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I have swum for such a long distance that I even didn’t have any strength to go ash.o.r.e. So I just simply sat in the water, shouting at Yang Yan who was on the sh.o.r.e: "Come and pull me!"

Yang Yan smiled with joy, quickly took off his boots to pull up his trousers, and waded towards me. With both hands on the knees, he bent to talk to me gloatingly: "I know you have to return to ask me for a favor!"

Go to h.e.l.l! If I knew you were here, I would swim across the river with my full efforts!

Still out of breath, I ignored him and held out my hand to him, "Pull me up."

While Yang Yan pulled my hand, he couldn’t help showing off in an ostentatious manner way: "What Lord Ninth said before proved right! Qi Sheng, who was a thief, must feel guilty and expose himself even if we sit tight. How silly you were to treat Qi Sheng like a kind man and changed dress to cross the river with him. If he really wanted to take you with him, there were many ways other than doing... "

I was upset for being so easily cheated by Qi Sheng. However his continuous disclosure and complaint on me turned my shame into anger. I was so annoyed that I could not help but make the full strength to press Yang Yan’s head into the water.

Yang Yan was caught off guard at the beginning, but after swallowing some water, he suddenly screwed me and pressed me down.

I made a desperate struggle, but could not fight back Yang Yan in any possible way. This was the difference in men and women in terms of strength.

Yang Yan pressed me and said angrily: "You are such a moody woman. What made you throw a fit this time?"

“A moody woman?” ‘Yes, I am a woman indeed now, but how could such a strong man like me become a woman?’ Suddenly, I felt grief and anger in my heart, as if there was a terrible pressure on my chest which could not be vented in any method, exploding in my head and heart. I roared, “I am indeed moody. I am indeed crazy.You think I choose to be a woman? ”

Yang Yan was given a start by my roar, whose hands were released.

I finally shook off his hand, but the pressure in my chest billowed up, turned into tears in my eyes. I didn't want Yang Yan to look down on me, so I turned around and dived into the water.

After a while, Yang Yan took my collar to lift me out of the water, tilted his head to look at me, and whispered: "Did you cry?"

I glanced at the sh.o.r.e and then turned to Yang Yan, “How could I not cry cooperate with such a stupid buddy like you.”

Yang Yan frowned and looked at me doubtfully.

I raised my head, tipped him something was wrong behind him and asked him: "Well, can you beat so many people by yourself?"

Yang Yan turned stiff for a second, hurriedly turned his head, only to find that more than ten people in black holding knives had already organized themselves in a shape of a fan, walking towards the sh.o.r.e step by step.

With eyes on them, he asked me: “Can you go on swimming?"

"I thought I could make it for a while."

Yang Yan slowly nodded, turning to look at me with unprecedented sincerity: "What if you drag one more person?"

I was stunned and finally understand Yang Yan's plot. Yang Yan, you b.i.t.c.h!

I turned back running towards the river while yelling at Yang Yan: "Yang Yan, run!"

Yang Yan rushed to my side in a few steps and pulled my arm to the river. While running he also did not forget to tell me: "I can only swim in dog paddle, so i could not swim very fast. I need you to lead me in the front."

While he was explaining, he seized my belt with all his strength.

I was helpless. Struggling to paddle the water, I tried to bargain with him: "Could you stop grasping me so tight? Will you hold the end of the belt while I am swimming?"

Yang Yan thought for a moment and released his hands. I took off the belt, tied one end to my arm, and threw the other to Yang Yan.

The men in black had also thrown themselves into the water, and it seemed that some of them knew how to swim and they chased over.

I took a deep breath and paddled as hard as I could, only to find that the resistance behind me was so great that I could hardly move.

I looked back and saw Yang Yan paddling in the opposite direction.

I was annoyed and shouted at him: "Yang Yan, could you not move any more pretending to be a dead man?”

Yang Yan stiffed, and finally stopped struggling, by this way, his body floating on the surface.

I turned back to swim again, it was much faster than before as expected.

When I swam to the middle of the river, the current became more rapid. It seemed that my arms were filled with lead. Every time I raised my arms, I had to pull my weight. Even so, we were involuntarily floating down the river.

Yang Yan shouted to cheer me up at the back: "Hold on, hold on for a while!"

I didn't even bother to look back, and then I stopped, treading water while unbuckled my arms.

Yang Yan shouted at the top of his voice suddenly, “What are you doing? You shouldn’t treat me like this. You have to keep your word!"

I paid no attention to him, still lowering my head and struggling with the belt on my arm, which was soggy and tied in a knot that would be very difficult to untie.

