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Chapter 235 Real or Fake Girlfriend

Xiao Bing was truly surprised. But when he came to think of it, he found it possible. After all, Su Peiya's birthplace was still a secret which was known by the high officers of the government. In the Dragon Gate, he was the only one who knew it.

Though he had done many deeds like killing Zhu Mingyu, the North Heaven Queen and Lord Long's men, these things were nothing in the eyes of the top masters in the dark world. He was even defeated by Lord Long. Would they believe that the leader of Dragon Gate was defeated by Lord Long?

Hence, it was unreasonable for Dragon Gate and the Buddhism to set their eyes on this place. Yet Buddhism sent their killers here. Maybe Xiao Bing was not their target. Maybe it was just a random encounter and the freak meeting ended with him fighting them.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Xiao Bing should definitely let Gao Fei and Maggie leave this place. On the one hand, he would not be involved in their troubles. On the other hand, the Buddhism's attention could be diverted, which would make it hard for them to know his whereabouts.

But Xiao Bing didn't want to do that. If Xiao Bing did things the normal way, he would not be Xiao Bing.

“You can't leave!”

Gao Fei gasped, “What?

Gao Fei once told others that he had been wearing this emotionless face for almost his entire life. There were very few times when he looked surprised. But after many years, when he recalled this moment, he still remembered how shocked he was hearing Xiao Bing tell him he not to go.

Even in the Dark World, the Buddhism was taboo. Gao Fei could not imagine that this man could still be so placid when hearing that his friend had offended these monks. He deemed this man a loyal friend and believed that he must have a strong mentality.

Xiao Bing was elated when he saw the disbelief on Gao Fei's face because he finally saw a different expression. “You can't go!” Xiao Bing repeated.

Gao Fei's mind went blank for a moment and then he said mockingly, “Don't you know how powerful these monks are?”

“Of course I know. I know that though the underground world is powerful, it is still very inferior to the Dark World. The underground world is like the human world's darkness where a considerable number of rascals are gathered. But powerful masters can scarcely be found there. Yet in the Dark World, every one of the top masters can cause considerable damage to a country. And the Buddhism is even a taboo which is barely spoken by others.”

Gao Fei didn't expect Xiao Bing to know this much about the two worlds. He found this man more and more enigmatic. “Then why do you still want to keep us?”

“Because I'm Xiao Bing.”

“That's it? Only because you're Xiao Bing?”

“Yes,” answered Xiao Bing gravely. “If I get cold feet and betray my loyalty every time this happens, then I'm not Xiao Bing anymore. Since I was little, there's only one saying I live by.”

“Which one?”

“If one has friends or partners, he has to take responsibility. It's not only for himself, but it's also for the well-being of the ones he holds dear!” Xiao Bing became stern as he spoke. “That's why I won't let you go. Maybe I'm not as powerful as you. But I'm your brother. If the sky falls, I shall prop it up for you!”

Gao Fei stared at Xiao Bing cautiously while Xiao Bing also looked into his eyes. There was an imposing power in Xiao Bing's eyes. Gao Fei had never seen it, not even in that man's eyes…

He was merely a master of Elixir-strength. Why was he so confident? Why did his eyes contain such formidable power?

Gao Fei could not figure it out. But suddenly he did not want to go. He wanted to see how Xiao Bing and he would go against Buddhism together. It was a crazy and incredulous idea.

Yet Gao Fei still could not suppress the urge inside him. He looked away and spoke calmly, “Alright. Show me how you're going to prop up the falling sky.”

Then he turned around and headed towards the door. He was about to open it when he suddenly spoke, “Boss.”


“I hope you won't live to rue this decision.”

“Don't worry. I won't.” Xiao Bing smiled, “Not ever.”

Gao Fei went out with Maggie trailing behind. Then the others followed Ye Xiaoxi to the ward, asking about his injuries.

After they got out of the hospital, Maggie sighed sadly and pouted, “When should we leave?”


“When should we leave this place?”

“We won't leave.”

“Won't leave?” Maggie seemed aghast. “But aren't these people coming for us? If they knew the Vicious Demon is dead, it would not take long before they found out that we are in Jiang City. Why shouldn't we leave?”

