Zhan Long Chapter 1279- Dragonhorse

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Chapter 1279- Dragonhorse


I leveled to level 243. I obtained 50% experience from killing the boss, that setting was so amazing!

The moment w.a.n.g Jian fell, he dropped a few pieces of equipment too. Among them was his blade and also armor that shone dragon light. I walked forwards and kept all of them before sharing their stats with the party, first was the armor--

Dragonhorse Armor (4 star G.o.d artifact)

Type: Armor

Defence: 7350

Strength: +545

Stamina: +530

Agility: +525

Magic: +520

Bonus: Raise user’s Magic Resistance by 170% and Defence by 150%

Bonus: Raise user’s health by 70000

Bonus: Raise user’s attack by 100% and basic attack by 4000

Effect: Fearless, turn 10% damage taken into health

Effect: Dragonhorse, raise user’s strength by 2500

Set equipment: Dragonhorse Set Chestplate

Introduction: Dragonhorse Set, this armor was custom made for the Great Qin general w.a.n.g Jian. It was built with G.o.d dragon power and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the first emperor also used his blood as the medium to imbue the armor with dragon energy so that it can protect the user from being invaded by evil

Required Level: 240

Required Charm: 1000


I held the chest plate and laughed, “This… I think I know someone suited for this armor.”

“w.a.n.g Jian!” Wan Er laughed.

“Right.” I said, “He is a general of Zhan Long just that his equipment is slightly weaker which is why he is weaker than Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han. But if we can gather a full set of Dragonhorse Set, w.a.n.g Jian would have the strength to compete with them, at least he wouldn’t lose too badly.”

“En.” Dancing Forest smiled, “Then there is nothing good to say, this set is his. Let him purchase it, not too expensive, at least a price that he can take.”

“True.” I wasn’t planning to use this set to earn money but if we didn’t charge, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck wouldn’t feel good. After all, they spent so much effort to kill the boss and then the item was given away. It was best if they were given some money.

Continue. I held the blade that w.a.n.g Jian used and it shone brightly. This was a great blade and when I saw its stats, as expected, it was a five star G.o.d artifact--

Dragonhorse Blade (5 star G.o.d weapon)

Attack: 18200-25500

Strength: +770

Stamina: +760

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Magic: +755

Agility: +720

Bonus: Raise user’s attack by 195% and defence by 80%

Bonus: Ignore target’s defence by 35%

Effect: Revenge, when player is attacked, 20% chance to hit back, damage is based on basic attack

Effect: Dragonhorse, raise user’s strength by 3000

Unique Effect: Dragonhorse Power, hold the blade, if you have the set pieces of equipment, each will raise weapon damage by 20%

Required Charm: 1000

Required level: 240


These stats made me speechless. Although the Dragonhorse Blade wasn’t part of the Dragonhorse set but they helped one another. This meant that the person with the set, if he used the blade, then the attack of the blade would increase. This was terrifying. The set equipment and the weapon supported one another. Moreover, another stat of this was interesting. Revenge, 20% chance of hitting back, it didn’t waste attack and also skill CD.

Moreover, I noticed that Dragonhorse Set should have a special effect to raise strength, this was a replica of Overlord Set! w.a.n.g Jian was so lucky.

I placed Dragonhorse Blade into my bag. The four girls didn’t object, anyways it was to be sold to w.a.n.g Jian. But I couldn’t contact him now, after all, we hadn’t finished the map and we didn’t have confidence of wining. If we died and dropped all the equipment, that would be so embarra.s.sing!

Continue to head out to the fourth floor. At the same time, I was thinking, we had been here for 10 hours so how many floors did this map have?

Finally, when we stepped into the entrance of the fourth, Dong Cheng Yue grumbled and pulled my wrist.

“Why?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er asked too, “Dong Cheng, why?”

Dong Cheng Yue’s face flushed red and didn’t say anything.

I guessed most of it and was expressionless, “If you want to pee then just say it, why do this. This isn’t your style!”

Dong Cheng Yue said, “I am a girl, how can I be like someone big and thick like you!”

