to attend lessons anymore. I'll only attend the exams.” Qin Yang looked at He Jin and asked, “what about you? Has anyone looked for trouble from you?”

He Jin smiled, “I'm on year 4, and I only have two per week now. I don't really get to see anyone.”

Well, there were actually troubles. The other day, when He Jin went to school, he saw a few pretty junior sisters, and they wanted to ask about Qin Yang. They also very explicitly asked him about his relations.h.i.+p with Qin Yang. He was really embarra.s.sed. But he didn't tell Qin Yang, as he knew that they didn't have much time left. He was willing to endure these troubles.

Qin Yang grabbed his hand, “then I'm at ease. You're the one that I'm worried the most.”

After the show was broadcasted, Qin Yang undoubtedly got even more famous. He became the top idol overnight. In the next few days, he had got many jobs as well. And his income kept increasing.

One night, Qin Yang counted his income of these 3 months with He Jin. Since he became a spokesperson of Demon G.o.d, he actually earned more than tens of millions with the interviews, advertis.e.m.e.nts, photoshoot for magazine cover, etc! As he was too occupied, he'd already stopped being a live show host. And he'd found a finance company to manage his money. He was going to invest in a small game as well.

Qin Yang had nothing to hide in front of He Jin. He desperately wanted He Jin to recognize him and to give him compliments. He was also looking forward to having He Jin knowing how good he is, so that he would never leave him again.

Since he was becoming too occupied, he couldn't make time to go online with He Jin anymore. This night, He Jin went on “Demon G.o.d” alone.

The game world was as enthusiastic as before, and all their friends were still there. The wheat and corns in the backyard were ripe, and flowers were blossoming. Twig Fence saw him online, and he told Ah Jin instantly that Dead Water was there too. He Jin refused, he took a bit of time to ride on Phoenix alone and to show Dumpling around.

In a while, Dead Water sent him a message, “where's Ruthless? Are you two planning to leave the alliance?”

Ah Jin, “he's been really busy recently. I'm only here to harvest, you guys carry on. ^_^”

Like Fire, he was trying to smile, but he really couldn't. After turning around, he took Dumpling to the Imperial City to find the hawker who sold the candied fruit. He bought ten skewers in one go and ate in one corner. They were sour and bitter, he almost cried, and he wasn't feeling any better.

Then, he called having to go to school to submit his choice of thesis. Then, he went back to the dormitory to pack something. When he stepped out, he saw a person who looked like a reporter. He stepped forward and asked He Jin whether he's Ah Jin, and whether he's on Demon G.o.d. He finally asked whether he's in a relations.h.i.+p with Qin Yang. He replied plainly, “I know nothing about Qin Yang, and I'm not on any games. You've got the wrong person.”

Very soon, his mom called. She asked him when he's coming home. She also said that she'd bought him a few watermelons, but that's a summer fruit, and it was November at that time.

He Jin wiped the corners of his eyes that weren't wet yet. He hugged the system baby without a soul, and kissed him, “Dumpling, dad won't be around for a while.”

In one year, his game image has grown by four years, and had already became an 18-year-old. He originally wanted to make up for the eight years that Fire had lost for him, but he was no longer capable to do so.

Dumpling could feel He Jin's emotions, he yelled “ji ji” for a few times, and his eyes became watery.

Dumpling, “ba…ba!”

He Jin opened his eyes with surprise, did Dumpling just call him “baba”? Did he start talking?

Dumpling called again, “baba!” and this time, he was much clearer!

He Jin felt both surprised and sad. He hugged Dumpling even more tightly, and he said cruelly, “I have to go. Baby, remember to comfort your other dad. And please stand by him forever, okay?”

Dumpling started yelling somewhat anxiously, “baba! Baba!”

He Jin kissed him, “although you're just a system baby, you're just too smart…I'll miss you, baby Dumpling.”

After getting offline and removing his helmet, He Jin wiped his face which was already wet.

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