“Do you want to live like a fugitive?” asked Gao Fei while looking into his sister's eyes.

Resentment suddenly appeared in Maggie's eyes. She shook her head and said, “I don't. We'll return one day, and take back what we have lost.”

“When that day comes, maybe our boss can be of help.”

“You mean Brother Bing?” Maggie was surprised at first, then after some thought, she seemed dismayed. “Brother Bing is indeed really powerful. But even you and I together cannot defeat these people. Wouldn't Brother Bing die for sure if he's involved?”

“I thought the same too.”

“Then we should leave as soon as possible.” Maggie grabbed Gao Fei's hand. “If we left, those people won't be focusing on this place. We should not involve Brother Bing and the other friends in this.”

“You know? After what Boss said to me today, I just got this feeling.”

“What feeling?”

“I think one day Boss will reach a very high level. To the point where even the Buddhism wouldn't dare touch him.”

The hospital did not want too many people there, so soon they took their leave one by one after they were sure that Xiao Bing was okay. Later only Ye Xiaoxi, Lil Bei, Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Bing remained in the ward. Xiao Bing told them what he'd just heard from Gao Fei. Lil Bei fell silent when he heard that the Vicious Demon was coming for Gao Fei.

Watching Lil Bei sitting quietly on a bench, Xiao Bing smiled and asked, “What? You think that I'm ridiculous and overestimating my capabilities?”

“No.” Lil Bei raised his head while giving Xiao Bing a big smile. “If you didn't make this decision, you won't be the Brother Bing I know, right? Now the Long family regards us as a pain in their But to find the traitor and survive the attacks from Buddhism are much more important than that. Brother Bing, what should we do now, in your opinion?”

“Since the Long family is a small threat to us now…” There was a glint in Xiao Bing's eyes. “Let's brace ourselves and help Master Hou defeat the Long family.”

The smile on Lil Bei's face grew broader as he looked at Xiao Bing. “Lord Long. Though you are the king of the underground world of the three provinces in the north, you can only pray for your life because you have offended Brother Bing…”

Liu Kexin heard of Xiao Bing's admission into the hospital as soon as she arrived. Surprised, she ran to the ward and found Ye Xiaoxi sitting next to the bed. She tried her best to calm herself. Xiao Bing looked at her with a smile, “You're here. I knew you'd find out about this.”

Women's senses were acute. Su Xiaoxiao noticed the worried expression on Liu Kexin's face when she walked in. She was inwardly angry. “What a womanizer. Why do all the girls seem to like him? I don't know they see in him. He's unworthy of Yezi's love.”

Su Xiaoxiao did not recognize the jealousy in her heart. She hid it so well that she herself never discovered it. Or even if she did, she refused to give it a thought.

“Emm…my colleagues told me. What happened to you?” Liu Kexin walked over and her heart almost broke as she saw Xiao Bing looking so weak and having his arms in a tight bandage. “Why are you so badly injured?” the girl asked as her eyes reddened.

“Just some hooligan.” Xiao Bing briefly told her about the Vicious Demon. Though he tried not to exaggerate the demon's power, it still startled Liu Kexin. She could feel her heart beating hard as she listened.

Xiao Bing smiled wryly after he finished. “I'm sorry. I was in danger and Yezi was there, which made that man guess my relations.h.i.+p with Yezi. I'm sorry that our fake relations.h.i.+p was exposed.”

Liu Kexin knew Xiao Bing was referring to Yu Miao. This would indeed be troublesome for her. But she had been worried ever since she knew of Xiao Bing's injury. She was slightly relieved knowing that Xiao Bing's was out of danger. But she was still concerned, so she couldn't be bothered about her own problem.

Though Liu Kexin was a simple-minded girl, she was not stupid. Xiao Bing's girlfriend was right beside her and she didn't want to cause any trouble or misunderstandings for Xiao Bing. So she tried to control her emotions. She looked at Ye Xiaoxi and said, “Ms. Ye, it's a pleasure to meet you… Brother Bing has done me many favors and for that I thank you.”

Ye Xiaoxi stood up and held the girl's hands. “Small wonder Brother Bing always praised you. You really are a pretty and pure little girl.”

Liu Kexin was abashed, but delighted.

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