Dancing Forest looked at the stars above and said, “I didn’t expect all of you to be so open, Dong Cheng knows that Guild Leader is big and thick…”

Dong Cheng Yue was furious and punched her, “You brat, do you want to die!”

Darling Duck opened her eyes wide, “Are you not afraid Wan Er gets angry?”

Lin Wan Er admired the Dragontooth Blade and said, “It is okay, if I get mad I would just beat that person up…”

Dancing Forest spat her tongue out, “Wan Er, we are all on the same side, don’t fight, I admit I can’t beat you.”

Honestly, no matter how high Dancing Forest’s attack was if she faced a top like Lin Wan Er, she didn’t even have a 30% chance of winning.

Lin Wan Er laughed, “Okay, one map and all of you can talk so much. I can’t take it. Dong Cheng didn’t you want to go to the toilet? Quick, let’s go drink some water and head online in five!”



Thus, we all went offline to pee.

I drank some water and then went online. Very quickly, the four girls came back online and we headed towards the fourth floor!

But as I expected, this map was reaching its end. After all Qin Country only had a few famous generals. Meng Tian, w.a.n.g Jian, w.a.n.g Ben were out so next should be Bai Qi. Other generals didn’t have the right to appear behind.

On the fourth floor, chariots and iron eagle warriors didn’t appear, this time it was pure cavalries. They held spears and wore heavy armor. The armor looked like it was smelted from iron. Qin Country’s main weapon and armor were copper as copper techniques were best used then. Iron weapons were from Yan Country so it was not possible for Qin Country to have such armor. We didn’t bother about how reasonable it was as this was a game and there was no need to be 100% realistic. Destiny’s design focused on having fun and that was why it succeeded.


I charged and three cavalries headed towards me. Level 255 ancient warriors, they were a top soldier type.

When I was 20 meters here, three cavalries raised their spears and shouted, “Greaet Qin Iron Cavalry, charge!”

They charged, this wasn’t the player’s skill, the starting and light was different. I raised my sword and used Seven Star Fragment Slash, causing dust to billow. Before the dust settled three cavalries were over and they knocked onto me. It formed a knockback effect. Their strength wasn’t as high as mine and attack wasn’t as high so the knockback was because of the skill.

The golden star light on the blade slowly scattered and I was speechless. My level 3 G.o.d grade skill was interrupted. d.a.m.n, I was a high grade G.o.d, these cavalries didn’t give me face so I wouldn’t too. I used Ice Domain to freeze them and killed them with Wind Carrying Slas.h.!.+

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue found it amusing. Dancing Forest couldn’t take it anymore and laughed that I was quarreling with monsters. Late at night and everyone was bored so we started telling stories. Wan Er’s stories were cold while Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest’s stories were exciting. It caused Wan Er, Darling Duck and my faces to flush red. After Wan Er was done, a cold breeze blew across and even the Qin terracottas were sealed in ice. After Dancing Forest was done, the cavalries’ momentum seemed much stronger.

At 4am, we were finally at the end of this floor. The Boss was as we guessed. Baiqi rode a horse and waited for us at the end. Behind him were a bunch of cavalries. This was problematic, the boss was at the front so his attack would lead the army behind him. Baiqi led at least 300 cavalries.


“300 warriors, enough to crush Brother Xiao Yao, how? Dong Cheng Yue brought up a problem we all had to face.

Dancing Forest said, “Use skills and special skills to exchange, we should be able to kill them.”

Dong Cheng Yue blinked, “Do I need to use Aisha’s Staff?”


I said, “Don’t even then we can’t kill them.”

Lin Wan Er smiled, “Let me do it. Dragontooth Blade’s special skill Igoras Strike is a full map attack. Piggy will bring the 300 cavalries and then I will use Igoras Strike to draw them over. Dancing Forest use your G.o.d form and fly and kill these 300 with me. We will use our G.o.d Form advantage so they can’t attack us. Piggy attract Baiqi, Darling Duck heal. We will kill the monsters and then come back.”

I nodded, “This suggestion is quite reliable.”

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