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In the company's security room, Yan Feixin and his three a.s.sociates had almost given an account of the purpose of this visit to the Monster Heavy Industry.

These security guards were almost hostile to them. They had said they were commercial spies from other companies. They had also said they must be here to find work.

Yan Feixin's comrades had racked their brains and finally finished the form for Hu Yan.

But the security guards had also said that the meeting is by fate, and they had invited the group to dinner and to watch television.

The security guards had to invite them to dinner at three o'clock in the afternoon. Yan Feixin thought that they were talking about the game, and bite the bullet and said they would have the opportunity to eat again next time.

As a result, the two security guards had made pots of rice from the cafeteria and had come over with four dishes to cook. The security captain had said he didn't have to wait for the next time: "Now, please, if you don't eat you won't give us a face."

Shredded green pepper, fried red pepper, fried yellow pepper, fried ginger. The shredded pork in the dish was less than the beef in the sauerkraut noodles.

Someone of the group had been troubled until now, and he had guessed the young man outside the building may have called the security to explain what.

In this way, he was directly entertained by the company, and Yan Feixin's talents had finally escaped the domination of the security guards.

"Boss, let's forget about it." The youngest one, sweating with mineral water, was afraid: "These guys are security guards, and they are a complete collection of China combat troops. Even paratroopers and navy There are 6 teams. "

"Anyone who can afford this, we can't play with them, even with a hundred more."

The other two comrades' faces had a lingering fear. For more than two hours in the security room, the security guards spent half their time chatting with them.

This group of security guards really pulls from the sky. From the ground to the ocean, and then to the ocean floor.

They were talking about their adventures when they were soldiers but the content of these people was shocking and bizarre, but it sounded like a personal experience with many details about the military aspect and they could not help but want to clap their hands and applaud.

"No." Yan Feixin had suddenly stopped and said, "Think carefully, what did these security guards say in addition to their experiences as soldiers?"

"What did you say?" The other three were confused.

"Very important thing." Yan Feixin was slapped his head in an anxious manner. "Just in the security room, I remember something that inspired me."

The four comrades had talked and walked to the right, their cars parked in the underground garage of the mall over there.

A white Porsche whistled past, and Yan Feixin suddenly stagnated and said: "I remembered."

"Just in the security room, those security guards talked about their presidents in addition to their experiences as soldiers. They said the president of the heavy monster industry had bought a luxury car worth over a million yuan. As if it was Aston Martin Lagonda."

"A car more than a million, I remember the Lagonda as a whole carbon fiber sh.e.l.l..."

"Boss... Boss, let us find it, we must not peel off the skin fiercely?" The comrades had immediately understood what he meant.

"We do not do that now. We first plan a foolproof action plan." Yan Feixin gritted his teeth. "Do not we come to find the stubble of the Monster Heavy Industry? Is it close to a million losses, and we must discuss it."

The comrades who had eaten crickets on the side of the security guard, who were seriously dissatisfied, nodded.


In the past two days, both traffic policemen and drivers in Yuns.h.i.+ who frequently took provincial roads and high roads had a strange and shocking scene.

Several roads for importing and exporting, which were originally averaged by traffic, had become busy these days.

Convoys flying license plates from other provinces carried cargo into the cloud.

Half of these fleets were large heavy trucks carrying various industrial raw materials.

Heavy truck trucks that were neatly yarded with waterproof tarpaulins had often come with dozens of mighty vehicles.

A fleet of the same model and same transportation company. Seeing the car alone was simply inconspicuous, but when they were gathered together and the team could drive a few miles away, even the knowledgeable traffic police would be shocked.

The traffic police had also stopped two convoys for inspection. There was no problem with the goods, and all the doc.u.ments were available. However, there would be loading conditions for heavy trucks.

If the heavy truck with a load of 35 tons was based on this standard unless the transportation fee was doubled, the transportation company would have to lose money at the market price and when transport companies had collect transportation fees, they would also take into account the fines.

The traffic police were preparing to issue tickets, and Meizi planned to add a night s.h.i.+ft to generate income these days. As a result, the freight bill was checked, and now these heavy trucks had all industrial raw materials transported to Monster Heavy Industry.

Looking at the contingent of the convoy, the traffic policemen felt into the battle between heaven and man.

Without having to fight for too long, the traffic police had chosen to release it across the entire line and at the later inspection as long as it held the freight order of Monster Heavy Industries it would not be checked. The road inspection was never selfless.

Even if the Monster Heavy Industry had said h.e.l.lo, the traffic police still followed the convention and give the Monster Heavy Industry the taxpayer in Yuns.h.i.+. By default, the members.h.i.+p service was opened. And this was not the traffic police's surprise, but there were many examples in front of them.

For example, in some small counties, those Dumiao Miao factories that had taken a chance to make a comeback but whenever they come to order or deliver goods to them they not only give them the privilege of exempting them from carrying fines, but also other fines. So, they would do a call to the salesman and ask the salesman to help settle the situation.

Quite simply, the domestic manufacturing industry was now very compet.i.tive. The products you have were bound to be purchased elsewhere.

When ordering, there was also a fine because of the loading. Natural dealers would look for those factories that could set the fine.

This was also the local government, giving these enterprises preferential policies that could bring them high taxes.

Early the next morning, at the north entrance of Huanhai Avenue both the traffic police on duty and pa.s.sing vehicles, with their shocking eyes would look at the long queue of the convoy coming from afar.

This team is all composed of black Volvo 75o top-heavy truck 75o horsepower 355o Nm motive, what was making this type of heavy truck more and more the most powerful heavy truck that could normally drive on the highway.

Unlike the previous waterproof rain cloth, These heavy trucks were carried by no one, and the clear color is equipped with a white container with automatic leveling feet and special full-open doors on both sides.

[Dmg], [sIe], [mag], [haas] ...

The containers were all British, and some workers who worked in mechanical processing plants were so loud that the containers that were roaring past were all trademarks of the world's top machine tool brands.

There were potholes between the roads. When these heavy trucks had pa.s.sed from above, several automatic horizontal adjustment feet of the container sat like a car suspension. By swinging up and down, the container had always maintained a horizontal position.

It was only in the transport of high-precision instruments and machines that we could afford to use this automatic horizontal container that we could not use an ordinary heavy truck for its transport.

However, many other factories of the same scale could obtain the platform and the five-axis machining center which had greatly improved the processing level, has formed a huge dragon here.

Through the gla.s.s, the driver could still be seen, there were even some golden-haired foreigners.

The people in the past were even more surprised. Foreigners were not unusual. It was strange strangers were driving their own cars or driving heavy trucks.

All these scenes were combined and even the roadside shopping aunt could realize the extraordinariness of the team in front of her.

In the Longxi Beach factory a total of two hundred berths in a huge transfer warehouse, Volvo 75o heavy trucks were fully parked in the berths waiting for a few days, Ye Qing waited for the full processing heart of the order.

"Hi... Mr. Ye." Several foreigners in suits and leather shoes jumped out of the heavy truck cabs.

They trotted in front of Ye Qing with a few steps with their briefcase in their hands. Their faces were full of flattery and flattery: "Mr. Ye, I brought two-thirds of our technicians from China region to coordinate the debugging of these five-axis machining hearts. If there is any problem with the machine, we will be able to change a new product for you within two days."

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