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Chapter 6. Little Rooster

"What kind of garbage script is this?"

Hua Ji roared at Yan Hu Die, "The script actually blatantly showed a pairing with two guys? How can this be? Even if they want to satisfy the large rotten audience, will that conservative Head Office really let this sort of setting slide?"

Yan Hu Die seemed to be busy, his voice was unclear, "How could this me? I've read over the script, although it's a bit vulgar, but eventually Director Yu will sure change the setting. Anyway, there isn't even any blatant male-male pairing in there."

Hua Ji was so angry his liver hurt, "Isn't that Devil Sect Head Manager and the Devil Sect Sect Leader a model male-male pairing? One of the scenes even has the line 'release the Sect Leader, let me do it'? Isn't this deceptive?!"

Yan Hu Die immediately said, "There is ah, after saying 'release the Sect Leader, let me serve him', I remember the scene after that is the Head Manager diligently helping the Sect Leader put on his shoes……"

Hua Ji: =口= !! Put on his shoes?!

Yan Hu Die ridiculed, "I say, come raging only after you read the whole script, okay? It's only the lines s.h.i.+p-teasing a bit, in any case you are also an actor, have some respect for your work alright? Even if you must s.h.i.+p-tease, you're also not the one suffering a loss, what are you so agitated for!?"

Yan Hu Die was extremely dissatisfied, after all Hua Ji was a fox spirit! Even if there was pa pa pa, the one who would reap the benefits was still him, what was he so irritated with?

"However, the one acting as the Devil Sect Sect Leader is that Li Shun Hua ah!!" Hua Ji fl.u.s.teredly said, "He actually dared to hire a mercenary out-of-country to kill me?! What's more it's a bat spirit!!"

"Who told you to insist on going to Hawaii for a vacation? Even if you want to experience an island environment, you could also go to the Spratly Islands, that's also part of our country's territory. So long as it's on our country's turf, any inhuman members under the management of the Supernatural Office are not allowed to have infighting. Outside of the country, it's not safe, you better just remain in the country." Yan Hu Die impatiently said, "Alright, alright, the boss a.s.signed another newbie to me, I have no time to bother with you. You stay at home and wait upon that honoured Bodhisattva, and also read that script while you're at it. I will let you know when the filming starts, you are not allowed to mess this up, do you hear me!!"

Pa, Yan Hu Die hung up the phone, Hua Ji huffed as he glared at his phone, thoughts whirling. Managing a newbie? There wasn't any news of a little demon coming down the mountain recently? Unless it's an ordinary person?

To speak the truth, Hua Ji was different from the typical actor. Some third-tier actors were very afraid of their own managers taking on other actors and splitting up the resources. Hua Ji didn't have such apprehensions. He didn't lack money, the years before the founding of the country was filled with unrest. Hua Ji this fox spirit had ama.s.sed not a little amount of good stuff. As the times were peaceful, just by relying on the entire set of Yuan Dynasty pottery, he could exchange them for a large sum of money, needless to say the number of items like these that he has is not little.

These days, monsters have to group together to have a better quality of life, Wan Gu Entertainment on the surface was a renowned entertainment company, but in reality it was one of many places where monsters could secretly wash clean their money. Hua Ji himself had several other investments, to enter whatever wealth rankings, he quite possibly didn't have the qualifications. However, most of the time he doesn't need to worry about a lack of cash.

Therefore even if Yan Hu Die was managing a newbie, as long as it was not a monster, he didn't have anything to worry about.

Re-printing the script, Hua Ji endured the urge to tear apart the script and re-read the whole thing one more time, after reading he was filled with despair.

Needing to act in an adoring manner towards that pretty boy Li Shun Hua, this truly tested his acting abilities. Honestly speaking, he was just a small third-tier actor, why not put in no effort just this once?

When he was silently deliberating whether or not to give Li Shun Hua trouble on the set, Lord Jellyfish had already finished reading all of the primary education materials.

He asked Hua Ji.

"This says there's a type of exam called the College Entrance Examinations, can I attend it?"

Hua Ji instantly lost his train of thought, inclining his body, "Great One, you want to attend the College Entrance Examinations?"

"It seems as if after attending the examinations, one will be able to enroll in a university?" Lord Jellyfish said, "This is the evolution of the Imperial Examinations, isn't it?"

Hua Ji felt somewhat ashamed, his current ident.i.ty card had his age as 24, a highschool graduate and didn't attend a university, needless to say he didn't attend whatever College Entrance Examinations, so when Lord Jellyfish asked about the College Entrance Examinations, he wasn't too clear about them.

He drily said, "This, you can first take the Mythical Creature Protection Department's examination, after pa.s.sing you will be able to acquire an identification card as well as a copy of a forged birth record and school records. After receiving these things, you will be able to attend the College Entrance Examinations.

Lord Jellyfish nodded his head, "I understand, I used your credit card to buy a handphone and a laptop, always using yours is also not too good."

Speaking to here, Lord jellyfish stopped, four tentacles propped up his large umbrella. He looked at Hua Ji, numerous dots of light flas.h.i.+ng on the milky-white large umbrella. All of them focused on Hua Ji, the umbrella rippling like the faint billowing of waves. It was possibly an illusion, but Hua Ji felt as if Lord Jellyfish's tone had become a lot gentler.

"Thank you, fox."

Hua Ji coughed repeatedly, he didn't feel happy in the slightest, being stared at by so many eyes, he could only feel the hairs on his body standing up.

