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Published at 12th of September 2019 09:35:17 AM Chapter 317

Translator: Reflet

Editor: ryunakama

They were on their way back to their temporary condo residence in the night sky of Oritachi Town . Taiyou was carrying Kohaku on his back as he walked, which of course made him look like a young father carrying a little child .

On occasion, Kohaku didn’t seek something as ordinary as “lovers”; she would a.s.sert that as long as they had skins.h.i.+p, she didn’t care what they looked like together . Or maybe it would be more precise to say that she wanted to do just about anything together . It wasn’t that she didn’t care, but that she was greedy . It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she wanted to be Taiyou’s everything . Not just a wife, not just a woman- everything . At least, Taiyou interpreted it that way .

“Amazing, Dannsama . Today was yer firm victory . ”

“You think so?”

“Aye, lad . Ye gave the small fries a beating, those Kirisaki people . But what surprised me more than that was that ye were acquainted with that Orikawa la.s.s . ”

“Oh, did I not tell you?”

“Ye do like to keep yer secrets, Dannsama . ”

“I don’t think that’s very true, but okay . ”

Kohaku prodded Taiyou’s chest as she continued to ride on his back .

“Dannsama, give me yer hand . ”



Confused as to what she meant, he held out his hand and Kohaku entwined her fingers around his .

At first she just had her fingers entwined with his in the so-called “lover’s connection”, but she was gradually rubbing the base of her fingers around, giving him an itchy sensation that worked its way down from his hands, to the elbows, traveling down the body to his crotch . As if directly connected to a hotline, a sweet tingle arrived in that area .

“Please stop, Kohaku-san . ”

“Mm? Why?”

“We’re out in public . ”

“But I be doing nothing . I only be twirling my fingers around . ”

Although she was playing dumb, her voice was quite enticing, to the point where he could not possibly see her as merely “twirling” her fingers . It was sweet enough to melt his brain with a tingly sensation . If Taiyou were a bit more wild of a man, he would have probably already taken her into the tall gra.s.s and pinned her to the ground by now, and doubtless Kohaku would have gladly accepted such an advance . But Taiyou couldn’t go that far . All he could do was…


He put his mouth on one of the closer finger joints . He sucked it up like it was ice cream .


Namnam, namnam, smooch . He began pecking at her fingers while walking . He could gradually feel her breathing get more ragged . The breath on the nape of his neck grew hotter . He felt fidgety, aroused . He felt like it had to be right now, but resisted the urge, as they were outside . There were several reasons, but the biggest one was that he still didn’t feel comfortable with letting strangers see her naked outside . Therefore he hurried on in order to prevent that . He rushed to find a place where he could make love with her in secret .


Suddenly, his feet stopped . A beam of light pierced through his brain, stopping all of his movements .


Kohaku inquired in a sweet voice .


“What ails ye, Dannsama?”

“Orikawa Maho . ”


“I didn’t think…that I’d meet her today of all days . ”

“Really, what be the issue?”

“Sorry, but can you get off for a moment, Kohaku-san?”

Taiyou said, letting down Kohaku and taking out his phone . He brought up Youran’s number from the address book . After the dial tone rang once, she picked up .

“h.e.l.lo? What is the matter, my master?”

“Youran, today I met with Orikawa Maho . ”

“Say what?”

Youran sounded puzzled, as expected .

“Orikawa Maho . She’s the chairwoman of that FOT . ”

“Yeah, I think I introduced you at that party . ”

“Right, and she came to where I was . ”

“And what about that?”

“You’ve got to know what happened today . I bet you antic.i.p.ated her coming, yeah?”

“Well yeah…Oh but I get it, you don’t know yet, do you Master?”

“I sure don’t . ”

With his phone pressed to his ears, Taiyou indicated with a snap of his fingers that he knew squat .

“Orikawa Maho is from one of the founding families of this Oritachi Town . You knew about this, which is why you figured she would come over . But one thing you couldn’t antic.i.p.ate was the event of me not knowing . ”

“And what of it?”

“What did you say that one time?”

“That one time?”

“That conversation about the first-rate and the super first-rate?”


Youran was taken aback on the other side of the line, remembering what she had said .


“Master . ”

On the other side of the line, she calmly spoke .

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