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Ch. 23 Suppressing Evil

After Chi Yan left Mr. Tang's place, he didn't go home immediately. Instead, he drove around the community aimlessly in his confused state.

As a child, he saw a Peking opera, The Tale of the White Snake, at home with his granny. At that time, he really disliked Xu Xian. This character had no sense of responsibility. Xu Xian couldn't even endure the test of love for his lover. His wife was already pregnant with his child, yet he was still scared to the point of actually dying after he found out that she wasn't human. After he was saved from deathbed, he didn't even go home, but went to hide in a temple instead. If he hadn't tried to run away, hadn't suspected his lover, how could there be so much trouble later? Lady Bai wouldn't have suffered for so many years, and had to rely on her son to save her.

When push came to shove, Chi Yan now personally understood: not everyone can easily accept that their own spouse is not human. Now, he doesn't want to go home either.

Besides, Ye Yingzhi was no Lady Bai. They had neither a romantic marriage nor a vow of eternal love. Just that one person selfishly took the other's ashes to keep around. And the other "person" concealed themselves while following the other before easily casting an illusion. Just thinking about it chilled Chi Yan to the core.

Chi Yan's mind wandered even further. It was impossible for Ye Yingzhi to carry his child. But it might not be impossible for him to carry Ye Yingzhi's child.

Chi Yan couldn't figure out how he developed such beautiful relations.h.i.+p with him. He couldn't help but wonder if this was all an elaborate revenge ploy.

Don't expect ghosts to act according to human logic and don't expect them to feel human affections, a previous Taoist told him. This was also the consensus of all the other exorcist "experts."

Chi Yan closed his eyes, touched the talisman in his pocket. In any case, this all ends today. From now on, they will return to their rightful paths.

In the future, he could only secretly visit Ye Yingzhi's grave during the holidays, sweep his grave and offer sacrifices–he didn't even have a proper ident.i.ty to visit him publicly.

Chi Yan wandered around without an appet.i.te for the whole afternoon . He waited until the usual time he got off work and went to the usual supermarket, bought fresh shrimp and vegetables. In the end, he rushed back before dinnertime with a bag full of ingredients as usual, and waited by the doorstep.

Ye Yingzhi opened the door, peeked into the bag, and reproached him: "Why did you buy shrimp again? Didn't I say I won't cook seafood anymore?"

Chi Yan instinctively replied: "But it's so fres.h.!.+ Just a bit should be okay… I think."

It suddenly hit him. Human or ghost, no one would care about him like this, nor cook for him like this ever again.

Ye Yingzhi gave him a slightly helpless look, took the bottle of red wine out of the plastic shopping bag, and placed it on the table. "Why did you buy wine?”

Chi Yan forced a laugh: “It's the weekend.”

Ye Yingzhi only smiled without commenting, and brought the ingredients into the kitchen. Not long after, he heard the sound of the refrigerator opening and closing, followed by the dicing of vegetables, clanging of bowls brought out, the rumble of the vent, and the sizzling sound of cooking. The sounds that Chi Yan heard daily now brought about a different set of emotions.

Chi Yan stupidly stood for a while before snapping out of it. He brought out 2 from the wine cabinet and placed them on the dining table. He took out the triangular Evil-Suppressing

Talisman from his pocket. He used a match to burn the talisman into the wine gla.s.s near Ye Yingzhi's seat. He watched the ashes settle to the bottom of the wine gla.s.s before filling both tall with red wine.

The talisman ashes was different from normal paper ashes. After stirring it in liquid, it disappeared without a trace.

After completing the task at hand, he went into the bedroom to change into comfortable clothes. Then as usual, he waited to eat with Ye Yingzhi.

Normally, if Ye Yingzhi still hasn't finished cooking, he would definitely enter the kitchen, watch Ye Yingzhi cook, and help bring out the dishes. Ye Yingzhi would think that he was in the way at times, worry that the smog would harm him, but would never kick him out kick him out.

Now that he suddenly woke up from the illusion, all Chi Yan wanted to do was run and hide. He was too scared to even move forward.

Before long, Ye Yingzhi took two trips from the kitchen to carry out three dishes and a soup: "You're in such a happy mood so I made more food. I added another dish."