"Just call me Hua Ji, Ah Ji[1] is also fine." He waved a hand, "You want to buy then buy, previously when I gave you the credit card, it was for you to buy whatever you needed."

Lord Jellyfish solemnly said, "I will pay you back."

Hua Ji shook his head, "No need, there's no need!"

Lord Jellyfish expressed, "I have money."

His tentacles slowly started wiggling, the long, barbed tentacle seemed as if it was retching. Suddenly, a pearl around the size of a thumb rolled out.

"Every time I go out, I will bring this along, this should be worth a lot."

People's love towards precious stones and accessories have not changed since ancient times.

Hua Ji's eyes brightened and he picked up the pearl to size it up, "Good stuff! This pearl must be at least 300 years-old!"

Lord Jellyfish said, "Every time I returned to sleep, I would grab a handful of sand to stuff inside the pearl oyster next to me. The next time I woke up, there would be plenty of pearls produced, and I can take them out to exchange for money."

Hua Ji: …… What a fierce Lord Jellyfish.

"Need a few?" Lord Jellyfish good-temperedly said, "I brought a lot."

Hua Ji rolled his eyes, "This is fine, I'll open a bank account for you. Give all of the pearls to me, I'll hand these raw pearls to an old friend to make into jewellery, that way they can be sold for more money."

Lord Jellyfish seemed to look Hua Ji seriously in the eye. After a long time, he said, "There's no need."

Hua Ji blanked out for a moment, "Why?"

"My pearls, I'm only giving them to you, not giving them to other people."

Hua Ji felt slightly embarra.s.sed, he drily said, "…… This, only giving them to me?"

"My pearls when ground into a powder and applied to the skin is good for the body, why should they be given to other people?"

Hua Ji's heart felt warm, the messy thoughts instantly disappeared without a trace. He sat beside Lord Jellyfish, gently feeling Lord Jellyfish's tentacles. They were slippery, the texture was great.

"Okay, I will carefully keep this pearl."

Before even a few days had pa.s.sed, Lord Jellyfish's ordered handphone had arrived, Pear 6Plus, definitely good to use.

Hua Ji saw that the days could still be considered leisurely and so brought to the capital to attend the Mythical Creature Protection Department's exam.

Lord Jellyfish refused to sit on an airplane even on threat of death, Hua Ji could only buy high-speed rail tickets. Lord Jellyfish sprawled on Hua Ji's head as always, apparently not getting train sick.

On the way, Hua Ji went to the centre of the train to fetch hot water, unexpectedly meeting a little demon in the process of doing so.

The little demon was in the middle of eating an ear of corn, when he saw Hua Ji watching him, he blanked out for a moment, following which he curled up into a ball, trembling all over.

Hua Ji was dazed, what is happening here?

The train attendant instantly phoned the station ahead to ask them to call 120[2]. The little demon was completely unwilling, Hua Ji's head was filled with black lines[3]. If he were to be brought away to the hospital, this little demon would need to face a large fine from the Mythical Protection Department.

Bearing the thinking that monsters must look out for each other, Hua Ji went up to talk with the train attendant.

"I am his friend, he's just having a nightmare, no need to call 120, really no need."

The little demon trembled harder.

To get the attendant and the train guard to believe him, he grabbed the little demon and pulled him over, hugging his shoulder to put on the appearance of warm-hearted affection, saying, "You see, he's perfectly fine, thank you for your concern."

The little demon almost started crying.

The train guard suspiciously looked at the two of them, even when walking away he would turn back three times with every step. He kept feeling that Hua Ji was lying, seriously urging the little demon, "If there's an issue, shout for us!"

The gaze with which the little demon looked at the train guard was filled with tears, as if he was looking at his own dear mother, just shy of throwing himself towards him.

Hua Ji was especially helpless, he lowly said, "If you were to be taken away by 120, then you'd be in trouble!!"

The little demon also knew this point, but he couldn't help himself!!

Mommy, the outside world is so scary QAQ

At this moment, the mobile food cart came over.

Lord Jellyfish opened his mouth to say, "You want to eat chicken?"

Hua Ji shook his head, "Not eating chicken, I want to eat black pepper beef rice."

The salesperson just so happened to have heard these words, pa.s.sing over a box of rice to Hua Ji, Hua Ji handed over the money, and the seat beside the little demon was empty, so he simply sat down beside the little demon.

Lord Jellyfish doubtfully said, "Then why are you with this little rooster?"

…… Little rooster.

Hua Ji looked toward the little demon in hindsight, "Brother, what's your name?"

"Ji Hong……" The little rooster's eyes were hazy with tears as he pulled on Hua Ji's sleeve. "Can you not eat me, please?"

Hua Ji exhaled deeply, only speaking after a long time, "Rest a.s.sured, I don't eat chicken, recently I've switched to eating bats."

The little rooster instantly brightened up, "Lord Fox[4] is truly a good person."

Hua Ji suddenly felt somewhat ashamed.

[1] Adding ‘Ah’ in front of someone’s name is an affectionate way to call a person, somewhat calling someone named Elizabeth, Liz. Usually only close friends/relatives/lovers call someone with ‘Ah’.

[2] According to Google, calling 120 is slang for calling the hospital, just like how instead of saying call the police, you say call [insert your local police’s number here].

[3] This:

[4] The ‘Lord’ is the same one as in ‘Lord Jellyfish’.

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