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Ye Yingzhi efficiently wrapped Chi Yan up with the blanket, 'Ok, now you are ready.'

Chi Yan looked down – he was wrapped up like a dumpling. 'How am I supposed to walk like that?'

Ye Yingzhi reached out to carry him.

The episode ended with Chi Yan shrugging off the blanket putting on Ye Yingzhi's jacket. Chi Yan didn't feel so afraid now with Yingzhi fooling around, even though the knocking had not stopped. He followed behind Yingzhi, who walked over and opened the door. It was pitch dark outside except for the dim glow of light around a lone lightbulb hanging from the main gate. There was no one.

'See, I told you so. There's no one around. I'm guessing it was probably just an animal that ran away once it heard us,' Yingzhi said.

Connecting that with the scratching sounds from downstairs, Chi Yan had to admit that perhaps Yingzhi was right and he felt embarra.s.sed over the fuss he had made.

But, what he saw was only what Yingzhi wanted him to.

For example, there was a 'lady' standing behind the door. Her hair was long, wet and scraggly, and she was drenched and dripping. Her lifeless eyes stared hatefully at Chi Yan, b.l.o.o.d.y tears leaving tracks as it flowed down her cheeks. Behind her, there was a black shadow with a somewhat human-like silhouette, its 'face' twisted and in pain. It looked to be screaming soundlessly.

Still teasing Chi Yan, Ye Yingzhi closed the door. The door clicked shut and that thing disappeared as if crushed by an invisible hand. As Chi Yan turned around, Yingzhi's lips turned up into a dark and mocking smile.

How dare those things try to pull Chi Yan into the lake with them.

Chi Yan felt his heart lightened. The uneasy feeling of being watched was gone, and he could feel that the thing under the bed wasn't there anymore either.

As he relaxed, drowsiness swamped over him. He pushed away Ye Yingzhi who was trying to hug him. 'Stop fooling around, we have to start driving early tomorrow.'

'I just want to hug you.'

'No, it's uncomfortable,' Chi Yan turned, giving Ye Yingzhi his back.

'Ungrateful…' Ye Yingzhi grumbled at how Chi Yan was ignoring him now that he was longer scared. To think just a while ago, he was hugging him so tightly.

Ye Yingzhi stayed still at his side of the bed, waiting until Chi Yan fell asleep before he reached over and pulled him into his embrace, just like he had all those nights.

Silly, if I didn't do anything, you wouldn't even feel my embrace.


Back at work the next day, Chi Yan brought the interns to the IT department and overheard a technician Mr Zhang telling his colleagues that he had gone to Gu Mu Town yesterday morning.

'Oh, brother Zhang, you went to Gu Mu Town for vacation? I went there too,' Chi Yan said.

'I wis.h.!.+ My brother-in-law was on a work trip and my sister brought her two kids there. The night before she suddenly called me saying that her daughter saw a ghost and insisted I go and drive them back. She sounded quite frantic so I went early yesterday,' Mr Zhang recounted.

At this point, he suddenly recalled, 'Oh Xiao Chi, I remembered you used to visits temples right? Do you know of any spiritual places that my sis could bring her kids to? Well, better to be safe than sorry, and even though I don't believe in this, it might be good for my sister to get a peace of mind.'

Bemusedly, Chi Yan laughed, 'Brother Zhang what are you talking about? I've never believed in such things. I only went to those temples to accompany my grandma.' Though Gu Mu Town was indeed weird, what with the late night knocking…

“Brother Zhang, ignore Chi Yan, he’s become a materialist ever since he got into a relations.h.i.+p!’ A colleague walking by joked.

Since it was still during working hours, Chi Yan left the IT department after finis.h.i.+ng his ch.o.r.e and went back to work, not giving the discussion any further thought.

Just before work ended, Chi Yan suddenly felt a craving for spicy prawns. He somehow got the feeling that Ye Yingzhi never used to cook, but the amazing thing was now he could make any dish well by following recipes he found online.

He messaged Ye Yingzhi, 'I want to eat spicy prawns.'

Within ten minutes, his phone rang. Ye Yingzhi's voice sounded over the phone, his voice deeper and s.e.xier.

'Little pig,' he teased. 'I'll send you the list of ingredients, remember to get live prawns.'

Chi Yan felt himself blush at Ye Yingzhi's voice, 'Why did you call? You can just send me a message.'

'I wanted to hear your voice,' Ye Yingzhi murmured.

Even though it was such a cliched line, Chi Yan still felt his heart flutter. He quickly ended the call, 'Don't worry I'll get everything.'

His colleague packing his bag beside him, teased, 'How nice it is to be young. Xiaochi go quickly, don't let your girlfriend wait.'

Unfortunately, dinner didn't end well.

Following a meal full of spices, seafood and overeating, Chi Yan suddenly felt his stomach roil in the middle of the night. Sharp pains stabbed at his abdomen and he vomited until his eyes were bloodshot. His face was pale and damp with sweat, his muscles tensed and s.h.i.+vering. He could hardly talk.

'….Yingzhi, help me downstairs. Bring me to the hospital,' Chi Yan mustered his strength to instruct Ye Yingzhi.

However Ye Yingzhi stood at the toilet door in a daze, his face dark and gloomy.

Chi Yan vague recalled that Ye Yingzhi wasn't from Suming City, and he didn't go out usually, perhaps he didn't know where the hospital is?

With difficulty, he added, '…call for a taxi, to go to the Third Hospital.' It was the public hospital closest to their house.

Ye Yingzhi came over to help him up, and holding onto him, he used a towel to wipe Chi Yan's face. He caressed his face, and made him close his eyes, whispering, 'Ah Yan, try to sleep. When you wake up, we will be at the hospital.'

His words seemed to have a hypnotizing effect on Chi Yan, while he still felt terrible, he felt sleep pressing in on his consciousness and soon he fell asleep.

Ye Yingzhi carried his lover, and switched off all the lights. He sat down on the sofa with Chi Yan in his arms, the moonlight reflecting his pale white face.

Silly. He smoothed away the frown creasing Chi Yan's brows and felt his heart ached. He kissed him softly.

How could I take you to the hospital normally, with the way I am?

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