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Asami has been “succesfully” bitten by a zombie, according to keikaku, next would be getting her to drink his blood subconsciously and then “coincidentally” find the blood to be of a antiserum against the zombie virus.

That’s why Feng Yu Chen can’t let her die. If it’s Takas.h.i.+ and the others, the chance of them actually getting bitten by zombies are very small but there is always a small chance that all the preparations in the world can’t eliminate. And if someone did get bit, they would most likely be executed on the spot, how will he “coincidentally” give someone his blood and then “accidentally” be able to show that his blood carries anti viral properties?

“I can’t, I won’t do it, you’re still alive so I can’t just kill you like this. Let’s go find Marikawa the school nurse, she’s the one that treated the old gramps. Her skills are very good, she can definitely cure you.”

He shook his head at her request.

“cough, you… you shouldn’t be hesitating like this, I… am already done for, soon I will turn into one of them. You mustn’t be like this, you should be able to do it with that att.i.tude of yours. Ne, come on, kill me, don’t you hate me before?”

Asami grabbed his hands.

Time to let the acting skills s.h.i.+ne…

He groaned.

“No, no I can’t… I have never despised you before, that’s… that’s because there used to be one just like you, filled with a sense of justice, the same heroics, the same everything. But then, she.. in the end she… Now whenever I look at you all I can see is her and I was afraid. That’s why I didn’t want to her figure, the scars of my past!

And now! How do I expect me to do it. You’re asking me to see you die just like how she died befor eme. I was a hot blooded fellow filled with justice until that time. That event has shown me that rationality needs to be preserved some of the time!

I will definitely save you. Absolutely. Get up, let’s go find them and let Marikawa treat your wound. Everything will be alright, yes, yes, it will definitely turn out alright!”

While spouting those lines he picked her up and ran. He “accidentally” cut himself with the Xuan Yuan sword and some blood got into her mouth “by luck”…


Asami didn’t what to say. Looking at his haste and the wound on his arm, she guessed that he must be really driven up the walls.

She’s starting to understand why Feng Yu Chen was so confrontational when he met her for the first time. It’s not because he despise her but because the act of seeing her alone brings back painful memories of that time…

He stayed to save Asami because he can’t forget the past. How he wasn’t able to save “her”. It’s clear to her that he and her aren’t that much different, the painful memories has forced him to become more rational…

Asami figured out why his behaviour became erratic and why his eyes look so helpless. It’s because “she” died and he don’t want to see her die and do nothing about it. Even if she cannot be saved, he would still hold on to that faint hope?

“Although this might be very shocking for you but please kill me. As for me you see, hehe, I think have taken a fancy to you. If I can die in the hands of someone I like might not be so bad, so…”

Asami smiled.

“No, No way, you will not die, you can’t die. Don’t say anything, or else you won’t have strength anymore.”

Feng Yu Chen shouted while running. Drops of tears started flowing down as his body turned ran like he’s turned into a gust of wind…

Slowly, Asami began to feel something off, why hasn’t she turned into a zombie? She remembers faintly that the ones who are bitten will vomit large volumes of blood before turning into a zombie, why hasn’t she turn yet?

Then she tried recalling, it.. it has to be the blood from his arm! That’s right, his blood made the intense sensation from before disappear, could it be!!

“Stop, stop! I think I’m alright, it’s your blood. This might be preposterous but I think it’s your blood. Look at me, I’m fine after more than 10 minutes, I’m still pretty normal…”

Asami blushed and grabbed him by his hand apparently very moved.

He stopped in a daze and he looked at her while cheerfully continuing.

“You’re alright? You’re alright! This is great, uuuu, this is too great, just magnificent…”

She responded while feeling inconceivable as well.

“This might be a fateful encounter, you didn’t get to save ‘her’ but you saved me. Maybe it’s G.o.d giving you a second chance and giving me happiness. That’s right, your blood can neutralize zombie virus. This is great, this is really great….”

“Is that true? It can’t be? Impossible, how can any human have any ability like this?”

Feng Yu Chen gazed at his bleeding arm still unconvinced.

Asami shook her head and smiled.

“It’s true, you’re special, you’re a unique existence, the blood coursing through you must have some kind of compound and this thing turns out to be antibody to the zombie virus, with this antibodies the world can be saved. That’s correct, you can save the whole of humanity, the last hope of humanity is you!”

“Is that real? You’re not s.h.i.+tting me right?”

He still used a doubtful tone.

“It is real, anyone that has a brain can see that. Look at me, when your blood entered my mouth, my body started to stabilize and although I didn’t notice it before but it has now been tens of minute and yet there is no sign of zombification. What do you think? This is magnificent,, thank G.o.d!”

Asami gaze at him in a pious manner, as if she’s convinced that he’s the messiah.

“Really? That is good, too good…”

He chirped excitedly. Then he fell down sitting on the ground feeling weakness in his body.

He lost too much blood…

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