Yang Yan changed a tone of voice and continued to shout: "You are my elder sister, my dear aunt, or dear grandma! You can't do it to me. Try your best and stick it on for a while. I had sent the message to Lord Ninth. He would certainly send a boat to save us. What the h.e.l.l would I do if you leave me alone in the half way of the river?"

I took time to turn back: "It doesn’t matter at all. Anyway, you know the dog paddle way. You will not drown. Instead, you will just float along the river. If I meet Chu w.a.n.g, I will ask him to rescue you along the river."

Yang Yan was up and down in the river, while listening to what I said, he immediately replied in an urgent voice: "That’s impossible. There was no such a trick like this. It will soon turn dark. What a miracle for you to find him!"

I sincerely persuaded him, "I had no energy to continue, and if we go on like this, we both would die. What about you alone floated in the river for some time while letting me send a message first? Anyway, if you are relaxed enough and leave your mouth and nose on the water surface, you will not sink theoretically!"

"Really?” Yang Yan asked.

I rushed to promise, "Yes, exactly!"

Then he loosened his hand on the belt.

Yang Yan was suddenly carried away by the water. He shouted loudly, "Zhang, don't regret it... "With words unfinished, he had disappeared in the river.

I felt a little guilty and yelled: "I will save you if I regretted!"

It was getting dark, and my strength was gradually exhausted. It seemed that even without Yang Yan, I could not swim across the river. At the moment, I didregret, and thought to myself that if I knew this, I would better not leave Yang Yan alone. Otherwise, if I sank into the river, I would have a companion at least, didn’t I?

Considering this, I became much weaker.

When I decided to look for Yang Yan, I suddenly saw a big s.h.i.+p sailing closer and closer to me. I could see in the distance that the s.h.i.+p was decorated with fine-painting carved beams and ablazed with glorious lights, where many people were abroad, reflecting beautifully on the surface of the river.

Obviously they were not I was beside myself with joy. I tried to swim to the s.h.i.+p with my full effort, waving my arms, and shouting: "Help, help!"

Immediately, someone on the s.h.i.+p lit a lantern and waved it to me. Then he turned back into the cabin in the s.h.i.+p and replied to someone: "Sir, we found her."

I was frozen for a while, forgetting to tread water immediately, carelessly choked with some water again.

In a hurry-scurry, there was a bamboo pole stretched out in front of me, I lifted my eyes along the bamboo pole, and saw a refreshed Yang Yan in an azure suit, squatting on the side of the s.h.i.+p. With the big red lantern reflected in his face, he t.i.ttered in high spirits.

Yang Yan lifted up his nose: "Wow, you are not slow swimming along the river!"

I was choked with so much anger simmered in my chest that I almost fainted.

Yang Yan tapped the river water in front of me with a bamboo pole and asked, "Do you want to come up?"

I really wanted to swear, but my strength was almost exhausted, at this time I could do nothing but take a few more gulps of river water.

I said nothing just glared at Yang Yan.

A man, in white robe and gold crown, walked out of the cabin, said in a gentle voice: "Yang Yan, stop it. The water is so cold, be quick to pull her up."

Yang Yan turned his head and said, "Lord Ninth, you could not imagine that this little girl was so malicious that she threw me away in the middle of the river. How could I not let her soak in the water for a longer time?"

It was so ridiculous! I couldn't help laughing, as a result, more water staffed into my trachea, which made me choked into tears.

I raise my head and scolded Yang Yan: "Yang Yan, you are a coward. You did not thank me for taking you across the river, but instead you only remembered the thing when I abandoned you. It’s known to all that you can swim, but you forced a woman to do all the swimming work. You should ask yourself, if not added you as a drag, I had already swum across the Wan River."

The more I scolded, the more ridiculous I felt about this world. I looked up to see Bathroom Lord, called names: "You should not pretend to be such a kind man. Qi Sheng isn’t a good guy, neither are you. You guys could not unite a country by your wisdom nor squash a revolt by your army force. Your only talent is to play tricks on a woman. You fail to  be a man! Do you have all the parts on you? I'm ashamed of you!"

I put together my last strength to jump up once, roared: "Son of a b.i.t.c.h!"

When I sank again, I gave up swimming and let my body sink to the bottom of the river.

I've done enough with the body of a woman! I didn't want to play with these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!

I woke up in a soft, warm and dry bed. With a long sigh, I turned to look at the silent Bathroom Lord and Yang Yan standing beside the bed.

Yang Yan opened his mouth, wished to speak but stopped on a second thought.

I confessed: "I knew you would save me. How could you bear to watch me to die in this way? So I had to take advantage of that opportunity to scold you. It was a ‘now or never’ moment."

Yang Yan opened his mouth, but kept silent again.

I continued to confess: "Indeed, I bet my curse and the sinking accident might make you think that I am strong-willed so that you will think highly of me."

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