Chi Yan handed him the wine: "En, cheers." He tapped his gla.s.s to Ye Yingzhi's, and drank.

Ye Yingzhi merely took a small sip with elegant reserve, put down his gla.s.s and peered at Chi Yan: "Naughty fellow, why are you so anxious for me to drink? You want to do something to me?"

Chi Yan quickly shook his head in denial, looking to the ground: "I didn't want to do anything at all."

Ye Yingzhi narrowed his eyes at the ruby liquid swirling in the gla.s.s. He smiled: “I won't drink… unless you serve it to me.”

“What?” Chi Yan whipped his head up, stared at him wide-eyed.

Ye Yingzhi sat back, lazily leaning on the back of the chair, and patted his lap. His dark eyes fixed onto Chi Yan, slightly smiling: “Baby, sit here, feed me.”

Chi Yan swallowed.

Right now, the only thing on his mind was getting Ye Yingzhi to drink the gla.s.s of wine. Chi Yan hesitated for a short while, then actually got up and sat on his lap.

Ye Yingzhi reached out an arm and pulled him into his chest. Nuzzling Chi Yan's bare neck, Ye Yingzhi chuckled, his voice deep, and eyes gentle.

Chi Yan felt the chilly breath on his neck and shrank back. He lowered his eyes and reached for the wine gla.s.s on the table. Ye Yingzhi's embrace was too tight. Chi Yan had to forcefully break forward in order to grab the gla.s.s. Ye Yingzhi suddenly bit his neck in response..

Chi Yan finally picked up the wine gla.s.s, turned back to feed Ye Yingzhi the wine. But Ye Yingzhi turned his head away, eyes twinkling: "Ah Yan, feed me through your mouth." His voice was deep enough to reach deep into someone's soul, like a bewitching flower from h.e.l.l casting an enchantment.

Even at this time, Chi Yan couldn't help but blush.

Eyes never leaving Ye Yingzhi, Chi Yan lowered his head to take a sip of wine. Then, Chi Yan closed his eyes, relied on his intuition and leaned towards the other.

Ye Yingzhi looked at the face approaching. Laughing, he sighed, and reached out. His outstretched hand held the back of Chi Yan's head, initiating the kiss. The wine swirled and flowed between their lips. Ye Yingzhi obediently opened his mouth and swallowed the drink fed to him.

Chi Yan's eyes was closed the whole time, one hand holding the gla.s.s, the other hand unconsciously reached up around Ye Yingzhi's neck for support. The gla.s.s filled with that bit of wine gradually emptied. Transparent tears escaped from his tightly shut eyes.

Ye Yingzhi smiled and kissed away the tears: “How are you crying again? Be good, open your eyes. You're so red. Don't worry, we'll continue with the payments when night falls. Let's eat first."

He released the other from the tight embrace, but kept an arm around to prevent him from slipping down.  Seeing Chi Yan's lack of response, Ye Yingzhi smiled and said: "Ah Yan, I'm not not complaining but could it be that you want to stay in my arms?"

Chi Yan hurried back to his seat. He was in such a hurry that he almost tripped over the chair next to him.

Ye Yingzhi leisurely finished his meal with Chi Yan. He even seemed to want Chi Yan to serve him a couple more of wine, obviously having a great time.

Chi Yan couldn't focus on the food, busy observing the situation.

Time pa.s.sed slowly but surely.

Ye Yingzhi cleaned up and did the dishes as usual.

Ye Yingzhi leaned against him, and played on his phone for 2 hours.

Chi Yan went from feeling uneasy to suspicious–that Mr. Tang who was able to break through Ye Yingzhi's illusions couldn't actually be a scammer who sells fake talismans, right?

Didn't he say that that Ye Yingzhi would pa.s.s on after drinking this. How could there be no reaction at all? Even cold medicine should take effect by now.

Chi Yan was certain that he didn't burn the wrong talisman. He pondered a bit. Could it be that when he fed the gla.s.s of wine to Ye Yingzhi, he transferred Yang energy, so the talisman turned useless?

What should he say to Mr. Tang?

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